How to Check GSIS Contributions

If you’re a government worker in the Philippines, understanding your GSIS contributions is more than just a bureaucratic necessity—it’s a cornerstone of your financial security. These regular payments, contributed by both you and your employing agency to the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), are key to unlocking a range of benefits tailored just for you.

From securing a lifetime monthly pension and accessing various loan privileges to ensuring you’re covered with life and disability insurance, these contributions keep you protected in times of need and comfort during your retirement years.

GSIS contributions
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What are GSIS Contributions?

GSIS Contributions are regular payments made by members and their respective government agencies to the Government Service Insurance System in the Philippines. These contributions are designed to ensure that members receive various benefits, which include pension packages, loan offerings, and insurance covers among others. Essentially, these payments help secure the financial welfare of government workers upon retirement or in times of need.

Significance of these Contributions

Understanding this government contributions and how to check them is important for Filipino government workers as it directly affects their social security benefits and financial well-being. The Government Service Insurance System serves as their equivalent to the Social Security System (SSS) for the private sector, mandated by Philippine labor laws.

The agency offers benefits like retirement pensions, life insurance, and disability compensation. By accessing their member records through the eGSISMO facility, members can monitor their contributions, ensuring they receive the full benefits they’re entitled to upon retirement or other qualifying events. This contributes to the financial security of government employees, a significant sector of the Philippines’ workforce.

Legal Basis of GSIS Contributions

The legal foundation for GSIS contributions is outlined in Section 11 of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 8291, effective since June 23, 2010. According to this legislation, the contribution rates are set at 9% from the member and 12% from the government agency, based directly on the member’s monthly salary. Special members like constitutional commissioners and members of the judiciary contribute differently, paying a total of 3% of their monthly compensation for both the employee’s and the government’s share as life insurance premiums.

Benefits of Contributing to GSIS

Contributors to the insurance system can expect a variety of benefits, quantified as follows:

  • Lifetime Monthly Pension upon retirement or separation from service under qualifying conditions.
  • Loan Privileges including salary, policy, and emergency loans.
  • Life Insurance which remains in force throughout the duration of active service.
  • Unemployment or Involuntary Separation Benefits are provided under certain conditions.
  • Disability Benefits for members who become permanently disabled.
  • Funeral and Burial Benefits in the unfortunate event of a member’s death.

Eligibility and Qualifications for GSIS

Eligibility for membership is generally restricted to all government workers except those who have separate retirement schemes or are covered by special laws. These include:

  • Permanent and non-permanent government employees
  • Elective officials who are receiving regular salary
  • Contractual employees who contribute to the government insurance under a defined scheme

Requirements for GSIS Membership

To become a GSIS member, one needs to be actively employed in a government role and must be formally appointed. The primary document required is the GSIS Business Partner (BP) number, which is unique to each member and used in all transactions within the system.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Check Your GSIS Contributions

  1. Visit the eGSISMO Portal:
    • Access the eGSISMO website and click on the sign-up or log-in button.
  2. Register Your Account:
    • Enter your GSIS BP number and birthdate. If you’re unsure of your BP number, contact the GSIS Contact Center at 847-4747 for assistance.
  3. View Your Contributions:
    • Once logged in, navigate to the contributions section to view your detailed contribution record, including the amount and date of contributions.
  4. Check Other Benefits and Loan Balances:
    • The portal also allows members to view their loan balances, application status, and eligibility for other benefits.

Recent Updates

GSIS Reports Strong Financial Performance in First Quarter with 21% Net Profit Increase

During the first quarter, the Government Service Insurance System achieved a 21% increase in net income, totaling P37 billion. This growth was driven by strong revenues, particularly from financial assets, resulting in an improved lending program and enhanced support for the institution’s 2 million members. (Business World Online)

GSIS Allocates Emergency Loans for Affected Members and Pensioners

The Government Service Insurance System has earmarked nearly PHP2.5 billion in emergency loans to assist members and pensioners affected by the pertussis outbreak in Cavite and the El Niño phenomenon in Occidental Mindoro. Active members in the affected areas can qualify for the loan by meeting specific criteria, while pensioners residing in these areas are also eligible. The loan offers a low interest rate of 6 percent and a repayment period of three years. (PNA)

GSIS Allocates Emergency Loans for Cavite and Occidental Mindoro Members and Pensioners

The Government Service Insurance System has designated approximately P2.5 billion for emergency loans to provide assistance to members and pensioners affected by the pertussis outbreak in Cavite and the El Niño phenomenon in Occidental Mindoro. Those residing or employed in these areas can apply for the loan, which features a low interest rate of six percent and a repayment period of three years. The GSIS Touch mobile application can be used to apply for the loan. (Manila Bulletin)

Video: GSIS Members Monthly Contribution Pay @THINKTANKLIKEBEES

The GSIS monthly contribution is a mandatory contribution scheme that covers the employee-employer share for GSIS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG. This ensures that government employees contribute a percentage of their salary towards these benefits, securing their future entitlement to government benefits and services. The specific percentage deductions for both employee and employer shares are determined based on the applicable rules and regulations.



Being informed about your member contributions is essential for every government employee. Regular checks ensure you are up-to-date with your contributions and understand the benefits you are entitled to. Whether planning for retirement, applying for a loan, or ensuring your insurance coverage is adequate, understanding your contributions is a significant step in managing your government benefits effectively. Remember, staying informed means staying prepared for the future.

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