GSIS MPL Flex Multipurpose Loan Program

The MPL Flex program by GSIS consolidates various existing loans, excluding housing loans, into a single loan, providing additional funds for any purpose.

Beneficiaries include GSIS members who are not on unpaid leave, have a minimum of one month of contributions, and meet other eligibility criteria.

Members can choose repayment terms from 1 to 15 years, offering flexibility based on individual circumstances.

Applications can be made through the GSIS Touch Mobile App, GWAPS Kiosk, or over-the-counter at GSIS branches.

The program aims to simplify debt management and offer financial relief, ensuring a fair and transparent lending process for its members.

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Understanding MPL Flex: What You Need to Know

MPL Flex consolidates various existing loans of a member, except for housing loans, providing an additional fund that can be used for any purpose. 

For first-time availers, there is a one-time waiver on outstanding surcharges on due and demandable GSIS loan accounts. 

This consolidation includes a range of loans such as Salary Loan, Enhanced Salary Loan, Emergency Loan Assistance, and more, resulting in the full liquidation of outstanding balances.

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Who Can Apply for MPL Flex?

To qualify for MPL Flex, members need to meet certain criteria:

  • Not on leave of absence without pay during the application
  • Have at least one month of premium contributions for both Personal and Government Shares
  • No pending administrative or criminal cases affecting eligibility
  • No GFAL account in default
  • Agency status not “Suspended”
  • Net take-home pay meets required amounts after deductions

Payment Terms and Options

Borrowers have the flexibility to choose repayment terms ranging from 1 year up to 15 years, with the possibility to adjust the term based on their qualifications. The maximum loan term varies based on paid premium contributions, offering a tailored payment plan for each borrower’s situation.

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Applying for MPL Flex

There are multiple options available for applying for MPL Flex:

  1. GSIS Touch Mobile App: Streamlined and paperless application process
  2. GWAPS Kiosk: Visit the nearest kiosk and present your UMID ID
  3. Over-the-Counter: Head to GSIS Servicing Branches with required documents such as MPL Flex Application Form and valid ID

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for MPL-FLEX

Step 1: Prepare Your Documents

Before starting the application, gather and prepare the necessary documents. Ensure that these documents are in JPEG or PDF format. You will need:

  • Duly accomplished MPL-FLEX application form.
  • A clear picture of the borrower holding their GSIS UMID eCard or temporary eCard.
  • If the GSIS UMID eCard or temporary eCard is unavailable, prepare two valid IDs:
    • Take a clear photo of both valid IDs (front and back).
    • Take a clear photo of the borrower holding the two ID cards.

Step 2: Fill Out the Application Form

Download and fill out the MPL-FLEX application form from the GSIS website. Ensure all information is accurate and complete to avoid delays in processing.

Step 3: Compose Your Email

After completing the form and preparing your documents, compose an email with the following subject line format:


For example:


Step 4: Attach Your Documents

Attach the following documents to your email:

  • The completed MPL-FLEX application form.
  • The picture of you holding your GSIS UMID eCard or temporary eCard.
  • Photos of your two valid IDs (front and back), if applicable.
  • The photo of you holding the two ID cards, if applicable.

Step 5: Send Your Email

Send the email to the designated GSIS email address for MPL-FLEX applications. Avoid using Yahoo Mail to prevent technical issues. Ensure that the total size of your email attachments does not exceed 5MB. You can reduce file size by lowering the resolution of images, using file compression software, or sending multiple emails (e.g., 2MB and 3MB attachments).

Step 6: Wait for Acknowledgment

After sending your email, wait for the following responses from GSIS:

  • Email acknowledgment confirming receipt of your application.
  • Tentative Loan Computation and Loan Conformity for your review and approval.
  • Notification of incomplete and/or non-compliant documents, if applicable.

Step 7: Submit Loan Conformity

For active members, once you receive the Loan Conformity, sign and submit it. GSIS will then forward it to the respective Authorized Agency Officers (AAOs) for certification.

Step 8: Monitor Your Application Status

Keep an eye on your email for updates from GSIS. They may request additional information or corrections to your application. Respond promptly to avoid delays.

Step 9: Loan Approval and Disbursement

Upon approval, GSIS will disburse the loan amount to your designated bank account. Ensure your bank details are accurate to facilitate smooth disbursement.

GSIS’s Commitment to Clarity and Support

GSIS is dedicated to providing clear and comprehensive information to its members. 

The detailed payment schedule for Multi-Purpose and emergency loans aims to help borrowers understand their obligations better. 

By revising penalty interest computations for defaulted loans, GSIS ensures a fair and transparent lending process for teachers and members.

4 Tips To Maximize The Benefits Of MPL Flex Program

1. Timing is Key

Apply for MPL Flex when you have a clear plan for the additional funds.

Avoid applying when interest rates are high to ensure lower repayments.

2. Clear Purpose

Use the additional funds for high-impact purposes like paying off high-interest debts, starting a small business, or essential expenses.

Avoid using the funds for non-essential or luxury items.

3. Optimal Payment Structure

Choose a repayment term that balances your monthly cash flow with the total interest paid over time.

If you have a stable income, consider shorter terms to save on interest.

If cash flow is tight, opt for longer terms to reduce monthly payments.

4. Utilize GSIS Tools

Take advantage of the GSIS Touch Mobile App for a convenient and paperless application process.

Visit the nearest GWAPS Kiosk if you prefer in-person assistance.

Recent Updates

GSIS MPL Flex Application and Member Concerns

GSIS has streamlined the MPL Flex application process through various channels, but members have raised concerns about technical issues and approval requirements. Members eagerly anticipate the expansion of MPL Flex, especially for educators, and seek clarity on guidelines and timing for the program’s enhancements.

Easy Application for GSIS MPL Flex Loan

GSIS encourages members to apply for MPL Flex at the nearest GSIS branch or conveniently through the GSIS Touch App for hassle-free transactions.

Availability of MPL Flex for Active Members

Active members can now apply for MPL Flex through GSIS TOUCH, GWAPS Kiosk, or Over-The-Counter. The long-awaited opportunity to access MPL Flex is finally here, offering members a convenient way to avail of this beneficial loan program.

GSIS Launches MPL Flex Loan Program

GSIS has introduced the Multi-Purpose Loan Flex (MPL Flex) program with extended repayment terms and lower interest rates for teachers and GSIS members. The initiative aims to provide members with more favorable loan conditions, including a minimum interest rate of 6% and repayment periods of up to 15 years. Members can access detailed payment schedules and revised penalty interest calculations to facilitate clearer loan management and repayment. (GMA News Online)

Video: GSIS MPL Flex

MPL Flex consolidates various existing loans, providing members with additional funds. Members can avail up to 14 times their basic monthly salary, with waivers on surcharges for first-time takers. The consolidation includes a range of loans and results in the full liquidation of outstanding balances, offering financial relief and simplified debt management.



In conclusion, the MPL Flex program offers a viable solution for those looking to manage and enhance their financial standing. With lower interest rates, extended repayment terms, and a supportive approach to loan management, GSIS empowers its members to achieve greater financial stability. If you are eligible, consider exploring MPL Flex as a beneficial option for your loan consolidation and financial needs.

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