OFW Lounge Launched at NAIA Airport for Filipino Migrant Workers

The OFW Lounge, an initiative by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) in collaboration with the Department of Migrant Workers and the Manila International Airport Authority, offers a unique blend of comfort and convenience for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Situated in Terminals 1 and 3, this lounge is equipped with amenities designed to make their waiting times as relaxing as possible. Featuring cozy seating, power outlets, Wi-Fi access, and an information desk, the space caters exclusively to the needs of migrant Filipino workers, providing them with a space to unwind, recharge, and access valuable resources before their flights.

Targeted specifically at migrant Filipino workers, this facility underscores the Philippine government’s recognition of their significant contributions to the country’s economy and society. To access this facility, OFWs need to present proof of their status, such as an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or an OFW e-card. This not only offers a place for rest and relaxation with its comfortable seating and charging stations but also serves as a community hub where they can connect with peers, share experiences, and gather tips for overseas employment. With recent support from the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and plans for more lounges in other airports, the facility symbolizes a stride towards enhancing OFWs’ travel experiences, acknowledging their sacrifices as modern-day heroes.

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What is the OFW Lounge?

The facility serves as a designated area for OFWs at NAIA, offering a range of amenities aimed at ensuring their comfort and convenience. From cozy seating and power outlets to Wi-Fi access and an information desk, the facility is tailored to meet the needs of migrant Filipino workers during their waiting time at the airport. This initiative underlines the commitment to acknowledge their sacrifices and contributions to the Philippine economy and society at large.

Significance of this Service

Beyond offering an escape from airport hustle, the facility holds symbolic weight. It recognizes the immense contributions of Overseas Filipino Workers through a dedicated space with essential amenities like comfy seating, Wi-Fi, and food. This reduces stress, improves travel experience, and empowers them with a sense of appreciation and dignity. The OFW Lounge isn’t just a waiting area; it’s a testament to valuing and supporting our modern-day heroes.

Legal Basis

This initiative is grounded in the government’s ongoing efforts to provide support and welfare services to migrant Filipino workers. By collaborating with various agencies, OWWA ensures that the facility is not just a physical space but a manifestation of legal and moral support for OFWs.


The for OFW use-specific facility is not just about physical comfort; it offers a slew of benefits:

  • A cozy setup with comfortable seating and high-speed Wi-Fi for relaxation.
  • Power outlets and charging docks ensure that OFWs stay connected with their loved ones.
  • An information desk to assist with any inquiries, making travel procedures smoother.
  • A sense of community where they can connect, share experiences, and access valuable resources and tips for overseas employment.

Eligibility / Qualifications

The facility is exclusively available for OFWs. Proof of OFW status, such as an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or an OFW e-card, must be presented to access its amenities.


To benefit from this facility, migrant Filipino workers need to present either their OEC or OFW e-card at the entrance. These documents serve as their pass to a comfortable waiting area designed with their needs in mind.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from the OFW Lounge

Arrive at NAIA: Ensure you’re at the airport with ample time to enjoy its amenities before your flight.

Locate the Lounge: In Terminal 1, it’s on the 4th floor next to the pre-departure area. In Terminal 3, find it on the left side facing the terminal.

Present Your OFW Documents: Show your OEC or OFW E-Card at the entrance.

Enjoy the Services: Once inside, take advantage of the facilities offered. Whether it’s charging your devices, using the Wi-Fi, or simply relaxing on the comfortable seating, the space is designed to make your travel experience better.

Recent Updates

CHR Backs Initiative for OFWs, Applauds Opening of 24/7 VIP Lounge at NAIA Terminal 1

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has thrown its weight behind efforts to improve the welfare of overseas Filipino workers, hailing the recent inauguration of a round-the-clock VIP lounge at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1. The CHR expressed its full support for this initiative, recognizing the importance of providing enhanced facilities and services for them.

Accessing the OFW Lounge at NAIA Terminal 1: A Guide for Modern-Day Heroes

Calling on our modern-day heroes! Here’s how you can access the OFW Lounge at NAIA Terminal 1 before boarding. Discover the exclusive amenities and services available to Overseas Filipino Workers, providing a comfortable and relaxing space as they prepare for their journey abroad.

Turning Overseas Journeys into Unforgettable Adventures!

Experience the transformation from chaos to paradise at the OFW Lounge in NAIA Terminal 1. With OWWA’s commitment to uplifting services for kababayans, get ready for O-WOW moments that will make your overseas journey truly memorable. Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other!

House Speaker Romualdez Visits the OFW Lounge at NAIA Terminal 1

In an exciting visit, House Speaker Martin Romualdez toured the soon-to-open OFW Lounge, dedicated to our beloved kababayans. He was warmly welcomed by OWWA Administrator Arnell Ignacio and Atty. Honey Quiño, Deputy Administrator of OWWA.


Video: OFW Lounge sa NAIA, planong buksan din sa ibang paliparan | Patrol ng Pilipino

OFWs at NAIA 1 can now enjoy a comfortable waiting experience at the newly opened OFW Lounge, where they are provided with complimentary meals and comfortable seating, regardless of their ticket class.



The establishment of the OFW Lounge is more than just an upgrade to airport facilities; it’s a reflection of the Philippines’ recognition and appreciation of the sacrifices made by migrant Filipino workers. This initiative not only provides a space for relaxation but also strengthens the support network for Filipinos working abroad. As more lounges are expected to open in other airports across the country, this marks a significant step towards enhancing their travel experience, ensuring they feel valued and respected as the true heroes they are. Let’s continue to support and uplift our OFWs, for they carry the heart and spirit of the Philippines wherever they go.


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