What is the PhilHealth Member Portal?

The PhilHealth Member Portal, an online service by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, is designed to simplify health insurance management for its members. This comprehensive program allows users to view personal details, verify contribution records, and print their Member Data Record (MDR) conveniently from anywhere. Targeting all PhilHealth members, the portal promises easy access to health insurance information, integrating with the eGovPH Super App for enhanced accessibility and offering features like online registration and Konsulta Package Provider registration.

Expect a streamlined experience in managing your health insurance needs with tools and support available round the clock, including a new 24/7 hotline, online payment options for self-paying members, and dedicated PhilHealth CARES and Malasakit personnel for in-hospital assistance.

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Understanding the PhilHealth Member Portal

The Member Portal is an online platform provided by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation that offers a range of services to its members. This portal is designed to make health insurance management hassle-free and accessible from anywhere.

Key Features of the Portal:

  • View Personal Information: This feature allows members to log in and ensure that their personal details are accurate and complete.
  • Verify Contribution Records: Members can check their contribution history to ensure that payments are up-to-date.
  • Print Member Data Record (MDR): The portal provides an option to print the MDR, which contains important details about membership and contributions.

To access these services, simply visit the official PhilHealth website, navigate to “Online Services” > “Membership Portal,” and either register or log in to explore.

PhilHealth Member Portal Meets eGovPH Super App

In a significant move towards digital transformation, the agency has partnered with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to integrate the Member Portal into the eGovPH Super App. This integration aims to provide a seamless and more accessible experience for managing health insurance information. (Manila Bulletin)

What is the eGovPH Super App?

The eGovPH Super App is a mobile application that aggregates services from various government agencies, including PhilHealth, SSS, GSIS, and Pag-Ibig. It simplifies transactions and makes accessing government services more convenient than ever.

egov app
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Accessing PhilHealth Services via eGovPH:

To use the PhilHealth services on the eGovPH Super App:

  1. Download the eGovPH app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Sign up by providing your personal details and verify your account via a one-time password and email.
  3. Log in using your registered mobile number to access your membership profile, contribution history, and more.

PhilHealth’s integration with eGovPH is a welcome development, offering features like online registration, Konsulta Package Provider registration, and QR code verification.

The Impact of Digital Integration

The partnership between PhilHealth and the eGovPH Super App is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a step towards making quality healthcare accessible to all Filipinos. By bringing health insurance management to the fingertips of millions, the agency is ensuring that equitable access to healthcare is not just a dream but a reality.

Recent Updates

Enhanced PhilHealth Services for Every Filipino
PhilHealth has introduced a new online payment system for self-paying members, making it easier, faster, and hassle-free. To ensure a smooth experience, members are advised to keep their records updated. Create or log in to your account at https://memberinquiry.philhealth.gov.ph/member.

PhilHealth Konsulta Registration with Media Partners

PhilHealth has partnered with various media outlets to promote and facilitate the registration process for the Konsulta program. Through this collaboration, individuals can easily access and register for the program, ensuring that they receive the necessary healthcare benefits. Stay tuned to #MyPhilHealth for more updates and information on how to register.

PhilHealth CARES and Malasakit Personnel: Ensuring Access to Benefits and Addressing Concerns for Members

For members of PhilHealth, there is a dedicated team of PhilHealth CARES and Malasakit Personnel assigned in hospitals to assist with the utilization of benefits and address any concerns related to PhilHealth. Their presence ensures that members can confidently access their benefits and receive the necessary support for a smoother experience.

New Hotline Number 8662-2588 Now Open 24/7 for Member Services

In an official announcement, a new hotline number, 8662-2588, has been launched to provide round-the-clock assistance and services to members. This hotline is available 365 days a year, ensuring that members can easily reach out for support whenever needed.

Introducing the PhilHealth Member Portal: Access Your Membership Record from the Comfort of Your Home

With the new PhilHealth Member Portal, there’s no need to leave your house to view your membership record. Stay updated on your benefits, contributions, and more, all from the convenience of your own home.


Video: Online na ang viewing ng iyong membership record gamit ang PhilHealth Member Portal!

In need of a Member Data Record (MDR)? Looking to pay your contributions? Look no further! With #SagotKaNgPhilHealth, you can easily register or log in to your account and access the services you need. Self-paying members can conveniently pay their contributions through the member portal, while employers can use the Electronic Premium Remittance System to pay premiums for their employees. Stay updated and take advantage of these online services for a hassle-free experience.


PhilHealth Member Portal

The PhilHealth Member Portal is a user-friendly online platform that allows members to conveniently access and manage their healthcare benefits. With just a few clicks, members can easily check their contributions, update personal information, and avail of various services. Stay in control of your healthcare journey with the Member Portal.

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