SSS Funeral Benefits and Assistance

The SSS Funeral Benefit is a financial support mechanism from the Philippines’ Social Security System, designed to assist those who have incurred funeral expenses following the death of an SSS member or pensioner. Available since August 2015, the assistance ranges from PHP 20,000 to PHP 60,000, scaled based on the member’s contributions and years of service. It’s an integral part of the country’s social security offerings, which include not only this one-time funeral aid but also a continuing Death Benefit for eligible beneficiaries. 

The program targets legal spouses, dependent children, and parents as primary beneficiaries, and updated 2023 guidelines ensure that it provides essential support and eases the financial strain during the bereavement period. Filipino applicants must adhere to updated requirements and submission processes for a seamless claim experience.

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What is the SSS Funeral Benefit?

The SSS Funeral Benefit is a financial assistance provided to individuals who shoulder the burial expenses of a deceased member or pensioner. It was established to help ease the financial burden during these trying times. Since August 1, 2015, the grant amount ranges from a minimum of PHP 20,000 to a maximum of PHP 60,000. The actual amount given depends on the deceased member’s contributions and credited years of service (CYS).

Significance of the Benefit

The SSS Funeral Benefit in the Philippines is an essential aspect of the country’s social security system, providing financial assistance for burial expenses to the bereaved families of deceased members. This aid, ranging from PHP 20,000 to PHP 60,000, is determined by the member’s contributions and average monthly salary credit. It reflects the government’s commitment to social welfare, ensuring that even in death, members and their families are supported. This is part of a broader suite of services that includes a death benefit, offering a lump sum or a monthly pension to eligible beneficiaries. Updated guidelines for 2023 emphasize the importance of keeping contributions current and beneficiaries registered, highlighting the assistance’s role in providing peace of mind and financial relief during times of loss.

Legal Basis

The Social Security System offers funeral assistance as outlined in Circular No. 2021-0071 and SSS Death and Funeral Benefit guidelines.  While online application requires an SS number, UMID card, and disbursement account enrollment (DAEM), the benefit itself is based on the deceased member’s contributions (minimum 36 months). The legal spouse, dependent children, and parents are the primary beneficiaries, receiving a variable amount (P20,000 to P60,000) based on contributions and salary. It’s important to note that these guidelines are subject to change, so refer to the official SSS website for the latest information.

The Difference between Death and Funeral Benefit

It’s important to distinguish between the Death and Funeral Benefit offered by the agency. The Death Benefit is a pension or lump sum paid to the beneficiaries of a deceased member, depending on the member’s contributions and beneficiaries. In contrast, the Funeral Benefit is a one-time financial assistance given to whoever pays for the burial expenses, regardless of their relationship to the deceased, as long as they can provide the necessary proof of expense and documentation.


The Funeral Benefit offers financial assistance that varies according to the contributions of the deceased member. Here are the amounts highlighted:

  • Minimum of PHP 20,000.00
  • Maximum of PHP 60,000.00

The amount reflects the member’s contributions and average monthly salary credit.

Eligibility / Qualifications

To qualify for the Funeral Benefit, the deceased must have been:

  • An employed member reported for coverage by their employer.
  • A self-employed member, OFW, or non-working spouse with at least one contribution payment.
  • A voluntary member previously covered under different employment conditions and had at least one contribution payment.
  • An employee-member subjected to compulsory coverage but was not reported by their employer.


Applying for the Funeral Benefit requires the following documents:

  • Funeral Claim Application Form
  • Filer’s Affidavit/Sinumpaang Salaysay
  • SSS card or two valid ID cards/documents of the claimant, both with signatures and at least one with a photo
  • Certified true copy of the deceased member’s Death Certificate
  • Official receipt from the funeral parlor regarding expenses
  • New residence certificate of the filer or Cedula

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Avail of the SSS Funeral Benefit

  1. Gather all required documents: Ensure you have all the necessary paperwork, as outlined above.
  2. Complete the Funeral Claim Application Form: This form is available at any SSS branch or can be downloaded from the agency’s website.
  3. Submit your application: Bring the completed form and all other required documents to any SSS branch. Applications for the assistance can be filed at any branch office.
  4. Wait for processing: The SSS will process your application and notify you of the outcome. Processing times can vary, so it’s advisable to submit your application as soon as possible.

SSS Funeral Claim Application Form: How to Fill Out

sss funeral claim form page 1
Screengrab taken from the SSS website

When filing for the SS Funeral Claim, the proper completion of the Funeral Claim Application Form is important to ensure the timely processing of your benefit. Here is a detailed guide on how to fill out the form:


Part I: To be Filled out by Claimant

  • SS Number: Write the deceased SSS member’s social security number.
  • Common Reference Number (CRN): If available, write the CRN of the deceased.
  • Name: Enter the full name of the deceased member as registered with the agency.
  • Civil Status: Indicate the civil status of the deceased at the time of death.
  • Place of Death: Provide the place where the death occurred.
  • Place of Interment: Indicate where the deceased is buried.

Claimant’s Information

  • Name: Enter your full name as the claimant.
  • SS Number/CRN: If you are also an SSS member, provide your SS number or CRN.
  • Relationship to Member: Specify your relationship to the deceased member.
  • Address: Provide your current address in full detail.
  • Telephone Number/Mobile Number and Email Address: Give your contact information for any necessary follow-ups.

Certification Section

  • This section is an attestation that the information provided is true and correct.
  • You should sign and date the form in this section.
  • If you are unable to sign, fingerprints can be used; ensure this is done in the presence of an SSS personnel.

Part II: To be Filled out by SSS

This section is for the agency officer’s use and should be left blank.

Documentary Requirements

  • Verify that you have attached all necessary documents as listed on the second page of the form.

Warnings and Reminder

  • Be mindful of the warning at the bottom of the form regarding false statements and falsification of documents, which are punishable by law.

Accomplishing the Form

  • Write clearly in black ink and ensure that all entries are legible.
  • Do not leave any applicable fields blank. If a section does not apply, write “N/A” for not applicable.
  • Double-check the form for completeness and accuracy before submission.

Once the form is filled out correctly, you can submit it along with the other required documents at the nearest SSS branch for processing. It’s recommended to keep a copy of the filled-out form and documents for your records.

Recent Updates

SSS Funeral Benefit: Providing Support During Difficult Times

In 2023, the Social Security System disbursed a total of P4.8 billion in burial benefits to 211,000 members. Claimants of deceased members with 36 or more monthly contributions may receive a variable amount from P20,000 to P60,000, depending on the number and amount of contributions paid. For those who have yet to pay the 36 monthly contributions, a fixed P12,000 funeral aid is provided. The SSS funeral assistance aims to alleviate the financial burden of burial expenses and provide support to grieving families during difficult times. (Manila Bulletin)

Revised Guidelines on the Social Security Funeral Benefit Program and Filing Process Explained in #eSSSkwela Webinar Episode 11

In this episode of #eSSSkwela Webinar, the Revised Guidelines on the Social Security Funeral Benefit Program and the filing process through the My.SSS Portal were discussed. Watch the video to learn more about these important updates.

Recent Updates to SSS Funeral Benefit Program

Starting October 20, 2023, the Social Security System’s Funeral Benefit Program will undergo significant changes. Members who have contributed for at least 36 months are now eligible for burial assistance ranging from PHP 20,000 to PHP 60,000. Detailed guidelines and additional information can be accessed through scanning the provided QR code.

Navigating SSS Funeral Benefit Claims Online

The SSS now offers a seamless online application process for burial benefits, guiding claimants through each step, from account creation on the agency’s website to the final submission. Claimants can update their contact details, enroll a disbursement account, upload necessary documents, and submit their applications, all through the My.SSS portal. The step-by-step online guide ensures a convenient and efficient filing experience for member-claimants.

Understanding the Difference: SSS Death Benefit vs. Funeral Benefit

The SSS offers two separate benefits: Death and Funeral. The Death Benefit provides a pension or lump sum to designated beneficiaries based on the deceased member’s contributions. In contrast, the Funeral Benefit is a one-time payment for whoever covered burial expenses, regardless of their relation to the deceased, as long as proof of payment is provided. The Funeral Benefit amount varies (P20,000 – P60,000) based on contributions and salary, and eligibility extends to various member categories. To claim the Funeral assistance, applicants need to submit specific documents to any SSS branch.

Video: What you need to know about the SSS Funeral Benefit

The SSS Funeral Benefit is a service provided by the Social Security System in the Philippines to assist members and their families with burial expenses. To qualify for the aid, certain conditions must be met, as explained in the video. The video also provides information on the amount of the aid and elaborates on its specifics, including how to apply for it and what it covers. For more detailed information, viewers are encouraged to follow the agency on social media and contact them through the provided email and phone numbers. The video is part of the #MySSS #SerbisyongSulitnaSulit campaign, which aims to inform members about the valuable services offered by the agency.



The loss of a loved one is never easy, but knowing that there is financial support available can offer a small sense of relief during such a difficult time. The Funeral Benefit is a testament to the government’s commitment to providing for its citizens, even in death. By understanding what the assistance entails such as who qualifies and how to apply, you can ensure that you or someone you know can access this support when it’s most needed.

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