OWWA Death and Burial Benefits Program

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) offers overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families in times of bereavement through the OWWA Death and Burial Benefits program. Aimed at providing financial aid and assistance during the most critical times, this program is designed as a gesture of the nation’s gratitude towards OFWs for their formidable contributions to the economy.

Targeted to serve the immediate family and dependents of deceased OFWs, the program requires beneficiaries to meet specific eligibility criteria, including being an active member of OWWA at the moment of demise and having qualified dependents as defined by the agency.

Beneficiaries can expect compassionate assistance, structured financial support, and supplemental services that honor the memory of those who have diligently served overseas.

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What is the Death and Burial Benefits Program?

The Death and Burial Benefits program is designed to provide financial assistance to the families of deceased OFWs who were active OWWA members at their time of passing. This initiative supports the bereaved loved ones by easing the financial burden associated with funeral and burial expenses.

Significance of this Program

The OWWA Death and Burial Benefits program plays a crucial role in supporting Filipino families grieving the loss of an OFW. Beyond the immediate financial assistance it offers, the program carries significant social, economic, and emotional weight for those who rely heavily on OFW remittances.

Financial Security:

  • Numbers tell the story: In 2021, OFW remittances reached a record-breaking $36.5 billion, accounting for 9.2% of the Philippines’ GDP. This highlights the immense contribution OFWs make to their families’ financial well-being. Unexpected death can leave them facing economic hardship, and these benefits provide a critical safety net.
  • Alleviating burden: The death benefit, ranging from Php 100,000 to Php 200,000, can help cover funeral and burial expenses, easing the financial burden during a stressful time. This allows their loved ones to focus on grieving and honoring their loved one without worrying about immediate financial pressures.

Social and Emotional Impact:

  • Recognizing sacrifice: The program acknowledges the sacrifices made by OFWs and their families. Receiving financial support from the government validates their contribution and sends a message of care and support during a difficult time.
  • Dignified burials: The burial gratuity of Php 20,000 allows their loved ones to afford a dignified burial for their loved one, which holds immense cultural and emotional significance in Filipino society.
  • Reducing stress: Financial worries can exacerbate the emotional pain of losing a loved one. The agency benefits can alleviate some of this stress, allowing the bereaved members to grieve more freely and focus on healing.

Legal Basis

The program is rooted in the Philippine government’s commitment to safeguard the welfare of its overseas workers and their loved ones, governed by the laws and regulations that establish and empower the agency. It reflects the state’s recognition of the sacrifices made by OFWs and their significant contributions to the national economy.

Benefits Offered

The program offers two main types of financial assistance:

  • Death Benefit: A sum of Php 100,000 for deaths due to natural causes and Php 200,000 for accidental deaths is provided to the beneficiaries of the deceased OFW.
  • Burial Gratuity: Beyond the prior benefit, an additional Php 20,000 is granted to assist with the funeral and burial expenses.

Eligibility / Qualifications

To qualify for the benefits, the following criteria must be met:

  • The deceased OFW must have been an active member of OWWA at the time of their demise.
  • The beneficiaries must be qualified dependents of the deceased OFW, including the spouse, children (below 21 years old, incapacitated, or of any age if still studying), dependent parents, or other relatives as defined by the agency.


Beneficiaries must prepare the following documents to claim the benefits:

  • OFW Membership Record (MR) from OWWA Regional Welfare Office (RWO)
  • Copy of the OFW’s Passport or Seaman’s Identification Record Book (SIRB)
  • Valid IDs and ID picture of the claimant
  • Death Certificate of the OFW
  • Burial Permit and Official Receipt of funeral expenses
  • Affidavit of Undertaking by the claimant
  • Proof of relationship to the OFW (e.g., marriage certificate, birth certificate)

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from the Program

  • Visit the OWWA Regional Welfare Office that corresponds to the OFW’s permanent address.
  • Obtain a queue number or line up for the Membership Verification Desk.
  • Present OFW ID or information to get an application form and a checklist of requirements.
  • Submit the accomplished claim form along with the required documents for validation and evaluation.
  • For approved applications, proceed to present the claim stub and receive the financial assistance through check or cash payout.

Recent Updates

OWWA RWO 3 Celebrates Valentine’s Day with ICF Beneficiaries

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Regional Welfare Office 3 (OWWA RWO 3) celebrated Valentine’s Day by honoring Insurance Claim Fund (ICF) beneficiaries. The event, held on February 14, 2024, included the distribution of checks for regular death and burial assistance, accompanied by flowers, snacks, and coffee from the OWWA Migrant’s Brew. This heartwarming activity, part of the agency’s Gender and Development initiative, aimed to uplift the spirits of the families of deceased OFWs and make them feel loved and special despite their loss.

OWWA Extends Support to Late OFW’s Family in Isabela Province

The Welfare Assistance Unit (WAU) of OWWA RWO2 provided support to the family of a late OFW from Quirino, Isabela Province. The OFW, who had worked as a household service worker in Hong Kong for over a decade, was honored for her valuable contributions. The family is now eligible for Social Benefit: Death and Burial Assistance amounting to Php 120,000.00, as well as livelihood assistance and scholarship benefits under the Education and Livelihood Assistance Program (ELAP). OWWA RWO2 ensured a smooth process to alleviate the financial burden on the grieving family during this difficult time.


Video: OFW death benefits for OWWA members

Since May, a total of 412,000 OFWs have returned home. In the latest episode of Bantay OCW with Susan K, viewers will discover the exciting opportunities that await these returning OFWs. Additionally, the show will delve into the topic of OFW death benefits available for members based on this interview with OWWA Administrator Hans Cacdac, providing valuable information and guidance for their families.



The loss of a loved one is a profound and challenging experience, especially for families of OFWs who often face such hardships away from home. The OWWA Death and Burial Benefits program plays a pivotal role in providing financial relief and support during these times of grief. By understanding the legal framework, benefits, eligibility criteria, required documents, and the step-by-step process outlined above, beneficiaries can navigate the system more effectively and avail the assistance they are entitled to. It’s a manifestation of the nation’s gratitude and support for its modern-day heroes and their loved ones.

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