OWWA Disability and Dismemberment Benefits

OFWs are known for their hard work and dedication to providing for their families back home. In recognition of their contributions, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) offers various benefits, including financial assistance for those who experience permanent disability or dismemberment while working abroad

OWWA has developed a focused initiative called the Disability and Dismemberment Benefits Program, which is crafted to specifically address the needs of OFWs who encounter unfortunate accidents resulting in disability or dismemberment during their tenure abroad. This program is a testament to the agency’s holistic approach to supporting its constituents, encompassing not merely financial aid but a full spectrum of assistance. It constitutes part of a broad parcel of services that aim to safeguard OFWs’ rights and ensure their welfare and well-being.

Targeting active OFW members who have fallen prey to accidents, the program extends a monetary safety net that scales up to Php 100,000.00, promising a semblance of security in the aftermath of such life-altering events. As beneficiaries, these workers can anticipate not only monetary support tailored to the gravity of their injuries but also a streamlined process for claiming this benefit. By laying out a clear, step-by-step guide complemented by recent updates, the document attempts to demystify what OFWs and their families might expect when seeking to avail themselves of the compensatory offerings provided by this compassionate and comprehensive welfare program.

Disability Benefit
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Significance of this Initiative

The OWWA Disability and Dismemberment Benefits play a crucial role in supporting Overseas Filipino Workers who suffer permanent disability or dismemberment due to accidents while working abroad. Here’s why these perks are significant:

  1. Protecting Vulnerable Workers:
  • High accident risk: According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, in 2022, there were 1,458 reported work-related accidents involving Filipinos deployed overseas. These accidents can lead to permanent disabilities, impacting earning potential and quality of life.
  • Financial hardship: As of 2023, the average monthly salary of deployed migrant Filipino workers is around ₱25,344. A disability can significantly impact their income and leave them struggling to support themselves and their families.
  1. Social and Economic Impact:
  • Number of beneficiaries: OWWA’s annual report for 2022 states they provided disability support to 2,951 individuals. This highlights the prevalence of work-related disabilities among migrant workers and the need for such support.
  • Reduced poverty: The financial assistance provided by these perks helps alleviate poverty for disabled OFWs and their families. A 2020 World Bank study found that 1 in 10 Filipinos live below the national poverty line, and OFW remittances are a crucial source of income for many families.
  1. Reintegration and Rehabilitation:
  • Empowering individuals: The financial security offered by this program allows disabled OFWs to access medical care, rehabilitation services, and skills training, facilitating their reintegration into society and the workforce.
  • Reduced strain on social services: By supporting affected migrant workers, the program reduces the burden on government social services and healthcare systems.

These highlight the critical role of OWWA Disability and Dismemberment Benefits in:

  • Protecting the well-being of vulnerable population group and their families.
  • Alleviating poverty and promoting social inclusion.
  • Facilitating reintegration and rehabilitation for disabled workers.

Legal Basis

These benefits are grounded in the agency’s mandate to provide assistance to migrant workers in times of need. They are part of OWWA’s comprehensive package aimed at offering support to workers who have suffered injuries resulting in disability or dismemberment during their employment abroad.


OFWs who qualify for this program can receive financial assistance of up to Php 100,000.00

  • This sum is designed to help cover medical expenses and other needs arising from the disablement. 
  • The specific amount granted depends on the severity of the injury, with total permanent disablement fetching the maximum benefit.

Eligibility / Qualifications

To qualify for the OWWA Disability and Dismemberment Benefits, applicants must be:

  • Active members at the time of the accident.
  • The disablement or dismemberment must be due to an accident, not illness or pre-existing conditions.


Applicants must prepare and submit the following documents:

  • OFW Membership Record (MR) from OWWA RWO.
  • Copy of Passport or Seaman’s Identification Record Book (SIRB) for seafarers

from MARINA.

  • Foreign Medical Certificate with English Translation from OWWA- POLO or a competent medical practitioner from a legitimate medical institution/facility in the Philippines.
  • Medical Certificate indicating the procedure of the medical examination or the procedure of the doctor in the Philippines.
  • Accident Report and/or Master’s Report (for seafarer) from the employer.
  • One (1) copy of a 1×1 picture from the OFW member.
  • If the claimant is not the OFW, an Authorization Letter with ID of the OFW is required.
  • At least one (1) valid ID of the authorized claimant.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Claim Disability Benefits from OWWA

  1. Visit the OWWA Regional Welfare Office nearest to the permanent address of the OFW.
  2. Get a priority number (ticket) and wait to be accommodated.
  3. Present OFW ID or information to the Membership Verification Desk. Based on the status of membership, obtain the application form and checklist of requirements.
  4. Submit the accomplished claim form and required documents for validation/evaluation.
  5. For approved applications, proceed to present the claim stub and claim financial assistance through check or cash payout.

Recent Updates

OWWA Launches “Parokya ng OWWA” Program in Tarlac Barangays

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration has launched the “Parokya ng OWWA” program in Barangays Corazon de Jesus and Talimundoc San Miguel in Concepcion, Tarlac. This program aims to empower overseas Filipino workers and their families by providing practical assistance and engaging in conversations right at their doorsteps. Through various programs and services, the agency aims to protect the rights and welfare of OFWs, offer skills training and livelihood programs, provide education and scholarship opportunities, and aid in their reintegration into Philippine society upon their return.

OWWA RWO2 Provides Program Assistance to OFW Beneficiaries in Cagayan Province

OWWA RWO2, led by Ms. Alma Chavente and Ms. Girly Banatao, recently awarded program assistance to OFW beneficiaries from Cagayan Province. The recipients received financial support through various programs, including WAP Bereavement, WAP Disability, WAP Medical, Kuwait Family Assistance, and Emergency Repatriation Fund, totaling Php 161,000.

OWWA’s Welfare Assistance Program Provides Support to OFWs from Cagayan Province

OWWA Regional Welfare Office 2 (RWO2) has recently granted Php 105,000.00 in Welfare Assistance Program (WAP) support to six Overseas Filipino Workers from Cagayan Province. The WAP aims to provide comprehensive assistance beyond medical aid, including support for calamities, bereavement, disabilities, and relief for members and their families. The allocation of funds is determined by the agency’s medical evaluator based on the nature of illnesses or disabilities acquired during overseas employment.


Video: Hanggang P100K disability benefit maaaring makuha ng OFW – OWWA

Injured or accident-stricken Overseas Filipino Workers may be eligible to receive disablement or dismemberment benefits ranging from P2.5K to P100K. These benefits aim to provide financial support to migrant workers who have suffered injuries or disabilities while working abroad.



The OWWA Disability and Dismemberment Benefits serve as a crucial safety net for OFWs who have suffered from accidents while working abroad. Through this program, the agency demonstrates its commitment to the welfare and well-being of Filipino workers worldwide, ensuring they receive the support and assistance they need during challenging times. By following the outlined steps and preparing the necessary documents, eligible members can access these perks to help alleviate the financial burden caused by disablement or dismemberment.

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