How to Enroll in My.SSS for Regular Employers And Household Employers

My.SSS is an innovative online platform designed to make life easier for both regular and household employers in the Philippines by enabling them to manage their Social Security System obligations digitally. This system allows employers to check records, submit documents, update information, and apply for loans and benefits seamlessly.

With My.SSS, targeted beneficiaries including business owners and those employing household help can expect a secure, time-saving experience without the need for physical visits to SSS offices. The program is in line with the Republic Act No. 11199, ensuring legal compliance and enhanced service delivery through technology.

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Understanding My.SSS

My.SSS is an online platform that allows employers to fulfill their SS obligations without the hassle of in-person visits. It’s not just a convenience; it’s a necessity for keeping up with SS requirements and services in a digital age.

Significance of Registering with My.SSS

Enrolling in My.SSS is a crucial step for both regular employers and household employers in the Philippines. The Social Security System (SSS), a government agency, safeguards the welfare of Filipino workers. Through the My.SSS Portal, employers can efficiently manage contributions and access essential services. For regular employers, this enrollment ensures compliance with legal mandates. They are required to remit contributions to the agency from both employer and employee every month, providing protection against contingencies such as sickness, maternity, disability, retirement, death, funerals, and unemployment. On the other hand, household employers, who employ domestic helpers, benefit from streamlined processes via the portal. By registering, they contribute to the social security of their household employees, granting them access to vital benefits and ensuring their financial well-being. The portal simplifies administrative tasks, enhances transparency, and reinforces the social safety net for all involved parties.

The Legal Side

SSS online registration aligns with the Republic Act No. 11199, also known as the Social Security Act of 2018, which mandates the use of electronic platforms to improve the delivery of social security services.

Why Register for an Online SS Account?

Having an online SS account is really helpful. It saves you from the tedious process of queuing at public offices and allows you to conduct transactions anytime, protecting your information from identity theft.


  • Check membership records and payment history
  • Submit necessary documents and forms
  • Update contact details and enroll in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module
  • Apply for various SSS benefits and loans
  • Generate Payment Reference Numbers for contributions and loans

Eligibility and Requirements

To be eligible, household employers must have:

  • A valid SS number
  • An employment history reported to the SSS
  • At least one-month posted contribution

Step-by-Step Registration Guide

Here’s how you can set up your My.SSS account:

For Regular Employers:

  1. Visit the Official SSS Website: Choose ‘Employer’ on the portal selection.
  2. Click the Registration Link: Select ‘Regular Employer’ and follow the link for the registration page.
  3. Complete the Form: Provide your Employer ID, branch code, and other details.
  4. Activate Your Account: Look for an email from SSS to activate your account.
  5. Create Your Password: Set a secure password for your account.

For Household Employers:

  1. Access the SSS Website: Opt for the ‘Household Employer’ category.
  2. Begin the Registration: Click on the designated link for household employers.
  3. Fill Out Necessary Details: Enter your SS number and personal information.
  4. Account Activation: Check your inbox for the SSS email to proceed.
  5. Password Creation: Follow the link provided to set your password.

Recent Updates

SSS Extends Deadline of Contribution Remittance in Areas Affected by Southwest Monsoon Enhanced by Egay, Falcon

The Social Security System (SSS) has announced an extension of the payment deadline for the June 2023 contribution of business employers and the second quarter contributions of household employers, coverage and collection partners (CCP), and individual members in selected areas affected by the Southwest Monsoon enhanced by Tropical Cyclones Egay and Falcon. The deadline has been extended from July 31, 2023, to October 2, 2023, to accommodate those who were unable to pay due to the recent calamities.

SSS Urges Delinquent Employers to Avail Contribution Penalty Condonation Programs

The Social Security System (SSS) is urging employers who have failed to remit their workers’ contributions to take advantage of the Contribution Penalty Condonation programs. These programs assist both business and household employers in settling their delinquencies by allowing them to pay the unremitted contributions while condoning the accrued penalties. SSS President Rolando Ledesma Macasaet emphasizes that these programs are in place to support employers during the economic hardships brought about by the ongoing pandemic.

SSS Implements RACE Operations in Caloocan City

The Social Security System (SSS) has launched its Run After Contribution Evaders (RACE) campaign in Caloocan City. As part of the campaign, ten employers have been issued written orders for failing to register and remit their employees’ SS contributions, resulting in a delinquency of around P7.03 million. Employers have been given 15 days to comply with the show cause orders and coordinate with SSS Kalookan Branch for immediate action.

Contribution Penalty Condonation Programs: A Chance for Business Owners and Household Employers to Settle Past Due SS Contributions

In the 2nd episode of eSSSkwela Webinar for 2023, the discussion focused on Contribution Penalty Condonation Programs, providing an opportunity for business owners and household employers to pay off their employees’ or kasambahays’ past due SS contributions by condoning penalties through a restructuring program. Don’t miss out on this informative video, mga ka-eSSSkwela!



This informative video provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to register your SS employer ID number online. From creating an account to submitting necessary documents, viewers will gain valuable insights and practical tips to ensure a smooth registration process.


A Few Tips and Warnings

  • Optimal Timing: Access the portal during off-peak hours for faster navigation.
  • SSS Mobile App: Download it for convenient on-the-go access.
  • Password Management: Change your password every 90 days to ensure account security.
  • E-Center Assistance: Visit SSS branches for hands-on help if needed.
  • Avoid Scammers: Never share your details with unauthorized personnel.

Remember, by taking the digital leap with My.SSS, you’re not only optimizing your time but also contributing to a more efficient and responsive social security system in the Philippines.

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