Migrant Workers Offices (MWO) Abroad for Filipino OFWs

The Migrant Workers Office (MWO) is a physical branch location of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), aimed at fortifying the support system for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Transitioning from the erstwhile Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs), MWO consolidates services previously scattered across POLOs, OSWAs, and Assistance-to-Nationals units of Philippine Embassies and Consulates. It is dedicated to upholding the welfare of OFWs, focusing on employer-employee relations, providing legal assistance, devising protective policies, and engaging in international labor discussions. This transformation reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing service delivery for the millions of Filipinos working abroad, who support the nation’s economy through their remittances, despite facing challenges like unfair treatment and contract violations.

Targeting Filipino citizens employed or seeking employment overseas, the agency offers a wide array of services, including employment-related counseling, legal advice, educational seminars on legal rights, and the processing of Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC) and OWWA membership, among others. These service ensure that OFWs are well-informed, protected, and supported throughout their overseas employment. To access these benefits, OFWs need to present valid identification and employment documents, and follow a straightforward process to engage with the MWO services in their respective countries of employment. By establishing a direct line of contact for assistance, the the agency significantly contributes to the betterment of working conditions and the overall welfare of OFWs, ensuring they have a reliable ally in their pursuit of opportunities abroad.

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What is the Migrant Workers Office?

The Migrant Workers Office is a branch of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), designed to enhance service delivery for OFWs. Transitioning from POLOs, these offices amalgamate services previously dispersed among POLOs, OSWAs, and Assistance-to-Nationals sections of Philippine Embassies and Consulates. Their core mission is to protect OFW welfare, especially in employer-employee relations, provide legal assistance, formulate protective policies, and engage in international labor negotiations.

Significance of the Agency

Millions of Filipinos, the backbone of the nation’s economy, toil abroad as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). With over 10 million strong, they send billions back home in remittances, yet often face challenges like unfair treatment and contract violations. The Migrant Workers Office, with its global network of offices, acts as their lifeline. From resolving grievances to offering empowerment programs and community support, the agency safeguards their rights and well-being. Backed by legislation like the Migrant Workers Act, protects individuals and also in fuels national development through empowered and thriving OFWs.

Legal Basis

The creation of this agency is underpinned by Philippine laws and regulations aimed at improving the welfare and protection of OFWs. These laws mandate the government to ensure the safety, rights, and well-being of its overseas workers, promoting fair employment practices and safeguarding against abuse and exploitation.


MWOs offer a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Employment-related counseling
  • Legal advice and intervention in abuse cases
  • Educational seminars on legal rights
  • Verification of employment contracts
  • Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC)
  • Processing of OWWA membership

These services are critical in ensuring that OFWs are well-informed, protected, and supported throughout their overseas employment journey.

Eligibility / Qualifications

To benefit from MWO services, individuals must be:

  • Filipino citizens working or planning to work overseas
  • In need of assistance related to employment abroad
  • Seeking information or intervention for employment-related issues


Accessing services from an MWO typically requires:

  • Valid Philippine passport
  • Employment contract or offer
  • Any documentation related to the assistance needed (e.g., legal documents for disputes)

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from MWO

  • Identify the Nearest MWO: Locate the nearest office in your country of employment.
  • Gather Necessary Documents: Prepare all required documents, such as your passport and employment contract.
  • Visit or Contact the MWO: Reach out to your local office for assistance either in person or through their official contact channels.
  • Avail of the Services Offered: From counseling to legal assistance, utilize the services that meet your needs.
  • Follow Up: Stay in touch with the MWO for updates or further assistance as your case progresses.

Recent Updates

DMW Shuts Down Illegal Recruitment Firm in Makati City for Illegally Recruiting Filipino Workers for Jobs in Poland

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has taken action against BELMÜN, a consultancy firm operating in Makati City, for illegally recruiting Filipino workers for factory jobs in Poland. The DMW, in coordination with the Makati police, padlocked BELMÜN’s office and revealed their illegal recruitment activities. The officers and personnel of BELMÜN face serious charges and will be blacklisted from participating in the government’s overseas recruitment program.

DMW Shuts Down Illegal Recruitment Firm in Manila for Exploiting Jobseekers in Germany

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has taken action against Gisgerman Document Facilitation Services (GIS Manila), a consultancy firm in Manila, for engaging in illegal recruitment practices. The firm, which promised jobs in Germany to Filipino workers, operated without the necessary license from the DMW. DMW Officer-in-Charge Hans Leo Cacdac warned jobseekers to be cautious and check the DMW website for a list of licensed agencies to avoid falling victim to illegal recruitment.

Filipino Workers Safely Return Home from Israel with Assistance from MWO-Tel-Aviv

Labor Attaché Rodolfo Gabasan, Vice-Consul Patricia Narajos, and Welfare Officer Dina Ponciano from the Migrant Workers Office in Tel-Aviv (MWO-Tel-Aviv) accompanied a group of 17 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) at Ben Gurion International Airport. The OFWs were boarding their return flight to the Philippines, ensuring their safe journey back home from Israel.

Philippine Embassy and DMW Delegation Discuss Strengthening of ATN Operations

Chargé d’Affaires Rommel Romato of the Philippine Embassy met with Undersecretary Hans Leo Cacdac and OWWA Administrator Arnell Ignacio on July 10, 2023. The meeting focused on enhancing the Assistance-to-Nationals (ATN) operations, now under the Migrant Workers Office.



Migrant Workers Office in Dubai unveils new word sculpture honoring overseas Filipinos in the Middle East. The sculpture was handed over by the UAE Alumni Concilium of Scintilla Juris Fraternity, Astrum Scientis Sorority, and Stella Juris Sorority to MWO Dubai, led by Labor Attaché John Rio Bautista, following the transition from the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) to MWO.



The MWO represents the Philippine government’s dedicated effort to protect and serve its migrant workers globally. By providing a singular point of contact for OFWs, this agency ensures efficient and effective services that cater to the diverse needs of Filipino workers abroad. This initiative not only aids in resolving immediate concerns but also contributes to the broader goal of securing decent work conditions and safeguarding the rights of OFWs worldwide.

For Filipinos abroad, knowing the location and services of your nearest MWO is a must. Whether it’s for legal assistance, employment verification, or simply seeking advice, the MWO is your go-to resource for support and protection while you navigate the challenges and opportunities of working overseas.

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