e-GSISMO Platform: How to Register and Access

eGSISMO is an online platform designed for active members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) to access their membership profiles and records from anywhere at any time. 

This web-based system provides an array of features including viewing membership details, service records, loan payment histories, and tentative retirement benefit computations. 

Accessible 24/7 via personal computers or tablets, eGSISMO aims to simplify the management of GSIS records, enhancing convenience and security for its users. 

By offering easy online access, eGSISMO eliminates the need for GSIS members to visit physical offices, streamlining their experience and ensuring that all relevant information is readily available at their fingertips.

egsismo platform

Introduction to eGSISMO

eGSISMO stands for Electronic GSIS Member Online.

It is a web-based system that allows members to access their profiles and records anytime, anywhere.

With eGSISMO, you can view your loans, claims, and other membership details conveniently from your home or office.

Who Can Avail eGSISMO?

All active members of the Government Service Insurance System can use eGSISMO.

If you are a GSIS member, you can access your membership records and loan statements online.

This facility aims to simplify your experience by making your records available without visiting a GSIS office.

Features and Benefits

eGSISMO offers several useful features:

  • Membership Profile: View your personal details and membership information.
  • Service Record: Check your employment history and contributions.
  • Loan Payment Record: Monitor your loan payments and outstanding balances.
  • Tentative Computation of Retirement Benefits: Get an estimate of your retirement benefits.
  • Social Insurance Benefits: Soon, you’ll be able to view information about your social insurance benefits, dividends, and more.

These features ensure that you can manage and monitor your GSIS membership with ease and security.

egsismo log in page
Screengrab taken from the EGSISMO website

How to Access eGSISMO

  • Accessing the platform is simple and can be done 24/7.
  • Use your personal computer or tablet with internet access.
  • Go to http://egsismo.gsis.gov.ph/ to log in.

Requirements to Login to eGSISMO

To access eGSISMO, you need your GSIS Business Partner (BP) Number.

You can request your BP Number from:

  • Your office’s agency authorized officer (AAO)
  • Electronic remittance file (ERF) handler
  • The Members Assistance Unit of the nearest GSIS office

Step-by-Step Guide to Register in eGSISMO:

  1. Visit http://egsismo.gsis.gov.ph/
  2. Click on “Sign Up”.
  3. Enter your BP Number and Date of Birth, then click “Confirm”.
  4. Select two security questions and provide your answers.
  5. Ensure your email address is correct as the agency will send your account details, including a default password, to this email.

If the email address displayed is incorrect or invalid, follow the instructions to update your email address.

  1. Click “Confirm” to complete your registration. If needed, you can click “Reset” to change your answers to the security questions.

You will receive a confirmation message: “You have successfully registered in eGSISMO! Your password has been sent to your email address. Please check your email to activate your account.”

Click “OK” to proceed.

Security and Convenience

eGSISMO provides a secure platform for you to manage your GSIS membership.

By allowing you to access your records online, it saves you time and effort.

You can check your records from the comfort of your home, ensuring that your information is always at your fingertips.

Future Enhancements

eGSISMO is continually being improved.

Soon, additional features such as dividend payments, claim records, and pensioners’ data will be available for viewing.

These enhancements aim to provide even more comprehensive access to your records.

Tips for Seamless Use of the Platform

  • Ensure your BP Number is easily accessible for quick registration.
  • Regularly update your email address and security questions to maintain account security.
  • Take advantage of the tentative computation feature to plan for your retirement benefits effectively.

Recent Updates

GSIS Integration with eGov PH: Elevating Government Convenience

The Government Service Insurance System has joined eGov PH, a mobile application that simplifies government-citizen transactions. This integration aims to enhance convenience by providing a one-stop online system, eliminating the need for branch visits, and offering various services through the GSIS Touch app. This aligns with the government’s digitalization efforts, bridging the gap between the government and the Filipino people for a seamless public service experience.

Global Access with GSIS Touch

GSIS Touch goes global, enabling users to access their records worldwide. Download the GSIS Touch mobile app now for seamless access to your information from anywhere in the world.

Effortless MPL Flex Application with GSIS TOUCH

Experience the ultimate convenience of applying for MPL Flex with GSIS TOUCH. Download the app now for a seamless and hassle-free “ginhawa” experience.



Accessing GSIS is now easier with the EGSISMO platform, a web-based facility that enables online viewing of membership profiles, service records, and loan statements from any location. Enjoy the convenience of managing your GSIS information with ease.



eGSISMO is a valuable tool for all of the agency’s members.

It offers convenience, security, and comprehensive access to your membership records.

By using eGSISMO, you can manage your profile and records more effectively.

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