GSIS Online Services and How to Access Them

In an era where digital convenience is not just appreciated but expected, the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) in the Philippines has stepped up with its eGSISMO portal and GSIS Touch mobile app. Designed primarily for government employees, these platforms ensure that a wide array of services—from viewing social security and loan statements to simulating retirement benefits—are accessible online, minimizing the need for physical visits.

These tools target active members and pensioners, simplifying their interactions with the system and providing a seamless, efficient way to manage their benefits and obligations. Whether registering for the first time or making loan payments, members can expect a user-friendly interface and a host of functionalities designed to safeguard their financial health at every stage of their career and beyond.

gsis online services

Overview of GSIS and Its Services

GSIS serves as the counterpart to the Social Security System (SSS) for private employees, providing government workers with comprehensive coverage that includes social security benefits, life insurance, disability benefits, and retirement benefits. As a seasoned institution, the agency supports a substantial segment of the Filipino workforce, ensuring their financial security through various life stages.

What is GSIS Online (eGSISMO)?

GSIS Online, or eGSISMO, addresses the need for efficient service delivery in a modern digital landscape. It enables members to avoid long lines and reduce physical visits to GSIS offices by offering a platform where they can complete numerous transactions online. These include:

  • Statement of Loan Amounts
  • Computation of Retirement Benefits
  • Computation of Social Insurance Benefits
  • Filing and Tracking of GSIS Claims
  • Checking Dividend Payments

How to Access Your GSIS Records Online

To begin using the eGSISMO service, members need to first set up their online account. Here’s how you can register:

  1. Visit the eGSISMO registration page:
  2. Click on “Sign Up” and provide your Business Partner (BP) Number and Date of Birth.
  3. Note your BP Number as it will be required each time you log in.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete your registration.

Once registered, you can log in anytime to access your records and utilize the available services.

Expanded Services through the GSIS Touch Mobile App

For even greater convenience, the agency also offers the GSIS Touch mobile app, which complements the services available on eGSISMO. The app provides a one-stop solution for managing your account on the go. Features include:

  • Viewing detailed membership profiles and transaction records
  • Loan simulation and application
  • Claim filing and tracking
  • Annual Pensioners Information Revalidation (APIR)
  • Access to GSIS news updates and branch locator tools

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Making Online Loan Payments

Recognizing the need for streamlined financial transactions, the agency has partnered with major banks such as Union Bank of the Philippines and Land Bank of the Philippines to facilitate online loan payments. Members can now make payments directly through their bank’s mobile apps or online banking platforms, providing a hassle-free way to stay on top of their financial commitments.

Embracing Digital Transformation for Health and Convenience

With the ongoing global health concerns, the agency is actively encouraging members, especially pensioners, to utilize online options for necessary procedures like the Annual Pensioners Information Revalidation (APIR). This move not only ensures the safety of its members but also enhances the efficiency of its services.

Recent Updates

GSIS Encourages Pensioners to Use Online Services Amid Heatwave

To shield pensioners from the intense heatwave, the Government Service Insurance System promotes the use of its digital platforms for the Annual Pensioners Information Revalidation (APIR). The GSIS Touch Mobile App, with its advanced facial recognition technology, enables secure status verification from home. Additionally, pensioners can opt for an online interview scheduled through the agency’s designated email addresses. (Manila Standard)

GSIS Employees Commended for Excellent Service

Ms. Winette Santos and Ms. Ercorlyn Pamisa of GSIS-Head Office Pasay have been commended for their exceptional service to members and old age pensioners. Their dedication and efficiency have earned them recognition for providing excellent assistance.

GSIS Expands Payment Options for Members’ Convenience

GSIS has expanded its payment options to provide greater convenience for its members. With secure online and over-the-counter payment facilities offered through trusted partners, members can easily manage their transactions. Visit the agency website for more information on the available payment options.

GSIS Touch Mobile App Now Available Abroad

The GSIS Touch mobile app is now accessible for pensioners residing in North America, Europe, and Asia, eliminating the need to return to the Philippines. However, some users in Canada and Taiwan are experiencing availability and compatibility issues. The agency encourages users to scan a QR code for a seamless app experience.

GSIS TOUCH App Introduces MAYA Payment Gateway for Loan Payments

GSIS TOUCH app users can now conveniently pay their loans through the newly introduced MAYA payment gateway. This gateway also provides access to various banks and e-wallets like GCASH. Additionally, updates on loan payments, app registration, and concerns about mode suspension and comment filtering are addressed.



GSIS’s transition to digital platforms like eGSISMO and the GSIS Touch mobile app exemplifies its commitment to serving its members with the utmost convenience and efficiency. By embracing these technologies, members can manage their accounts more effectively, ensuring they maximize the benefits available to them while saving time and effort. Whether at home or on the go, the agency is just a few clicks away, ready to serve its members wherever they are in the Philippines.

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