How to Check Your SSS Contributions Online

The SSS contributions form a cornerstone of financial security for over 38 million active members in the Philippines, spanning employees, self-employed individuals, non-working spouses, and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Established under the Republic Act No. 1161 in 1954 and further strengthened by the Social Security Act of 2018 (Republic Act No. 11199), the SSS ensures that members contribute towards a system designed to provide essential benefits such as sickness, disability, retirement, and death benefits. This legal framework aims to uphold the policy of “Work, Save, Invest, and Prosper,” ensuring every Filipino worker’s financial security and resilience.

Members are encouraged to regularly check their contributions to remain eligible for a range of benefits, including loans, unemployment insurance, and enhanced retirement savings through the Workers’ Investment & Savings Program (WISP). To facilitate this, the SSS offers various convenient methods for checking contributions, including an online portal, a mobile app, SMS inquiries, and in-person verification at SSS branches or through Self-Service Express Terminals. Recent updates from the agency, such as the record-breaking net income achievement and the introduction of programs like the Consolidated Loan Program and KaSSSangga Collect Program, underscore the institution’s commitment to providing sustainable benefits and expanding coverage. Through these efforts, the SSS continues to foster a secure financial future for its members, emphasizing the importance of active participation and regular contribution checks.

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What are SSS Contributions?

SSS contributions are essential for providing financial security and benefits to covered members in the Philippines, including employees, self-employed individuals, non-working spouses, and OFWs.

Over 38 million active members rely on their payment to the Social Security System in the Philippines, which provide financial security through benefits such as sickness support, disability benefits, retirement pensions, and death benefits. Established in 1954 by Republic Act No. 1161, the agency’s system has been strengthened through legislative reforms to ensure sustainability and inclusivity, contributing to economic growth and a better future for Filipinos.

Legal Basis

The legal basis for member contributions in the Philippines is the Social Security Act of 2018 (Republic Act No. 11199). This legislation outlines the framework for the Social Security System and governs the contributions made by covered members. It establishes the policy of providing social security protection to workers, emphasizing the principles of “Work, Save, Invest, and Prosper.” The Act defines the powers and duties of the SSS, the Social Security Commission, and the Office of the Chief Actuary. Additionally, it prescribes the basis for computing member payment, including the concept of Monthly Salary Credit (MSC), which serves as the compensation base for contributions and benefits related to a member’s total earnings for the month12. The Act ensures that eligible individuals contribute to the system, fostering financial security and resilience for all Filipinos.

Benefits of Regularly Checking Your SSS Contributions

  • Eligibility for Loans: Qualification for SSS loans requires a certain number of posted payments (36 for a salary loan).
  • Access to Unemployment Benefits: To be eligible for unemployment insurance, at least 36 monthly payments are necessary.
  • Enhanced Retirement Savings: Contributions are directed towards the Workers’ Investment & Savings Program (WISP), enhancing your retirement fund.


All registered SSS members, whether employed, self-employed, or voluntary, are entitled to check their member payment. The process ensures their payments are accurately recorded.


To check your contributions online, you need:

  • An active My.SSS account.
  • Internet access for online checks or a mobile device for SMS inquiries.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from Checking Your SSS Contributions

  1. Go to the new SSS website: Access it through a preferred web browser for optimal performance.
  2. Access the SSS Member Portal: Choose the “MEMBER” portal on the homepage.
  3. Log in to your My.SSS account: Enter your user ID and password.
  4. Navigate to “INQUIRY” and select “Contributions”: This directs you to your contribution record.
  5. Review your latest SSS contributions: Verify the details of your payments, ensuring they match your records.

Alternatives to Online Checking

  • SSS Mobile App: Download the SSS mobile app and log in to conveniently check your payments on the go.
  • Text or SMS: For a quick check without internet access, use the TextSSS facility. Send an SMS with the appropriate code to the designated number to receive your contribution details.
  • Without Registration: Visit an SSS Self-Service Express Terminal or walk into an SSS branch for in-person verification of your payment.

Schedule Of Social Security (SS), Employees’ Compensation (EC), And Workers’ Investment And Savings Programs (WISP) Contributions

Effective January 2023, the Social Security System in the Philippines has updated the contribution rates for both employers (ERs) and employees (EEs). These contributions provide financial security and benefits to covered members. Let’s explore the details:

Regular Social Security (SS) Contributions

The table below outlines the monthly payments based on the range of compensation (Monthly Salary Credit or MSC):

Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) ER Contribution EE Contribution Total Contribution
Below ₱4,250 ₱380.00 ₱180.00 ₱560.00
₱4,250 – ₱29,750 Varies Varies Varies

Employees’ Compensation (EC) Contributions

The EC contributions are part of the overall contribution and provide additional benefits for work-related injuries, disabilities, or death. The EC contribution is fixed at ₱10.00 for both ERs and EEs.

Workers’ Investment and Savings Program (WISP) Contributions

The WISP contributions are voluntary and allow members to save for their retirement. The WISP contribution is also fixed at ₱10.00 for both ERs and EEs.

Remember that these payments are essential for securing your financial future and accessing various benefits. For more details, visit the official SSS website.

Recent Updates

SSS Achieves Record-Breaking Income, Ensuring Sustainable Pension Benefits for Members

In a remarkable feat, the Social Security System has achieved a record-breaking net income of P83.13 billion last year, a 58.04 percent increase from the previous year. This achievement highlights the prudent management of expenditures and the agency’s commitment to safeguarding its pension funds. With this significant growth, the agency can continue to provide sustainable pension benefits for its retiring members. (Business Mirror)

SSS Introduces Consolidated Loan Program to Assist Members with Overdue Loans

In an effort to provide relief to its members with unsettled loan payments, the Social Security System has launched the Consolidated Loan Program. This program, which started in September 2022, offers an affordable payment scheme for short-term member loans that are past due, such as salary, calamity, or emergency loans. By consolidating the loans and waiving penalties, the agency aims to help members regain good standing and maximize their long-term membership benefits. (PIA)

Manage Your SSS Contributions with RCBC DiskarTech: Download the App Now!

Conveniently manage your Philippine Social Security System contributions with RCBC DiskarTech. Earn rewards while taking care of your financial obligations. Download the app now and enjoy hassle-free transactions. 

SSS San Jose Branch Conducts RACE Campaign to Pursue Contribution Evaders

The Philippine Social Security System San Jose branch recently organized a two-day Run After Contribution Evaders (RACE) campaign, targeting 20 employers in the municipality. Headed by Joey G. Monte de Ramos, the campaign aims to remind employers about their unpaid contributions, emphasizing the negative impact on employees’ eligibility for SS benefits. The campaign serves as a final warning to employers who have yet to settle their outstanding contributions.

Government Leaders Urged to Extend Social Security Protection through Contribution Subsidy Program

In a recent statement, SSS Executive Vice President Voltaire P. Agas called on public sector leaders and groups to support their constituents and colleagues by subsidizing their monthly contributions. Through the Contribution Subsidy Provider Program, these leaders can shoulder the contribution payments for at least six months, ensuring equitable social security protection for contractual workers in the government.

SSS President Includes Temporary Government Workers in Coverage through KaSSSangga Collect Program

SSS President and CEO Rolando Ledesma Macasaet expands coverage for temporary government workers through the KaSSSangga Collect Program. This program allows temporary public workers to be registered as self-employed members, with their organizations collecting and remitting their payments to the agency. This aims to make them eligible for Social Security and Employees’ Compensation benefits.


Video: How to Check SSS Contribution: Paano Malaman Mabilang ang Hulog sa SSS Online? SSS Qualification

This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to check member payments online. It covers the qualifications needed to access the SSS online portal and explains the process of counting your member contributions. Whether you’re an employee or a self-employed individual, this guide will help you stay updated on your payments.



Staying informed about your SSS contributions is essential for securing your financial future and taking full advantage of the benefits available to you. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your payments are up to date, keeping you eligible for loans, benefits, and enhanced retirement savings. Start checking your contributions today to safeguard your benefits tomorrow.

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