What is the DMW AKSYON Fund?

The DMW Aksyon Fund, established under the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) and backed by Republic Act No. 11641, is a lifeline for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) facing difficulties abroad. With a robust budget of Php 1.2 billion for 2023, this fund targets OFWs needing legal, medical, or financial assistance. It replaces the Assistance to Nationals (ATN) services previously managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs, focusing exclusively on the unique challenges faced by our mnigrant workers.

The fund ensures comprehensive support through legal representation, repatriation, medical care, and aid during employment crises, among other services. Beneficiaries can expect a dedicated response to their immediate and pressing needs, ensuring their welfare and safety while away from home.

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Introduction to the DMW Aksyon Fund

Overseas Filipino Workers are crucial contributors to the Philippine economy, often facing challenging conditions abroad to provide for their families back home. Recognizing the vital support needed by these workers, the Philippine government established the DMW Aksyon Fund, a dedicated resource aimed at ensuring the welfare and safety of migrant workers.

Significance of the Fund

The DMW’s AKSYON Fund, allocated at Php 1.2 billion for 2023 by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), plays an essential role in protecting overseas Filipino workers abroad. As mandated by Republic Act No. 11641 or the Migrant Workers Act, it provides legal, medical, and financial assistance to distressed migrant workers. This is particularly significant considering the large number of Filipinos working overseas – 367,287 in 2023 alone required repatriation assistance according to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). The AKSYON Fund ensures migrant workers facing legal troubles, financial hardship, or even emergencies have access to resources and support, upholding their rights and well-being.

Legal Framework and Transition

The DMW Aksyon Fund operates under the oversight of the newly formed Department of Migrant Workers, created through Republic Act No. 11641 signed in December 2021. This act signifies a pivotal shift, transferring responsibilities from the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Assistance to Nationals (ATN) fund to the department, specifically to focus on migrant workers.

Comprehensive Benefits Offered by the Aksyon Fund

OFWs can expect a multifaceted range of services financed through the Aksyon Fund, including:

  • Legal Assistance: Representation in criminal and labor cases, immigration concerns, and court-related financial aids.
  • Repatriation Support: Financial aid for airfare, securing exit visas, and handling immigration penalties.
  • Medical and Welfare Services: Funding for medical repatriation, hospital bills, and funeral arrangements.
  • Employment and Crisis Assistance: Help with employment-related complaints, illegal recruitment issues, and immediate crisis response.

For 2023, the fund has an allocation of approximately P1.2 billion, ensuring substantial support for the multitude of services required by migrant workers globally.


To benefit from the Aksyon Fund, an individual must be a verified OFW facing legal, medical, or employment-related difficulties abroad. The focus is on providing timely and effective assistance to those in critical situations.

Requirements to Benefit from the Aksyon Fund

OFWs in need of assistance must provide:

  • Valid identification as an OFW.
  • Proof of employment overseas.
  • Specific details of the assistance required, such as legal documents for cases, medical reports for health-related issues, or employment contracts for work-related concerns.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Benefit from the DMW Aksyon Fund

  1. Contact the DMW or Migrant Workers Office (MWO): Reach out through hotline 1348, or directly to the nearest MWO in your host country.
  2. Submit Required Documentation: Provide all necessary documents to verify your situation and the nature of the assistance needed.
  3. Case Assessment: The department will assess your case and determine the type of support applicable under the Aksyon Fund.
  4. Receive Assistance: Upon approval, the required assistance, whether legal, medical, or repatriation, will be coordinated and funded through the Aksyon Fund.
  5. Follow-up Services: Continuous support and follow-up to ensure the resolution of the OFW’s concerns and safe return home, if necessary.

Recent Updates

DMW Officials Distribute Financial Assistance to Cordillera OFWs

Officials from the Department of Migrant Workers, including Assistant Secretaries Francis Ron C. de Guzman and Venecio V. Legaspi, along with Regional Director Helen Liu, provided financial assistance to 15 overseas Filipino workers in the Cordillera Administrative Region. The assistance, totaling P250,000, was distributed through the Livelihood Program for OFW Reintegration (LPOR) and the department’s Agarang Kalinga at Saklolo para sa mga OFW na Nangangailangan (AKSYON Fund), supporting the immediate needs and livelihood of the beneficiaries.

DMW Welcomes Repatriated OFWs from Israel, Provides Support and Assistance

The Department of Migrant Workers collaborates with other government agencies to welcome repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers from Israel. The repatriated migrant workers receive financial aid, support from reintegration programs, and various forms of assistance to help them transition back to life in the Philippines. The department ensures that their insurance benefits and other claims from their employers will be facilitated, and they express gratitude to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. for the repatriation programs and government assistance.

DMW Denounces Illegal Recruitment Schemes Targeting OFWs in Italy

The Department of Migrant Workers strongly condemns illegal recruitment schemes that are targeting overseas Filipino workers in Italy. The department, in collaboration with the DFA and PCG-Milan, is actively investigating and documenting complaints from victims, warning the public about fake job offers and excessive fees, and urging victims to come forward to seek assistance and justice.

DMW Implements AKSYON Fund and Emergency Response Center to Assist Migrant Workers

The Department of Migrant Workers has established the AKSYON Fund, which provides comprehensive support to overseas Filipino workers in areas such as repatriation, medical care, and financial aid. Additionally, the department has set up a 24/7 Emergency Response and Action Center unit specifically dedicated to assisting seafarers in need of repatriation and welfare assistance. These initiatives aim to ensure the well-being and protection of migrant workers.

DMW Achievements in Addressing Challenges Faced by OFWs Under President Marcos Jr.’s Leadership

Under President Marcos Jr.’s leadership, the Department of Migrant Workers has achieved significant milestones in supporting overseas Filipino workers. These achievements include successful repatriation efforts, resolution of unpaid wages and benefits, and the development of a mobile app to address our kababayans’ concerns. The department’s teamwork, collaboration with other agencies, and positive outlook have contributed to the improved well-being of migrant workers.



The DMW Aksyon Fund represents a significant advancement in the support mechanism available to our kababayans. By focusing exclusively on the needs of migrant workers, the department ensures that OFWs have a reliable and responsive backing in times of need. Whether it’s legal, medical, or employment-related assistance, the Aksyon Fund is a testament to the Philippine government’s commitment to safeguarding its citizens abroad. For further information, OFWs are encouraged to contact the department or their nearest MWO to explore how the Aksyon Fund can assist in their specific circumstances.

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