SSS Annual Confirmation of Pensioners’ Program (ACOP)

The Social Security System’s Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP) program is a significant process that requires SSS pensioners to verify their status annually to maintain the receipt of their benefits. Established in 2004 and anchored in the Social Security Law, the said program aims to distribute benefits accurately to legitimate recipients, which include survivor, retirement, and total disability pensioners.

To avoid disruption in their monthly and 13th-month pensions, eligible members must comply by submitting the necessary forms and identification, with the convenience of using various methods such as mail, email, drop boxes, or even video conferencing for those abroad or unable to appear in person. As of March 2024, the program will extend its reach, requiring even those aged 80 and above in the Philippines to participate, reinforcing the system’s integrity and ensuring the beneficiaries’ welfare.

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What is ACOP?

The SSS ACOP is a verification mechanism instituted to confirm the ongoing eligibility of members for their benefits. Initiated in 2004, this program aims to prevent the erroneous distribution of funds and ensure that benefits are disbursed only to rightful recipients. It’s a yearly requirement that eligible members must fulfill to continue receiving their pension without any hitches.

Legal Basis

The program is rooted in the Social Security Law, ensuring the integrity and sustainability of the pension system. It mandates that eligible members periodically confirm their status, allowing the SSS to update their records and continue the pension payments accurately.


The primary benefit of complying with the program is the uninterrupted receipt of pension benefits. Here are the key financial benefits eligible members can expect:

  • Regular Monthly Pension: Ensures the continuous payment of your monthly pension.
  • 13th Month Pension: A bonus pension payment received at the end of the year.

Eligibility / Qualifications

The program applies to all SSS pensioners, including those receiving survivor, retirement, and total disability pensions. However, retirement pensioners residing in the Philippines have been exempt from this since October 30, 2017, although they may undergo other verification processes.


Pensioners need to prepare the following:

  • ACOP form (Pensioner’s Reply)
  • Valid IDs (one primary or two secondary)
  • Additional documents, such as a current photo with a newspaper, depending on the pensioner’s category.
acop form
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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from the Program

  1. Determine Your Type of Pension: Understand which category you fall into – survivor, retirement, or total disability pensioner.
  2. Gather Required Documents: Collect all necessary documents as per your pension type.
  3. Choose a Compliance Method: Select from available methods (email, mail, courier, drop box, home visit, or video conference) the most convenient way to submit your documents.
  4. Submit Before Deadline: Ensure all documents are submitted before the set deadline, typically your birth month or the adjusted schedule if residing abroad.
  5. Confirmation and Continuation of Pension: After compliance, your pension will continue without interruption.

Recent Updates

Important Notice for March Pensioners

Attention all pensioners scheduled for the ACOP in March! It is important that you submit your compliance before the end of the month to guarantee the uninterrupted receipt of your pensions. Act now to ensure the continuity of your benefits!

Convenient ACOP Compliance for SSS Pensioners

SSS pensioner-clients can now conveniently fulfill their Annual Confirmation of Pensioners requirements through select banks. The list includes Cooperative Bank of Quezon Province, Dumaguete City Development Bank, and several other regional and rural banking institutions. This partnership ensures eligible members can comply with their ACOP obligations right where they manage their finances.

Streamlined ACOP Process for SSS Pensioners

SSS Pensioners have good news to celebrate: complying with the Annual Confirmation of Pensioners program is now more accessible through video conferencing via the Viber app. This new method offers an easier and more convenient way for eligible members to fulfill their annual requirements. It’s a significant step forward in simplifying the process for SSS beneficiaries.

New ACOP Compliance for Senior SSS Pensioners

Starting March 2024, SSS calls on retirement pensioners aged 80 and above living in the Philippines to comply with the Annual Confirmation of Pensioners Program. This update mandates an additional group of eligible members to participate in the annual verification process. The move ensures the continuation of their pension benefits and upholds the integrity of the system.



Stay informed with the latest updates on the SSS ACOP for March 2024. Discover how to ensure compliance with the SSS guidelines and take advantage of the benefits it offers.


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Emphasizing the Importance of ACOP

This program is more than a bureaucratic requirement; it’s a safeguard for both the pensioner and the integrity of the SSS fund. By ensuring that pensions are correctly distributed to eligible individuals, the SSS maintains the sustainability of the benefits for current and future pensioners.

The program had to adapt during the pandemic, highlighting the SSS’s commitment to the safety and convenience of pensioners by introducing alternative compliance methods. With the resumption of the program, eligible members are encouraged to comply within the given timeframe to avoid any potential suspension of benefits.

For those residing abroad, the SSS has made provisions to ensure that compliance is as hassle-free as possible, with options like video conferencing and submission through foreign offices or email.

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