SSS Salary Loan Program for Employees

The Social Security System (SSS) Salary Loan Program stands as a key facility for Filipino workers, serving as an accessible source of short-term financial relief. Through this program, eligible members of the agency can secure credits equivalent to one or two months’ earnings, depending on their contribution record. These loans are designed to assist members in managing sudden financial demands and emergencies, providing a more compassionate alternative to traditional lending channels with their often stringent conditions.

Targeting both employed and self-employed or voluntary members, the program requires a minimum of 36 monthly contributions to qualify, underscoring its inclusivity. Beneficiaries can expect a structured repayment period of 24 months at a manageable interest rate of 10% per annum. Employers contribute significantly to the program’s efficiency by facilitating loan repayments through payroll deductions, simplifying the repayment process. Overall, the Salary Loan Program embodies the Philippine government’s dedication to upholding workers’ economic stability and resilience.

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What is the SSS Salary Loan Program?

The SSS Salary Loan Program is a privilege granted to members of the Social Security System in the Philippines, allowing them to borrow a sum of money that is essentially an advance on their future earnings. This program is specifically designed to help members cover immediate financial needs without the harsh conditions often imposed by other lending institutions.

Significance of the Program

The Social Security System Salary Loan Program in the Philippines is a significant financial resource for workers, providing short-term loans to those facing economic hardship. With eligibility based on at least 36 monthly contributions, the program offers a one or two-month salary credits, repayable over 24 months at a manageable 10% annual interest, ensuring a broad reach and ease of access. Employer involvement in the repayment process facilitates ease and convenience, reinforcing the program’s role in promoting financial well-being and contributing to national economic resilience.

Legal Basis

The Social Security System Salary Loan Program in the Philippines, established under the Social Security Act of 2018 holds immense significance. It acts as a financial safety net, providing short-term cash loans to both employed and self-employed/voluntary members during emergencies. Eligibility criteria ensure inclusivity, and the program’s affordability—thanks to a 10% annual interest rate—empowers workers. Employers collaborate by facilitating credits repayments through payroll deduction. Ultimately, the Salary Loan Program contributes to economic stability and resilience for individuals and the nation as a whole   .


The SSS Salary Loan Program offers numerous benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Loans equivalent to one or two months’ earnings, depending on the member’s contributions.
  • Competitive interest rates at 10% per annum, calculated on a diminishing principal balance, making it more affordable than many alternatives.
  • A straightforward repayment term of 24 months, with amortization starting in the second month following the loan release.
  • A minimal service fee of 1% of the loan amount, which is directly deducted from the loan proceeds.

Eligibility / Qualifications

Eligibility for the Salary Loan Program is determined by the following criteria:

  • Membership in the SSS as an employed, self-employed, or voluntary member.
  • A minimum of 36 monthly contributions, with at least six of these contributions made within the last 12 months prior to the application.
  • The member must not have any outstanding balance under the SSS final benefit (total disability, retirement, and death).


Applying for the SSS Salary Loan requires the following:

  • A completed SSS Salary Loan Application form.
  • An SSS digital ID or E-6 acknowledgement stub with any valid ID.
  • Proof of contributions (e.g., latest SSS contribution receipt).
  • For employed members, the employer’s certification included in the application form.

SSS Salary Loan Application Form: How to Fill Out

Now, don’t be intimidated by this 4-page form as once you understand the parts you need to fill out, the process is quite straightforward. Here’s your step-by-step guide to completing the Salary Loan Application Form:

form_page 1

Personal Data

  • SS Number: Start by writing your Social Security Number without dashes or spaces.
  • Name: Input your name as registered with the agency, following the order of Last Name, First Name, Middle Name.
  • Common Reference Number (CRN) / Tax Identification Number (TIN): If applicable, enter your CRN or TIN next.
  • Address: Provide your complete home address, including postal code.
  • Contact Information: Fill in your telephone and mobile numbers, as well as your email address.

Loan Data

  • Type of Loan: Choose between ‘Salary Loan’, ‘Calamity’, or ‘Emergency’, or check ‘Others’ and specify.
  • Loan Term: Indicate if you’re applying for a one-month or two-month loan.
  • Amount Applied For: Write down the amount of loan you wish to apply for.
  • Bank Account: Provide the name and account number of your bank where the loan proceeds should be credited.

Certification, Agreement, and Authorization Note

  • Member’s Certification: After reading the terms and conditions, sign your name to certify that the information you’ve provided is true and correct.
  • Employer Certification: If you’re employed, the employer needs to fill out this part which includes the employer’s SS number, ID, and type of employer. They will also need to provide the employer’s name, address, and contact details.

Authorization for Fund Transfer

  • Bank Certification: Your bank will need to certify your account details for the SSS to transfer the loan proceeds.

To be Filled Out by SSS

Leave this section BLANK as it is intended for official use by SSS staff.

Instructions and Terms

Read these sections thoroughly. They contain essential information about the application process, the terms of the loan, repayment schedule, interest, and penalty in case of late payment.

List of Filer’s Valid Identification (ID) Cards/Documents

Ensure that you have at least one primary or one secondary form of identification from the list provided. Attach the necessary photocopies to your application form.

Acknowledgment Stub

This part will be filled out and detached by the SSS. It serves as your proof that you submitted the application.

Reminders and Warnings

Take a moment to review the reminders and warnings at the bottom of the instructions page. These include important notes on loan repayment and legal implications of providing false information.

Once you’ve completed these steps, review your application to ensure all information is accurate and that you’ve signed in the necessary spaces. Then, you’re ready to submit the form to the nearest SSS branch or through your employer, along with the required IDs and other documentation. Good luck, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the SSS directly for assistance!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from the SSS Salary Loan Program

  1. Check Your Eligibility: Confirm that you meet all the eligibility criteria for the salary loan.
  2. Gather Required Documents: Prepare all necessary documents, including your SSS ID, proof of contributions, and the loan application form.
  3. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the SSS Salary Loan Application form accurately. Ensure all required details are provided.
  4. Submit Your Application: You can submit your application either through your employer (for employed members) or directly to the nearest SSS branch if you are a self-employed or voluntary member.
  5. Await Approval: The SSS will review your application. This process may take a few weeks.
  6. Loan Disbursement: Upon approval, the credit amount will be credited to your SSS-registered bank account.
  7. Repayment: Repay the loan through salary deduction (for employed members) or direct payment at any SSS branch or accredited payment centers for voluntary or self-employed members.

Recent Updates

SSS Offers Consolidated Loan Program for Members with Unsettled Loan Payments

The Social Security System has introduced the Consolidated Loan Program, a payment scheme designed to assist members with outstanding credit payments. This program, which became effective in September 2022, aims to provide a more affordable option for settling short-term loans, including salary, calamity, or emergency loans that have become overdue.

File Your SSS Salary Loan Online with Ease

Unexpected expenses or financial needs? The Social Security System has got you covered! Follow a simple process to file for a Salary Loan online in just 60 seconds with five easy clicks.

Addressing Unpaid SSS Loans

If you have an outstanding SSS loan that has not been repaid, it’s important to watch for updates and advisories. The Social Security System offers guidelines and solutions for settling unpaid loans to maintain good standing and avoid penalties. Stay informed by checking official SSS communications.

Understanding SSS Loan Amounts

The loanable amount from SSS does not increase simply due to frequent borrowing. Instead, it’s based on the member’s monthly salary credits and contribution history. Consistent and timely loan repayments may positively affect future credits transactions with the agency.

Apply for Salary Loan Online Now!

In a groundbreaking development, individuals can now conveniently apply for salary credits online. This new service allows applicants to access financial assistance quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork and physical visits to lending institutions. Take advantage of this opportunity to secure the funds you need with just a few clicks.

Salary Loan Applications via SSS Mobile App Re-enabled

The Social Security System has announced the reactivation of its salary loan application feature on the SSS Mobile App. Members can now apply for salary loans and access additional features such as downloading Payment Reference Numbers (PRN) and Disclosure Statements of their Salary Loans. The SSS Mobile App provides a convenient way for members to transact with the agency without the need to visit their branches. For more information, visit the SSS website or follow their official social media accounts.

Apply for Your SSS Salary Loan Online!

No need to visit an SSS branch anymore! Members can now conveniently apply for a salary loan online by logging in or registering at My.SSS on the official website, This modern approach streamlines the process, making financial assistance more accessible for all members.


Video: Paano Mag Loan sa SSS Online 2024 | Paano Mag Apply ng Salary Loan | How to Apply SSS Salary Loan

In this video, the vlogger provides a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Salary Loan online. He explains the qualifications and requirements needed for the application process, making it easier for viewers to navigate through the application process.



The Salary Loan Program is a testament to the Philippine government’s commitment to supporting its workforce in times of financial need. With affordable interest rates, manageable repayment terms, and easy access for eligible members, it provides a viable option for those seeking temporary financial relief. As with any financial decision, it’s important to consider your ability to repay the loan on time to avoid penalties and ensure your financial well-being. Remember to visit the official SSS website or consult with an SSS officer for the most current and detailed information regarding the salary loan program.

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