How to Update SSS Account Information Online

The Social Security System‘s online update program provides a straightforward solution for active SS members needing to revise their personal details such as name, date of birth, civil status, contact information, or change in membership status. This is aimed at ensuring members’ records are current to facilitate smooth transactions, especially when availing benefits, applying for loans, or altering contribution amounts.

Members can expect a seamless online process for most updates, while others may require submission of the E-4 Member Data Change Request Form at an SSS branch, accompanied by the necessary legal documents, depending on the nature of the update. Through this program, members are empowered to keep their SS records precise, avoiding potential complications and ensuring they receive due benefits without delay.

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Understanding the Need for Updates

Updating your SS information is fundamental to ensuring that your records accurately reflect your current status and information. This is significant when claiming benefits, as discrepancies can lead to delays or complications. From changing your civil status to correcting your name or date of birth, the agency provides an online solution to update your information effortlessly.

Legal Basis and Benefits

The mandate for maintaining accurate records is based on the necessity to ensure that all SSS members can fully avail themselves of their benefits without unnecessary hindrance. By keeping your information updated, you help streamline the process of benefit claims, loan applications, and more.

Who Should Update?

Any active SSS member who has undergone changes in personal information such as name, date of birth, civil status, or contact details should update their records. Additionally, changes in membership status from employed to voluntary, self-employed, or non-working spouse necessitate an update.

Required Documents

The specific documents required depend on the type of update:

  • For name or date of birth corrections: Birth Certificate or Philippine Passport.
  • For civil status changes: Marriage Certificate or legal documents related to separation.
  • For changing beneficiaries: Relevant legal documents based on the nature of the change.

How To Update Your Information Online

1. Name or Date of Birth Corrections

  • Online Request: Access the SSS member portal, navigate to “E-SERVICES” > “Membership Records” > “Submit Request for Member Data Change (Simple Correction)” and follow the prompts.

2. Changing Civil Status

  • Online Request for Single to Married: Same steps as name correction, but select “CIVIL STATUS” and upload the marriage certificate.

3. Correcting Sex or Gender

  • Similar process as name correction, but choose “SEX/GENDER” correction and provide the necessary documentation.

4. Changing Beneficiaries

  • This requires filling out the E-4 form and submitting it along with the necessary documents to the nearest SSS office.

5. Updating Contact Information

  • Can be done through the My.SSS account under “MEMBER INFO” > “Update Contact Info” or through the SSS Mobile Application.

6. Changing Membership Status

  • Voluntary/OFW: Use the My.SSS portal or the Mobile App.
  • Self-Employed/Non-Working Spouse: Fill out and submit the E-4 form at an SSS branch.

7. From Temporary to Permanent Membership

  • Submit the required documents at an SSS office to change your membership status to permanent.

8. Updating Bank Information

  • Complete the E-4 form with your new bank details and submit it to your nearest SSS branch.

9. Changing SSS Contribution Amount

  • Voluntary, self-employed, and OFW members can adjust their contribution amounts online through My.SSS or the Mobile app.

Step-by-Step Guide on Completing the E-4 Form

When updating your personal information with the Social Security System in the Philippines, you’ll need to accurately complete the E-4 Member Data Change Request Form. This form is your key to ensuring that your SS records are current, which is necessary for hassle-free transactions with the agency.

Part I – Personal Data

  • SS Number: Write your SS number clearly.
  • Common Reference Number (CRN): If applicable, enter your CRN.
  • Complete Name: Provide your current name as registered in SSS.
  • Date of Birth: Input your date of birth in the format (MM/DD/YYYY).
  • Address: Fill in your current address details.
  • Contact Number: Write down your active phone number.
  • Email Address: Provide a valid and regularly checked email address.

Part II – Data Change/Correction/Updating

  1. For specific updates or corrections, tick the appropriate box and supply the requested information.
  • Correction of Name: Indicate the portion of your name that requires correction (last, first, or middle name) and provide the correct spelling in the “TO” field.
  • Correction of Date of Birth: If there’s an error with your date of birth, indicate the correct date in the “TO” field.
  • Correction of Sex: Check the appropriate box if there’s a need to correct your gender in SS records.
  • Change of Civil Status: Tick the box that represents your new civil status, e.g., from single to married.
  • Updating of Bank Information: Write your bank name, branch, and account number for benefit disbursements.

Part III – Updating of Contact Information

Provide any new information regarding your contact details like your telephone number, email address, and mobile number.

Part IV – Updating of Membership Type

  • Change of Membership Type: Indicate if you are changing your membership status to voluntary, self-employed, or non-working spouse, and fill out the related information required.

Part V – Updating from Temporary to Permanent

If your membership status is “Temporary,” you can request an update to “Permanent” by ticking the appropriate box.

Part VI – Updating of Dependent/Beneficiary(ies)

List down the names of the dependents or beneficiaries that you want to add or remove, along with their relationship to you.

Certification and Documentary Requirements

Make sure to read the reminders and the list of documentary requirements provided in the form instructions. Attach the necessary documents as listed to support your data change request.

Note: Always present the original or certified true copies when submitting photocopies of the required ID card(s) and document(s).

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Keeping personal records up to date is important for all SS Members. By regularly updating and correcting their information, members ensure that they receive accurate benefits and avoid any potential issues or delays in processing claims. Stay on top of your records to maximize the benefits you deserve.


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