SSS Conso-Loan Program for Members with Overdue Loans

The SSS Conso Loan Program emerges as an essential support for Filipinos grappling with unpaid short-term member loans. Launched on October 4, 2022, this program allows eligible SSS members to restructure their debts by consolidating their principal and interest into a singular loan, with the added benefit of penalty forgiveness upon complete repayment. Designed for those affected by economic downturns, like the recent pandemic, the program targets members with Salary, Calamity, Emergency, and Restructured Loans, simplifying the repayment process and providing a path to financial recovery.

Members who have fallen behind on their debt payments can look forward to a structured and forgiving approach to clear their dues. To qualify for this benefit, one must possess a past-due short-term loan, an active My.SSS account, and should not have availed of any final benefits like retirement. The program is not just about debt consolidation but also offers significant advantages such as the condonation of penalties and flexible payment options, which can extend up to 60 months, depending on the consolidated credit amount. With its straightforward online application process and clear terms, the SSS Conso Loan Program is set to help members regain good standing with the agency and ensure they can enjoy their benefits in full, unburdened by past financial challenges.

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What is the SSS Conso Loan Program?

The SSS Conso Loan Program is a financial relief program by the Social Security System aimed at helping members with unpaid loans by allowing them to pay under a restructured term. It combines your loan principal and interest into one consolidated loan, while unpaid penalties are waived once the consolidated credit is fully paid.

Significance of the Program

The Conso-Loan is an significant program launched by the Social Security System in the Philippines. Introduced on October 4, 2022, this program aims to assist members who have unpaid short-term member credits in settling their past-due balances. Under this scheme, the agency combines the principal and interest of a member’s overdue short-term loans into a single consolidated amount. Additionally, all outstanding penalties are condoned or waived upon full payment of the consolidated credit. The program targets members with Salary Loans, including the Salary Loan Early Renewal Program (SLERP), Calamity Loans, Emergency Loans, and Restructured Loans. To qualify, members must have a past-due short-term loan, an active My.SSS account, and not have received any final benefits such as permanent total disability or retirement. The agency recognizes the pandemic’s impact on livelihoods and designed this program to help members settle their obligations by offering flexible payment terms and penalty condonation.

Legal Basis

The program is grounded in the authority vested in the SSS to provide such debt relief schemes to its members, particularly those affected by unforeseen circumstances like the pandemic. This initiative is in line with ensuring members can settle their debts without excessive financial strain.


The SSS Conso Loan offers substantial benefits, including:

  • Consolidation of Loans: Combining various short-term loans into a single amount.
  • Penalty Condonation: Waiving unpaid penalties upon full payment.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Members can choose between a one-time payment or an installment plan, with the latter allowing up to 60 months for repayment based on the consolidated loan amount.

Eligibility / Qualifications

To be eligible for the program, members must:

  • Have past-due SSS short-term member loans.
  • Not have been granted any final benefits (e.g., retirement).
  • Not have been disqualified due to fraud against the agency.
  • Possess an active My.SSS account.


Applicants need to ensure they have an active My.SSS account and that their credit status is eligible for the restructuring program. The specific eligibility criteria are designed to target members most in need of this financial relief.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from the SSS Conso Loan

  1. Verify Eligibility: Check if your loan qualifies for the program.
  2. Secure an Active My.SSS Account: Register or log in to your My.SSS online account.
  3. Apply Online: Navigate to the loan restructuring section and apply.
  4. Select Payment Option: Choose between a one-time payment or an installment plan.
  5. Submit Application: Agree to the terms and conditions, then submit.
  6. Make Payments: Follow through with your chosen payment option.
  7. Complete the Process: Ensure full payment is made within the stipulated period to benefit from penalty condonation.

Recent Updates

SSS Introduces Consolidated Loan Program to Help Members Settle Overdue Loans

The Social Security System has launched the Consolidated Loan Program, offering an affordable payment scheme for members with past-due short-term debts. Through this program, penalties incurred on unsettled loans will be waived, providing easier payment options. Members can avail of the program through the SSS online portal, with the choice of installment or one-time payment via GCash, Maya, or bank transfer. (PIA)

SSS Offers Loan Penalty Condonation Program to Members with Unpaid Loans

The Social Security System is encouraging members with unpaid short-term loans to take advantage of the agency’s penalty condonation program. Through the Consolidation of Past Due Short-Term Member Loans with Condonation of Penalty (Conso Loan), members can regain their good credit standing with the pension fund. The program allows the consolidation of past-due debts and waives the penalties upon full payment of the consolidated loan. (GMA News Online)

SSS CONSO LOAN PROGRAM: Clear Your Past-Due Loans Without Penalties

In this exclusive opportunity, individuals can now apply for the SSS CONSO LOAN PROGRAM and settle their past-due loans without incurring any penalties. Don’t miss out on this chance to alleviate your financial burden and regain control of your finances. Follow the simple steps outlined below to take advantage of this beneficial program.


Introducing the SSS Conso Loan Program: A Lifeline for Mounting Debts

With the Conso Loan program, individuals burdened by piling debts and soaring penalties can find relief. Discover how this program offers a solution to financial struggles and provides a fresh start.

Understanding Past Due Loans in the SSS Conso Loan Program

Past due debts are those that have missed payments equivalent to three months of installments. The Conso Loan Program includes these overdue credits, allowing members to restructure their debts under more manageable terms. This consolidation aims to aid members in settling their financial obligations efficiently.

SSS Conso Loan Program: A Chance to Settle Long-standing Debts

Take advantage of the Conso Loan Program and apply through your My.SSS account to finally settle long-standing debts. This program offers an opportunity to repay outstanding debts and improve financial stability.

SSS Conso Loan: Settle Your Loans and Get Penalties Condoned!

The Social Security System is offering a golden opportunity to borrowers to settle their debts and have their penalties condoned. Starting from October 4, 2022, eligible individuals can apply for the Conso Loan through their My.SSS account. Take advantage of this chance to clear your debts and regain financial stability. Register and login to your My.SSS account now at


Video: #SSSApproved | Pagkakataon nang mabayaran ang SSS loan nang walang penalty! Watch this!

Here’s an SSS webinar on the STLPCP, part of the Pandemic Relief and Restructuring Program 5. Led by Moderator Patricza Andrhea T. Braganza from the Member Education Department, this webinar will provide valuable insights and guidance on how to avail the penalty condonation program for short-term member credits. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the relief measures offered by the agency during these challenging times.



The Loan Condonation Program is more than just a financial relief scheme; it’s a lifeline for members struggling with unpaid loans. By offering penalty condonation and flexible repayment terms, it aims to help members regain financial stability and ensure they can fully enjoy their member benefits in the future. If you’re eligible, take this chance to clear your credit obligations and move towards a more secure financial future.

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