SSS Death Benefits for Dependents

The SSS Death Benefit serves as a financial lifeline for the beneficiaries of deceased members of the Philippine Social Security System. It’s a provision that allows for either a monthly pension or a lump sum payment, designed to extend economic support during a time of loss. Target beneficiaries include the legitimate spouse who hasn’t remarried and dependent children under 21, among others.

With this program, beneficiaries can expect to receive financial support calibrated according to the contributions and service years of the deceased member. The benefits range from a minimum monthly pension to additional allowances for dependent children and even a 13th-month pension. The recent introduction of online filing through the My.SSS Portal exemplifies the agency’s commitment to convenience and accessibility, ensuring that support is but a few clicks away.

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What is the SSS Death Benefit?

The SSS Death Benefit is a financial assistance program from the Philippine Social Security System. It’s designed to help the family members of a deceased member by providing a cash assistance, which can be received either as a monthly pension or as a lump sum.

Significance of this Benefit

The SSS Death Benefit in the Philippines is a significant component of the social security system, providing financial assistance to the beneficiaries of a deceased member. Under the provisions of the Social Security Act, beneficiaries may receive a monthly pension or a lump sum amount, depending on the deceased member’s contributions and years of service. The minimum monthly death pension starts at PHP 1,000 for members with less than ten credited years of service (CYS), increasing to PHP 2,400 for those with twenty or more CYS, plus an additional PHP 1,000 aid effective January 2017. This not only offers a semblance of economic stability to the bereaved family but also ensures that the dependents, particularly minor children, receive a Dependent’s Pension, fostering social welfare and security in the country.

Legal Basis

The legal basis for the SSS Death Benefit in the Philippines is primarily found in Republic Act No. 8282, also known as the Social Security Law. This law mandates the provision of death assistance to the qualified beneficiaries of a deceased member, as specified under Section 13 of the act. This aid can be a monthly pension or a lump sum amount, depending on the deceased member’s contributions and service duration. Additionally, the Social Security Act of 2018 (R.A. 11199) further supports and regulates these perks, ensuring they are distributed according to the law.


The amount received from an SSS Death Benefit claim in the Philippines can vary, but here are the general amounts:

  • Minimum Monthly Death Pension: PHP 1,000 for less than 10 CYS; PHP 1,200 for at least 10 CYS; PHP 2,400 for 20 or more CYS.
  • Additional Benefit: PHP 1,000 effective January 2017.
  • Dependent’s Pension: 10% of the member’s monthly pension or PHP 250, whichever is higher, for each minor child, up to five children.
  • 13th Month Pension: Paid every December.

For members with less than 36 monthly contributions, a lump sum amount is granted instead of the monthly pension. For the complete details and any updates, it’s best to refer to the official SSS resources.

Eligibility / Qualifications

  • Primary Beneficiaries: Legitimate spouse (until remarriage) and dependent children (legitimate, legitimated, adopted, or illegitimate) under 21, or over 21 if incapacitated.
  • Secondary Beneficiaries: Dependent parents, or if none, any person designated by the member in their records.


  • Death Claim Application Form
  • Claimant’s Photo and Signature Form
  • Certified true copy of the deceased’s death certificate
  • SSS Form CLD-1.3A (Affidavit of Death Benefit) for primary or secondary beneficiaries
  • Bank account details for pension payments

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Claim the SSS Death Benefit

  1. Gather Required Documents: Ensure all necessary documents, including the death certificate and claim forms, are in order.
  2. Submit Your Application: Bring your complete documents to the nearest SSS branch. Early submission helps avoid long queues.
  3. Initial Evaluation: An SSS representative will check your documents for completeness.
  4. Wait for Processing: It may take 10 to 45 days, depending on the case complexity.
  5. Claim Your Benefit: Upon approval, you’ll be notified about when and how to withdraw your financial aid.

Recent Updates

SSS Works with Pura Family to Process Late Mario Pura’s Retirement Benefits

Surviving relatives can claim the Social Security System benefits of a deceased person. In a recent report, it was revealed that the late Mario Pura, who passed away in June 2023, did not receive his retirement claim from the agency. However, after reviewing his records, SSS confirmed that his family is eligible to claim the retirement benefits he was supposed to receive while he was still alive. They are now working with the Pura family to process the release of the retirement claim. (GMA News Online)

Online Filing for SSS Death Benefits Now Available

Qualified dependent legal spouses can now conveniently file for SSS Death Benefit claims online through the My.SSS Portal. This service is exclusive for those who have not remarried, are not in a cohabitation arrangement, and are not part of a “live-in” relationship following the member’s demise. The online process offers a streamlined way for eligible spouses to apply for their benefits.

Online Filing for EC Death Benefit Claims

The Social Security System now offers an online filing process for EC Death Benefit Claims through the My.SSS Portal. Qualified dependent legal spouses can file their claims conveniently online, ensuring a hassle-free experience. This modernized approach streamlines the application process, making it more accessible for beneficiaries.

Understanding the SSS Death Benefit

In this informative video, viewers will gain valuable insights into the SSS Death Benefit. Explained in clear terms, the video outlines the different options available to beneficiaries, whether it be a monthly pension or a lump sum amount. Stay informed and ensure you know your rights when it comes to this important assistance.


Video: #SSSApproved | Online Filing of SSS Death Benefit

Discover the convenience of filing for Death Benefits online through the My.SSS Portal. This informative video guides you through the eligibility criteria and application process, ensuring that qualified individuals can easily navigate the system from the comfort of their homes. Embrace the digital shift and learn how to secure aid swiftly in times of need.



The loss of a loved one is never easy, but knowing there’s financial support can provide a bit of relief. The SSS Death Benefit offers a tangible way to help families through these tough times, ensuring that the deceased member’s contributions continue to support their loved ones. If you’re facing this situation, remember that you’re not alone, and there are steps you can follow to claim the assistance you’re entitled to. It’s a testament to the spirit of bayanihan, showing that in times of need, there are systems and communities ready to support us.

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