What is the SSS Payment Reference Number (PRN)?

The Social Security System’s Payment Reference Number (PRN) is designed to streamline and ensure the accuracy of transactions between the SSS and its members. This system assigns a unique identifier to every member, facilitating a smoother process for recording monthly contributions, loan payments, and other relevant transactions. Its legal foundation is rooted in the agency’s effort to enhance service delivery through technological advancements, specifically under the Real-Time Processing of Contributions (RTPC) system. 

The PRN benefits include quicker processing of payments, heightened accuracy in record-keeping, and ease of access for members to generate and retrieve their PRN through various channels. Targeted at all active SS members, including employed, voluntary, self-employed individuals, and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), this system requires members to have an active SS membership and a registered My.SSS account for online PRN generation. Participants can expect to generate a new number for each transaction, ensuring their payments are accurately and promptly posted to their SS account.

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What is the PRN?

The PRN offers efficiency and accuracy within the Philippine Social Security System. It’s a unique identifier assigned to every SS member, designed to streamline the process of recording contributions, loan payments, and other transactions with the agency. By ensuring each payment is correctly attributed to the right account, the system enhances the overall functionality and reliability of the SSS’s services.

Legal Basis

The adoption of the PRN by the SSS is anchored in the agency’s continuous effort to leverage technology for better service delivery. It’s part of the broader Real-Time Processing of Contributions (RTPC) system, which aims to ensure that payments are promptly and accurately posted to a member’s account.

Benefits of Using the PRN

  • Efficient Transactions: The PRN facilitates quicker processing of payments and contributions.
  • Accuracy in Record-Keeping: It significantly reduces the chances of errors in crediting payments to member accounts.
  • Ease of Access: Members can easily generate and retrieve their PRN through various channels, enhancing convenience.

Transactions Requiring a PRN

Monthly SSS Contributions: If you’re contributing to the agency as a voluntary member, self-employed individual, or an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), your monthly contributions need to be accompanied by the relevant PRN. This ensures your contributions are recorded accurately under your name.

Loan Payments: Whether you’re paying off a Salary Loan, facing the aftermath of a calamity with a Calamity Loan, dealing with unexpected emergencies via an Emergency Loan, or managing your finances through Restructured Loan payments, your PRN is essential. It acts as a gatekeeper, ensuring your payments are allocated correctly to your loan balances.

The Importance of Using PRN

Using your PRN for these transactions is not just a procedural step; it’s a safeguard for your financial interactions with the SSS. Here’s why:

  1. Accuracy in Payment Posting: This number guarantees that your payments are promptly and accurately credited to your account. It eliminates the guesswork and potential errors that could arise from manual processing.
  2. Unique Reference for Every Payment: Remember, each number is a one-time-use code. This unique attribute of the PRN means you need to generate a new one for each payment. It’s a feature designed to protect you, ensuring that each payment is processed as a distinct transaction, further reducing the risk of errors.

Eligibility / Qualifications

All active SS members—whether employed, voluntary, self-employed, or OFWs—are required to use the PRN for transactions with the agency. It’s a universal system applicable to all members contributing to or taking loans from the SSS.


  • Active SS membership
  • Registered My.SSS account (for online generation of PRN)
  • Updated personal information in the SS database

How to Benefit from the SSS PRN

  1. Register for a My.SSS Account: If you haven’t done so, sign up for an online account on the SSS website or mobile app.
  2. Generate Your PRN: Use the My.SSS portal or the SS mobile app to generate a new number for each payment. Alternative methods include sending a text message, emailing, calling the SSS hotline, or visiting a payment center.
  3. Make Your Payment: Present your number when making payments at any SSS branch, Bayad Center, or through online payment partners like GCash, Maya, and banks.
  4. Verify Your Payment: Ensure your payment is reflected in your SS records. You can check your contribution history through the My.SSS account.

Generating and Paying with PRN

Generating your PRN is straightforward and can be done through various channels for your convenience:

  • Online via My.SSS or SSS Mobile App
  • Via Text Message
  • Through Email
  • via Hotline
  • Through Payment Collecting Partners

Payment of SS contributions and loans using the number can be made through numerous channels including local payment options, accredited banks, and digital wallets like GCash and Maya, offering flexibility and ease to members.

Recent Updates

Introducing the Convenient RTPL-PRN Tab: Access Your Payment Reference Numbers (PRN) Easily!

Employers and members who have existing loans can now access their Payment Reference Numbers through the RTPL-PRN tab in their My.SSS account. These number are available every 7th day of the month, ensuring a convenient and streamlined loan payment experience. Stay updated and never miss a payment with this new feature!

SSS e-Wheels Extends Services to Remote Areas in Zambales

The Social Security System Olongapo Branch took their services to remote areas in Zambales through the SSS e-Wheels program. Led by Head Marites A. Dalope, the branch personnel traveled by boat to Sitio Parola, providing an orientation on SS benefits and actively assisting over 120 participants. The program offers services such as SS Number issuance, PRN issuance, My.SSS registration, online payment assistance, and other SSS-related inquiries.


Video: SSS PRN Generate Online – How to Create PRN SSS Website https://www.sss.gov.ph/

In this video, the vlogger demonstrates the step-by-step process of generating a PRN for the Social Security System online. The video provides clear instructions on how to navigate the SSS website and create a PRN, ensuring that viewers can easily follow along and complete the process successfully.


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