SSS Housing Loan for Repairs and/or Improvements: How to Apply

The SSS Housing Loan for Repairs and/or Improvements is a hallmark program by the Social Security System, designed to aid its members in financing significant repairs or upgrades for their homes. Aimed at members who have contributed for at least 36 months and are under 60 years of age, this credit program facilitates the improvement of living conditions by making homes safer, more durable, and aesthetically pleasing. 

With a maximum loanable amount of up to P2,000,000.00 and flexible repayment terms, it offers a practical solution for those looking to enhance their residences. Applicants can expect a straightforward application process, competitive interest rates, and a range of benefits designed to accommodate various home improvement needs.

housing loan for repairs

What is the SSS Housing Loan for Repairs and/or Improvements?

This is a lending program provided by the SSS, available directly from the institution or through its accredited participating financial institutions (PFIs). It aims to finance significant repairs or enhancements to make housing units safer, more durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re looking to fix a dilapidated structure, expand your living space, or install essential utilities, this covers a range of improvement projects.

Legal Basis

The SSS Housing Loan for Repairs and/or Improvements is grounded in the Philippine laws governing the Social Security System. These laws ensure that every member has access to financial products that improve their quality of life, including housing-related credits.

Benefits of the Loan

  • Maximum Loanable Amount: Up to P2,000,000.00, offering financial flexibility for various home improvement projects.
  • Interest Rates: Competitive interest rates ranging from 8% to 11% per annum, depending on the loan amount, making it an affordable option.
  • Repayment Terms: Flexible repayment options of up to 15 years, tailored to the borrower’s capacity to pay.

Eligibility / Qualifications

To qualify for this program, applicants must:

  • Be an active SSS member with at least 36 months of contributions and 24 continuous contributions before application.
  • Be not more than 60 years old at the time of application.
  • Have no previous repair and/or improvement loans granted by the SSS or NHMFC.
  • Have no final SSS benefits granted.
  • Be current in the payment of other SSS loan(s), if any.


When applying, borrowers must submit:

  • A filled-out Mortgagor’s Application form with ID pictures.
  • A Certificate of Loan Eligibility and a P100 service fee.
  • Relevant certifications for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) from POEA/DOLE/OWWA/SSS Foreign Representative Office or Philippine Embassy/Consular Office.
  • Ownership documents such as the TCT/OCT/CCT.
  • A set of postdated checks covering the monthly installments.
  • An affidavit to continue paying monthly SSS premiums throughout the loan duration.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply

  1. Gather Documents: Prepare all the necessary documents, including your application form and proof of eligibility.
  2. Application Submission: File your application at the nearest SSS branch or the Housing and Business Loans Department in Quezon City.
  3. Loan Processing: Await the review of your application and submission of additional documents if required.
  4. Loan Approval and Release: Once approved, comply with any remaining requirements, and your loan will be released accordingly.
  5. Repayment: Start repaying the loan through the issued postdated checks or through accredited overseas payment centers for OFWs.

Payment Options for OFWs

For Filipinos working abroad, credit repayments can be made through various overseas payment centers, including:

  • PNB electronic overseas bills payment.
  • i-Remit, Ventaja, and other online branches.
  • Online payments via Bancnet (

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The Housing Loan for Repairs and/or Improvements is a lending program offered by the Social Security System (SSS). Eligible SSS members, who meet certain criteria such as having at least 36 months of contributions and being below 60 years old, can avail of this credit to finance major repairs, improvements, and other housing-related purposes.


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