OWWA Repatriation Assistance for OFWs

The OWWA Repatriation Assistance Program serves as an essential safeguard for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families in times of crisis. Designed to address emergencies such as conflicts, natural disasters, or other distressing situations, this  ensures the safe and dignified return of migrant Filipinos to their homeland, including the repatriation of remains for those who have deceased abroad. The initiative encompasses a broad range of services, from airport assistance, temporary shelter, and psychosocial support to financial assistance for onward travel to their provinces. This initiative of the Philippine government through OWWA is a clear demonstration of their dedication to ensuring the welfare of their citizens abroad, offering support and hope in times of need.

Targeted at the more than 10 million Filipinos employed abroad, the Repatriation Assistance Program is intended to help those encountering difficulties overseas. The agency extended its support to over 38,000 OFWs, evidencing its critical impact. This initiative not only provides immediate assistance but also aids in the longer-term reintegration of repatriated workers into the Philippine economy through financial aid and training. As it continues to evolve and expand, this project promises to be an even more effective tool in safeguarding the well-being of Filipinos worldwide, reinforcing the government’s dedication to its overseas workers.

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What is the Repatriation Assistance Program?

The Repatriation Assistance Program is a lifeline for overseas Filipino workers and their families during emergencies. It facilitates the safe return of distressed migrant workers and the remains of deceased workers, providing essential services like airport assistance, temporary shelter, psychosocial support, and financial aid for onward travel to their home provinces.


With over 10 million Filipinos working overseas, the Repatriation Assistance Program supports those facing trouble abroad. In 2022 alone, OWWA assisted over 38,000 distressed OFWs, highlighting its importance. It offers assistance aid, including financial support (like the P50,000 per distressed OFW returning from Israel in 2023), temporary shelter, and even psychosocial counseling to help them cope with trauma and reintegrate.

Beyond immediate needs, initiatives like “Balik Pinas! Balik Hanapbuhay!” provide financial aid and training to help repatriated OFWs start new businesses or find employment, contributing to the overall economic stability. While challenges like funding and tailoring services exist, its impact on Filipino lives and the national economy is undeniable. With continued improvement and expansion, the Repatriation Assistance Program will be even more effective in protecting Filipinos facing difficult situations abroad.

Legal Basis

Underpinning this initiative is the legal mandate requiring the agency to establish an Emergency Repatriation Fund. This fund ensures the evacuation of overseas Filipinos in times of conflict, disaster, or epidemic, highlighting the government’s commitment to safeguarding its citizens abroad.


The program offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Airport assistance and packed food
  • Free transportation and quarantine accommodation upon arrival
  • Temporary stay at the OWWA Halfway Home
  • Psychosocial therapy and stress debriefing
  • Transportation to respective provinces

Eligibility / Qualifications

To qualify, applicants must be:

  • Filipino citizens
  • OFWs, whether active or inactive members of OWWA
  • Land-based or sea-based workers


The necessary documents to avail of the assistance include:

  • A valid Passport I.D.
  • Intake Sheet Form from OWWA RAD
  • Overseas Employment Contract (OEC) or proof of overseas employment
  • Travel document and boarding pass or proof of repatriation

Step-by-Step Application Process for OFW Repatriation

  1. Visit the OWWA Regional Welfare Office corresponding to the beneficiaries’ permanent address.
  2. Submit the Accomplished Application or Intake Form and direct it to the designated case officer based on the geographical area of employment.
  3. Await Telephone Coordination from the RAD Case Officer for legal services and updates from POLO at the job site.

Recent Updates

OWWA Airport Team Assists Family of Deceased OFW from Greece

The RWO XI airport team, led by Emily Luna, provided assistance to the family of a deceased migrant worker from Athens, Greece upon their arrival at Davao International Airport. The team facilitated the turnover of the remains to the family and arranged for transportation to Montevista, Davao de Oro. The family, being active OWWA members, received a briefing on the death and burial benefits available to them.

Successful Hosting of FY 2024 Budget Execution and FY 2025 Budget Call and Deliberation (Mindanao Cluster) by OWWA Regional Welfare Office XI

OWWA Regional Welfare Office XI recently hosted the FY 2024 Budget Execution and FY 2025 Budget Call and Deliberation (Mindanao Cluster) from February 12-16, 2024 in Davao City. The event brought together members of the Budget Committee, OIC-Regional Directors, and Budget Officers from various Regional Welfare Offices. The participants engaged in insightful deliberations on the implementation of the FY 2024 budget and crafted a meticulous FY 2025 budget proposal to address the needs and challenges faced by the Regional Welfare Offices.

Successful Repatriation of 27 OFWs from Lebanon Amid Tensions in South Lebanon

In a commendable effort, the Philippine Embassy in Lebanon, together with the Migrant Workers Office and OWWA Overseas Welfare Office Lebanon, continues to facilitate the repatriation for Filipino workers affected by the escalating tensions in South Lebanon. Today, on February 7, 2024, a total of 27 migrant workers have safely returned to the Philippines, ensuring their well-being and providing them with the necessary support during these challenging times.

OWWA XI Airport Team Provides Immediate Support to Distressed OFWs

The OWWA XI airport team demonstrated their commitment to assisting overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in times of distress by offering support to Filipino workers abroad endorsed by the Repatriation and Assistance Division (RAD) upon their arrival at Davao International Airport on January 23, 2024. Through effective communication, the team provided information on available support services, entitlements, and guidance to address the specific situations of the people involved. They also ensured a seamless connection between the OFWs and OWWA services, ensuring that returning workers are well-informed and able to access the various initiatives and services available to them.



Are you an OFW currently affected and unable to work due to a crisis in another country, calamity, conflict, abuse, or human trafficking, or have you escaped from your employer? Discover the OWWA Repatriation Program, a support system for our kababayan to return to the Philippines. This video will discuss its benefits, qualifications, requirements, application process, and general guidelines, providing you with essential information to avail of this assistance.



In conclusion, the Repatriation Assistance Program stands as a vital testament to the Philippine government’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers and their families. By providing a comprehensive suite of services tailored to assist in times of emergency, this not only facilitates the safe return of those in distress but also supports their reintegration and recovery through financial aid, psychosocial support, and training. Its impact, as evidenced by the assistance extended to thousands of migrant workers annually, underscores the importance of such initiatives in offering a safety net for Filipinos navigating the complexities of working abroad.

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