Free Calls to OWWA for OFWs via TINBO

The OWWA TINBO initiative is a pioneering partnership between the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and Tindahan ni Bossing (TINBO), designed to empower Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with free and convenient access to essential OWWA services. Through this collaboration, OFWs around the world can now make free calls to the OWWA Helpline 1348 via the platform. This service aims to alleviate the financial burden of international call costs, allowing OFWs to easily reach out for assistance on matters such as employment issues, repatriation, and other concerns without any cost. The initiative reflects both organizations’ commitment to enhancing the welfare of Filipinos globally, making support services more accessible through digital innovation.

Targeted at the more than 10 million Filipinos working overseas, the said service is not just about free calls. It’s a comprehensive support system that offers a range of additional services to cater to the financial and communication needs of OFWs. From paying bills in the Philippines to topping up mobile load for loved ones back home, the platform provides a one-stop solution for OFWs seeking convenience and connectivity. Eligible for all OFWs with internet access and a web-capable device, this initiative aligns with the Philippine government’s efforts under the Migrant Workers Act to improve the overall experience of Filipino workers abroad. As we embrace this technological advancement, OFWs can expect a more supportive, responsive, and accessible OWWA ready to assist them wherever they are in the world.

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What is TINBO?

TINBO is a strategic partnership aimed at providing OFWs with free, convenient access to the OWWA Helpline 1348. Through the platform (, OFWs can make web-based calls to seek assistance on various concerns such as employment, repatriation, and other OFW-related issues without worrying about international call charges. This service is a testament to the commitment of both organizations to uplift the lives of Filipinos worldwide.


Significance of the Service

OWWA TINBO, a collaboration between the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and Tindahan ni Bossing app, addresses the needs of over 10 million Filipino overseas workers (OFWs). It offers free calls to OWWA, facilitating access to support services like pre-departure orientation, reintegration programs, and emergency assistance. Additionally, features like bill payment and mobile load top-up provide financial convenience. While data on OWWA TINBO’s specific impact is still emerging, similar initiatives utilizing mobile technology have shown positive results. Overall, the service aligns with the Philippine Migrant Workers Act by enhancing communication, access to support, and financial well-being for an important demographic, potentially improving their overall experience as overseas workers.

Legal Basis

The initiative is grounded in the mandate of OWWA to protect and promote the welfare of OFWs and their dependents. By partnering with TINBO, the agency extends its reach digitally, aligning with the government’s thrust to leverage technology for more inclusive and accessible public services.


  • Free Calls to OWWA: Eliminates the cost of international calls, making it easier for OFWs to seek help.
  • Convenience: Offers a seamless way to connect with OWWA through a few clicks on the TINBO platform.
  • Wider Reach: Ensures that more OFWs can access the support and assistance provided by OWWA.
  • Additional Services: Beyond the helpline, OFWs can use TINBO for various purposes such as paying bills in the Philippines, sending mobile load, and more.

Eligibility / Qualifications

All OFWs with access to the internet and a device that supports web-based applications can benefit from the initiative. This service is designed to cater to the needs of OFWs regardless of their location around the globe.


To access the OWWA Helpline 1348 for free:

  • A TINBO account
  • Internet connectivity
  • A device capable of making web-based calls

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get FREE OFW Calls to OWWA via TINBO

  1. Sign Up for TINBO: Create an account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Log In: Access your TINBO account using your credentials.
  3. Access the OWWA Helpline Button: Navigate to the Helpline 1348 button within the TINBO platform.
  4. Make a Call: Click the button to initiate a call to OWWA for assistance, free of charge.

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Recent Updates


PLDT Global and the Department of Migrant Workers have pledged their full support to OFWs leaving and returning to the Philippines through a new memorandum of agreement. TINBO and Smart Ka-Partner also provided a livelihood assistance package to Annalyn Fernan, the widow of a deceased OFW who is now solely supporting their child. This is just the beginning of the support that PLDT Global will provide to the government-to-government and reintegration programs of the DMW for OFWs and their families.

Free OWWA Helpline for OFWs: A Big Help for Overseas Workers

In need of assistance from OWWA while working abroad? OFWs can now call their Helpline 1348 for free through TINBO. Follow these simple steps: 1) Register for free at, 2) Subscribe to a Smart Virtual Number, and 3) Register your Smart Virtual Number SIM to make free calls to OWWA in the Philippines 24/7.

Free Calls to OWWA Helpline 1348 via TINBO: Register Now!

Administrator Arnell Ignacio, has personally tested and successfully made a free call using the OWWA Helpline 1348 to OWWA using TINBO. To avail of this service, individuals can register at, subscribe to a Smart Virtual Number, and complete the SIM registration process. This allows them to make free calls to OWWA in the Philippines 24/7.


PLDT Global and OWWA Launch OWWA Helpline 1348 for Free Calls to OFWs via TINBO

PLDT Global and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration have launched the OWWA Helpline 1348, providing free calls to OFWs in other countries through the platform. This is the first project for overseas Filipinos under the new partnership between PLDT Global and OWWA. Present at the media launch this morning were PLDT Group Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan, PLDT Global President & CEO Albert Villa-Real, and Admin. Arnell Ignacio.

Get Your Smart Virtual Number and Stay Connected Abroad!

Follow these simple steps to register your SIM and start receiving one-time passwords (OTP) from Philippine banks and e-wallets like Maya, as well as calls and texts from the Philippines.


Video: PLDT Global & OWWA may Libreng Tawag for OFWs sa OWWA Helpline via TINBO

PLDT Global and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration have partnered to provide free calls to overseas Filipino workers through the Helpline 1348 using the platform. The media launch of the Helpline was led by PLDT Group Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan, PLDT Global President & CEO Albert Villa-Real, and Admin. Arnell Ignacio, offering assistance to Filipinos in need while abroad.



This initiative marks a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to provide OFWs with the support and assistance they need, whenever and wherever they may need it. By leveraging technology, this partnership not only bridges the gap between OFWs and the agency but also ensures that Filipino workers abroad have a reliable lifeline back home. As we move forward, initiatives like this reinforce the commitment to ensuring the welfare and well-being of OFWs globally. Let’s embrace this new horizon, knowing that for our modern-day heroes, help is just a click away.

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