How to Create a My.SSS Account

The My.SSS online platform, a creation of the Social Security System of the Philippines, represents a step towards modernization for Filipino social security members. This digital leap allows users to access a broad spectrum of services without the traditional requirement of visiting SSS branches. Whether you’re looking to view your contributions, update personal details, apply for loans, or file and track claims, My.SSS offers a comprehensive solution. Its importance has only grown in recent times, encouraging minimal physical interactions and catering especially to the needs of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and domestic employees alike. With the platform’s support, members can ensure their social security needs are addressed efficiently and securely.

Targeting a wide array of beneficiaries, including employed, self-employed, and voluntary members, the online facility is tailored to enhance the convenience and efficiency of managing social security affairs. The platform is anchored in the Social Security Act of 2018, ensuring legal compliance and support for its operations. Members interested in creating an online account need only a valid email, their SS number or Common Reference Number (CRN), and one of several forms of identification for verification. Following a straightforward registration process online, users gain access to an array of benefits such as 24/7 accessibility, reduced paperwork, and transparent tracking of loans and benefits. This initiative not only streamlines social security management but also aligns with the Philippine government’s efforts to provide digital convenience and ensure the well-being of its citizens.

my.sss account registration

What is My.SSS?

My.SSS is an online platform provided by the Social Security System of the Philippines, allowing members to access various services without the need to visit SSS branches physically. With an account, you can:

  • View and check your SSS contributions.
  • Update your membership information.
  • Apply for loans and other benefits.
  • File claims and track their status.

This platform is particularly beneficial in the current times, where minimizing physical interactions is encouraged.

Significance of this Facility

Creating an online account in the Philippines is a significant step for citizens to access social security services efficiently. The Social Security System has recorded a notable increase in membership, with 1.34 million Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) members as of May 2021, an 11.5% rise from the previous year. This uptick reflects the growing reliance on digital platforms for managing social security contributions and benefits. The online portal facilitates a range of transactions, from checking contributions to applying for benefits, which traditionally required in-person visits. Legislation such as the Social Security Act of 2018 (Republic Act No. 11199) underscores the importance of the agency by mandating coverage for land-based and sea-based OFWs and introducing reforms like unemployment benefits and a Provident Fund exclusive to members. This digital shift, supported by legislative measures, aims to enhance the financial security and stability of Filipino workers, both domestically and abroad, ensuring they can maximize their benefits when needed.

Legal Basis

The legal basis for creating a My.SSS account in the Philippines is primarily rooted in the Social Security Act of 2018 (Republic Act No. 11199). This act mandates the coverage of social security benefits to all employees in the private sector, including household helpers and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), and it also provides for the establishment of a Provident Fund. The creation of My.SSS accounts is part of the agency’s efforts to digitize its services, making it easier for members to manage their contributions, loans, benefits, and other transactions online, in line with the provisions of the act.


Creating an online account provides a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Accessibility: Access your account and transact anytime, anywhere.
  • Efficiency: Reduce the need for physical visits and paperwork.
  • Transparency: Easily track your contributions, loan statuses, and benefit claims.

Eligibility / Qualifications

All current and prospective members of the SSS are eligible to create an online account. This includes employed, self-employed, and voluntary members.


To create an online account, you’ll need:

  • A valid email address.
  • Your SS number or Common Reference Number (CRN).
  • One of the following for identity verification: Savings account number, mobile number registered with the agency, UMID card, Employer ID number, or other SS-registered IDs.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from Creating a My.SSS Account

  1. Visit the Official SSS Website: Go to and click on the “Member” button.
  2. Registration: Click on “Not yet registered in My.SSS?” and follow the prompts.
  3. Provide Personal Information: Enter your CRN/SS number, email address, and preferred User ID.
  4. Verification: Choose your preferred registration option for identity verification.
  5. Terms of Service: Agree to the terms of service and submit your registration.
  6. Email Confirmation: Check your email for a link to activate your account and set up your password.
  7. Password Setup: Follow the link to set your password, re-enter for confirmation, and complete the security questions.
  8. Access Your Account: Log in to your My.SSS account using your new credentials and explore the available services.

Recent Updates

Important Reminder: Accessing Payment Reference Numbers for Loans

Every 7th day of the month, borrowers can retrieve their Payment Reference Numbers for Loans by navigating to the RTPL-PRN tab within their online account. This essential step ensures timely and accurate loan repayments, facilitating a smooth financial journey for all members.

Online Certification of Employers for Involuntary Separation or Unemployment Benefit Claims

The Circular introduces the new process of online certification for employers through the My.SSS Portal. This aims to streamline the application process for involuntary separation or unemployment benefit claims, providing a convenient and efficient solution for both employers and employees. With this online certification system, employers can easily verify and validate the eligibility of their employees for these benefits, ensuring a smoother and faster claims process.

Streamlined Online Retirement Application with My.SSS

SSS Retirement Benefit Application The Social Security System of the Philippines now offers a convenient online application process for retirement benefits through an online account. Qualified members can enjoy a fast, paperless experience by applying via the official SSS website, as demonstrated in the instructional video. This modern approach streamlines the application process, making it more accessible for future retirees.

SSS Online Registration Guide

The Philippine Social Security System simplifies the registration process for individual members through the online portal. This guide provides a clear, step-by-step procedure to help members easily navigate the online registration, ensuring they have access to their benefits and services. It’s an essential resource for all individual members looking to manage their accounts efficiently.

Digital Convenience with SSS

In response to the need for safety and convenience during the pandemic, the Philippine Social Security System encourages members to utilize the My.SSS portal and the SSS Mobile App for secure transactions. This allows members to manage their social security needs remotely, promoting the #STAYSAFEATHOME campaign. The digital platforms offer a range of services, including registration, loans, and benefit claims, ensuring uninterrupted access to essential services.

My.SSS: Convenient Online Access for Individual Members and Pensioners

The My.SSS facility offers individual members and pensioners a convenient way to access their membership information and transact online. With this user-friendly platform, users can easily manage their accounts, check contributions, apply for benefits, and more, all from the comfort of their own homes. Stay connected and take advantage of the digital services provided by an online account for a hassle-free experience.


Video: #sssregistration #eSSSkwela Vlog No.1 | Nag My.SSS Online Registration Ka Na Ba? Watch this vlog na!

Introducing eSSSkwela Vlog No. 1 – My.SSS Online Registration: A helpful guide for those struggling with the registration process on My.SSS. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions and tips to make the process easier and more accessible.



Creating a My.SSS account is a straightforward process that unlocks a world of convenience for managing your SSS contributions and benefits. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your social security needs are met efficiently and securely, all from the comfort of your home or office. Embrace the digital transformation of the SSS and take control of your financial security today.

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