PhilHealth ID Card: How to Apply

The PhilHealth ID is a fundamental document issued by the Philippine government to ensure that all Filipinos, regardless of employment status, can access affordable healthcare. Philhealth offers a free-of-charge, lifetime-valid identification document that doubles as proof of identity and a gateway to medical benefits.

Target beneficiaries include employed, self-employed, and unemployed citizens who, upon obtaining their PhilHealth ID, can expect hassle-free access to a wide range of healthcare services, streamlined record management via the Member Portal, and a clear path to replacing lost cards without losing benefits.

philhealth ID
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Understanding the PhilHealth ID

At its core, the PhilHealth card is more than just an identification document; it’s your passport to the comprehensive healthcare benefits under the national insurance program. Designed to alleviate the financial strain of medical needs, it embodies the government’s commitment to universal healthcare. Whether you’re a new applicant or seeking to maximize your membership, understanding the essence of this document is the first step towards harnessing its full potential.

The Legal Backbone

Rooted in legislation, PhilHealth operates under the auspices of the national government, ensuring every Filipino has access to affordable healthcare. Its legal framework mandates the provision of the PhilHealth identification to members, reinforcing its status as an important tool in the healthcare system.

Why the PhilHealth ID Matters

  • Zero Cost: The identification card is issued free, removing financial barriers to obtaining one.
  • Lifetime Validity: Once acquired, it serves you indefinitely, with no need for renewal.
  • Dual Functionality: It acts both as proof of identity and your ticket to healthcare benefits.

Who Can Get a PhilHealth ID?

Eligibility spans broadly, welcoming almost every Filipino into the fold, whether employed, self-employed, or even without formal employment. The inclusivity of PhilHealth ensures that no one is left behind in accessing healthcare services.


To embark on your application journey, you’ll need:

  • A valid identification document (Driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • A 1×1 ID photo (for attaching to your PhilHealth ID)
  • An authorization letter if applying on behalf of someone else

These requirements ensure a smooth and streamlined process, paving the way for your successful application.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for a PhilHealth ID

  1. Locate Your Nearest PhilHealth Office: Start by finding the closest local health insurance office to your location.
  2. Fill Out the Request Form: At the office, ask for a Request Form and complete it with your details.
  3. Submit Your Form and ID: Hand in your form along with a valid ID. If you’re applying for someone else, don’t forget the authorization letter.
  4. Wait for Processing: After submission, there may be a brief wait while your application is processed.
  5. Collect Your ID: Once ready, collect your ID, ensuring all details are correct.

This process demystifies the application procedure, making it accessible to all eligible Filipinos.

Recent Updates

Protecting Your Personal Information

In the event of a compromised personal data situation, individuals are urged to promptly report to PhilHealth by sending an email to designated temporary addresses. They should also immediately update their passwords on the  Member Portal to safeguard their information.

PhilHealth ID Distribution and Konsulta Registration Held in Alabang, Philippines

The Social Services Department (SSD) led the “PhilHealth sa Masa” initiative, which provided PhilHealth identification cards for subsidy and discounts at accredited hospitals and clinics. Selected health centers in the city include Alabang, Poblacion, Putatan, Southville, and Tunasan Health Centers.

Access Your Health Records Anytime, Anywhere

PhilHealth now offers the convenience of online viewing through the PhilHealth Member Portal, making it easier and more accessible, especially during the pandemic. Members can register on the portal to update their records, download and print their Member Data Record (MDR), and check their contributions with ease. The process involves visiting the agency’s website, creating an account, and following simple verification steps for full access to services.


Video: Philhealth ID Paano Kumuha At Mag Register Online – Philhealth Card ID or Digitized ID?

In this video, you will learn the step-by-step process of obtaining and registering for a Philhealth ID online. The video highlights the necessary requirements and procedures to acquire a Philhealth Card or Digitized ID. By following the instructions in the video, you can easily navigate the online registration system and obtain your Philhealth ID hassle-free.


Beyond the Basics: Replacing a Lost ID and More

Losing your PhilHealth ID doesn’t mean losing access to your benefits. A replacement is easily obtainable by following the same steps as applying for a new one, with the addition of submitting an affidavit of loss.

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