OFW Children’s Circle (OCC) by OWWA

The OFW Children’s Circle (OCC) is a program aimed at supporting the children of Overseas Filipino Workers by addressing the emotional, educational, and social challenges they face due to their parents’ absence. Targeting dependents aged 10-21 of active OWWA members, the OCC provides a holistic support system through counseling, educational scholarships, skills training, and recreational activities to foster a sense of community and belonging. 

With millions of Filipino kids left behind by migrant parents, the government launched a P15 million program offering support and resources. This pilot program in five regions helps these children overcome challenges and reach their full potential, reflecting a commitment to their well-being and a brighter future for Filipino families and society as a whole.

ofw children's circle
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Purpose and Objectives

The initiative recognizes the unique challenges faced by the young dependents of migrant workers. Separation anxiety, identity struggles, and social isolation are just a few of the hurdles they must overcome. The program addresses these concerns head-on, offering a holistic approach that encompasses:

  • Psychosocial support: Through counseling and workshops, the OCC equips the kids with coping mechanisms to navigate the emotional complexities of having an overseas parent.
  • Educational assistance: Recognizing the importance of education, the initiative provides scholarships and financial aid to ensure they don’t fall behind academically.
  • Skills development: The program fosters self-reliance by offering workshops and training programs that help them develop valuable skills and talents.
  • Recreational activities: Beyond the practical, the program understands the need for fun and social engagement. Sports events, cultural activities, and other recreational opportunities provide a safe space for them to connect and build friendships.
  • Community building: Recognizing the importance of belonging, it facilitates the formation of support groups and networks, allowing them to connect with others who share their experiences and build a sense of community.

With over 10 million Filipinos working abroad, their 14 million youth face unique challenges due to parental absence. The OCC, backed by laws like the Magna Carta for OFWs, aims to address this through a holistic approach. 

By offering psychosocial support, educational aid, and community building, the initiative empowers these vulnerable youth. This pilot program, currently reaching five regions with an initial budget of P15 million, holds the potential to improve the lives of millions and contribute to a brighter future for Filipino society.

Eligibility criteria

  • Being a dependent child (aged 10-21) of an active OWWA member
  • Residing in the Philippines

Application Process

While the specific application process may vary depending on your region, here’s a general guide:

  1. Contact your local OWWA Regional Welfare Office: They will provide you with the latest information and application forms.
  2. Gather required documents: These typically include proof of your parent’s OWWA membership, your birth certificate, and school enrollment documents.
  3. Submit your application: Once complete, return the application and supporting documents to the OWWA office.

Success Stories / Recent Updates

OCC: Empowering OFW Children for a Bright Future

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration-Regional Welfare Office IX and Liloy National High School joined forces to organize an OFW Children’s Circle with the theme “Anak OFW ako: Matatag and Maaasahan” on September 5 and 29, 2023. With 274 students actively participating, the event featured inspiring speeches from school principal Ms. Naida S. Mercardo and Liloy NHS alumnus Mr. Rosalito J. Sultan, who shared his personal journey as a child of a migrant worker. Financial literacy sessions by DTI NC Liloy’s Business Counselor, Ms. Fredelyn P. Alivar, equipped the students with valuable knowledge on managing their finances. The event also highlighted OWWA’s scholarship programs and provided a platform for the participants to showcase their talents.

OCC Joins OFW Family Day Celebration in Barangay Zone 3, Talisay, Batangas

The OWWA Regional Welfare Office IV A expresses gratitude to the participants of the OFW Family Day in Barangay Zone 3, Talisay, Batangas, particularly the OCC, for showcasing their talents and promoting unity among their fellow OFWs.

OWWA Regional Welfare Office IV A Conducts Basketball and Swimming Clinic for OFW Children’s Circle

The OWWA Regional Welfare Office IV A recently organized a Basketball and Swimming Clinic exclusively for the children of Overseas Filipino Workers under the program. The clinic aimed to provide a fun and engaging platform for the children to develop their skills in basketball and swimming, while also fostering camaraderie and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Sing with Movements Workshop Empowers OFW Children in Davao City

In a bid to empower the children of overseas Filipino workers, the OFW Children’s Circle organized a Sing with Movements Workshop at the World Palace Hotel in Ecoland, Davao City. The workshop aimed to provide a creative outlet for the children and enhance their self-expression through music and movement.


Video: Ignacio explains OWWA’s ‘OFW Children’s Circle’

OWWA Administrator Arnell Ignacio introduces the program, designed to educate the children of migrant workers on responsible handling of their parent’s remittance. The initiative goes beyond financial management, incorporating arts, culture, and sports to provide comprehensive guidance and support for the children. Additionally, Ignacio plans to construct a new OWWA building to address the congestion issues at their current office in Pasay.



In conclusion, the initiative is a symbol of hope and support for the young dependents of Overseas Filipino Workers, addressing the myriad challenges they encounter due to the absence of their parents. By offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to their unique needs, the program not only aims to mitigate the emotional and educational gaps these kids face but also to enrich their lives through skills development and community engagement. 

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