OWWA Project EASE: Educational Assistance by Scholarship in Emergencies

Project EASE, short for Educational Assistance by Scholarship in Emergencies, is an OWWA initiative designed to extend financial support to college-level dependents of repatriated OFWs. The program provides Php 10,000.00 per year for up to four years, assisting students whose education has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting from 01 February 2020, it targets dependents of active OWWA member-OFWs who were compelled to return to the country due to the health crisis, continuing until the situation is declared under control by the WHO or other authorities.

To be eligible for Project EASE, applicants must be either the child of a married or single parent OFW or the sibling of a single OFW. It is important to note that this program does not cover those already receiving scholarship grants under other OWWA programs, inactive members, or undocumented workers. The process to avail of this educational assistance involves an online application submission, providing necessary documents like valid passports, proof of relationship, and academic records. Successful applicants will then enter into a scholarship agreement with OWWA, leading to the provision of funds through bank remittance. This program symbolizes the government’s support for the educational pursuits of OFW families during these trying times.

Project EASE
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Understanding Project EASE

Project EASE is an OWWA project that aims to provide a Php 10,000.00 per annum educational assistance for a maximum of four years at the college level. This is for qualified dependents of active OWWA member-OFWs who were repatriated to the Philippines following the outbreak of COVID-19, starting from 01 February 2020 until the pandemic is declared under control by the World Health Organization (WHO) or other competent authorities.

Significance of the Program

Project EASE, launched by the OWWA during the pandemic, offers financial aid to college-level dependents of Filipino migrant workers facing hardship. This program addresses the negative impact of the pandemic on Filipino families, particularly their ability to afford higher education. By aligning with the national goal of promoting educational attainment, Project EASE helps individuals continue their studies, potentially leading to better career opportunities and contributing to national development. Although facing implementation challenges, it remains a significant initiative supporting educational aspirations and demonstrating the government’s commitment to Filipinos’ educational goals.

Legal Basis

The program is grounded in the Philippine government’s legal commitments to safeguard and support its citizens working abroad. These protections are extended to their families, especially in times of crises that lead to their repatriation. The legal framework of OWWA ensures that Filipino migrant workers and their families are provided with assistance programs to help them recover and maintain their dignity and quality of life.

Benefits of Project EASE

Project EASE’s benefits are straightforward: a yearly financial assistance of Php 10,000 for eligible college-level students. 

This benefit aims to alleviate the financial burden on OFW families due to the unexpected return of the OFW member and the subsequent loss of income and stability.

Eligibility and Qualifications

The beneficiaries of this project include:

  • The child of a married or single parent OFW; or
  • The sibling of a single OFW

Those not eligible include:

  • Beneficiaries with existing scholarships under other OWWA programs
  • Inactive OWWA members
  • Undocumented workers


To apply for Project EASE, the following documents are required:

  • An accomplished online application form at ease.owwa.gov.ph
  • Valid Passport of the OWWA-member OFW
  • Evidence of the OFW’s return to the country on or after 01 February 2020
  • Official Receipt or other proof of OWWA Membership
  • Proof of relationship to the OFW (Birth certificate or CENOMAR and birth certificate)
  • Certificate of Grade of the dependent

How to Apply

The application process is conducted online to accommodate the restrictions brought about by the pandemic and to streamline the process for convenience:

  1. File the Application: Active OWWA member-OFWs must file the applications for their designated child beneficiary online.
  2. Receive a Tracking Number: Upon submission, applicants will receive a tracking number for monitoring the application status.
  3. Notification of Incomplete Requirements: If the requirements submitted are incomplete or invalid, the applicant will be notified to complete them.
  4. Scholarship Agreement: Approved applicants will be issued a downloadable and printable Scholarship Agreement for signing and notarization.
  5. Return Signed Agreement: The signed and notarized agreement must be sent back to the concerned OWWA Regional Welfare Office via courier service.
  6. Announcement of Beneficiaries: Qualified beneficiaries will be announced, and payments will be made through bank remittances directly to the student-beneficiary’s bank account.

Success Stories / Recent Updates

OFW Dependent Turns OWWA Scholar

Nica Angelou Cayamba, the daughter of OFW Lucy Cayamba, has been granted a scholarship under the Tabang OFW and Project EASE programs. The educational assistance has greatly relieved Nica’s financial burden and allowed her to pursue her dream of becoming a professional social worker. With the scholarship and her job as a job order personnel, Nica is determined to support her family and create a bright future for herself.


Under the Duterte administration, the government provided educational assistance through scholarships in emergencies to the heroic OFWs, giving their children the opportunity to study and graduate. Since June 2021, 4,639 OFWs have received a total of P43.83 million from the Department of Labor and Employment’s Project EASE. Additionally, Bayanihan 2 has distributed a total of P1.94 billion to 193,021 beneficiaries since June 2021.

EASE Program Provides Educational Assistance for College Students of Returning OWWA Members Affected by Covid-19

The Educational Assistance Through Scholarship in Emergencies (EASE) program offers support to qualified college students who were brought back to the Philippines due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This initiative aims to provide financial aid and educational opportunities for the affected students, ensuring they can continue their studies despite the challenges posed by the global health crisis.


Video: What is OWWA Project EASE for OFWs and How to Apply?

Project EASE is a groundbreaking initiative designed to support the education of OFW dependents. Active OWWA members can now avail a grant of PHP 10,000 per year for a total of 4 years, providing invaluable assistance for their college education. 


Project EASE is more than just financial assistance; it’s a commitment from the Philippine government to support the education of the youth affected by the pandemic’s economic fallout. For families who have faced the brunt of the crisis with the repatriation of their OFW members, this program offers a semblance of stability and hope for the future. It underscores the importance of education and the government’s acknowledgment of the sacrifices made by OFWs. If you or someone you know is an eligible beneficiary, take the necessary steps to apply for Project EASE and invest in the educational future of the next generation.

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