What is the GSIS Ginhawa for All (GFAL) Campaign?

If you’re a Filipino public servant, the GSIS Ginhawa for All (GFAL) Campaign is designed with your ease and convenience in mind. Rolled out by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), this campaign offers a refreshing rebrand of benefits specifically tailored to enhance the lives of its members, pensioners, and their families. At the heart of GFAL are three bundles: GFAL Active, for active members; GFAL Grand, for pensioners; and GFAL Plus, for former members and their families.

Whether it’s through improved loan options, like the Multipurpose Loan that waives charges on defaulted loans, or through the accessibility of services via the GSIS Touch mobile app, GFAL is setting a new standard in how benefits are delivered. So, get ready to experience a heightened level of service that aims to bring financial security and peace right to your doorstep.

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Introduction to GSIS Ginhawa for All (GFAL) Campaign

The Government Service Insurance System, a pivotal institution in providing social security benefits to Filipino government employees, has introduced an innovative campaign named “Ginhawa for All” (GFAL). This initiative marks a significant stride in enhancing the accessibility and comprehensibility of services and benefits available to its members, pensioners, and their families. The campaign was launched virtually by the GSIS President and General Manager Rolando Ledesma Macasaet, emphasizing the aim to elevate the quality of service and deliver ease and comfort – ginhawa – to all stakeholders.

Legal Basis of the Campaign

The GFAL campaign is rooted in agency’s ongoing commitment to improve service delivery in line with existing Philippine laws governing employee insurance and pension for public servants. This commitment is supported by directives from various government oversight bodies to enhance the welfare of government employees.

Benefits of GFAL

The GFAL campaign is divided into three distinct bundles, each designed to cater to different segments of membership:

  • GFAL Active:
      • Comprehensive social security benefits.
      • Loan privileges.
      • Non-life insurance products for active members.
  • GFAL Grand:
      • Various benefits tailored for pensioners.
  • GFAL Plus:
    • Services for former members and immediate family members of currently active members.
    • Non-life insurance policyholders.

The new benefits include several innovative loan programs such as:

  • Multipurpose Loan (MPL): Waives charges on all in-default loans.
  • Computer Loan: Offers ₱30,000 assistance to purchase a computer.
  • GFAL-Educational Loan: A study-now-pay-later program for kin of members.

Eligibility and Qualifications

Eligibility for these programs varies based on the specific bundle:

  • GFAL Active is available to all currently employed members.
  • GFAL Grand is accessible to all retired members who are registered pensioners.
  • GFAL Plus caters to former members and the families of current members.

Application Requirements

Applicants need to provide standard documentation, including but not limited to:

  • Valid ID proof as a member.
  • Employment certification for active members.
  • Pension details for retired members.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from GFAL

  1. Determine Eligibility: Identify which GFAL bundle you qualify for based on your current or past membership status.
  2. Gather Required Documents: Prepare all necessary documentation as per the specific GFAL bundle.
  3. Submit Application: Applications can be submitted through agency’s enhanced digital platforms or at local GSIS offices.
  4. Loan Processing: For loan-related benefits, follow the standard loan application process which now features simplified procedures under the GFAL campaign.
  5. Claim Benefits: For non-loan benefits, follow the claim process outlined on the GSIS website.

Enhanced Accessibility through Digital Innovations

The GSIS has also streamlined its services through digital innovations like the GSIS Touch mobile app. This app enables members and pensioners to manage their benefits, apply for loans, and get regular updates on their accounts directly from their smartphones. The introduction of contactless claims and benefit filings further ensures that the services reach all members efficiently, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Recent Updates

GSIS Touch Mobile App Now Accessible Abroad for Pensioners

GSIS announces that the GSIS Touch mobile app is now available for pensioners based in North America, Europe, and Asia. This convenient feature allows pensioners to perform APIR transactions without the need to return to the Philippines. Experience the convenience of the GSIS mobile app by scanning the provided QR code.

GSIS Unveils Enhanced Financial Benefits and Digital IDs for Members

During a dialogue with stakeholders in Rizal, the agency announced a range of enhanced financial benefits driven by its substantial financial growth in 2023. These benefits include a “living benefit” health insurance, improved loan products, and the issuance of digital IDs to replace UMID cards.

GSIS Pabahay Program Offers Realization of Homeownership Dreams

GSIS presents a video showcasing the Francisco Homes in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, as part of their commitment to the GSIS Pabahay Bagong Bayaning Manggagawa program. Through the Lease with Option to Buy (LWOB) program, GSIS provides an opportunity for individuals to fulfill their dream of owning a home. Experience the true meaning of “GINHAWA” by exploring the possibilities of homeownership with GSIS.

Skip the Line and Pay GSIS Loans Hassle-Free with Maya E-Wallet

GSIS introduces Maya, the newest addition to their payment facilities, allowing members to avoid long queues and hassle when paying GSIS loans over-the-counter. With Maya, members can conveniently make payments by selecting the e-wallet option, clicking on Maya, inputting their log-in details, and confirming the payment. Experience the convenience of Maya and skip the line when managing GSIS loan payments.

GSIS Offers Convenient Payment Facilities for a Hassle-Free Experience

GSIS provides a range of payment facilities to ensure a hassle-free experience for its members. With options like online payments and partnerships with Bayad, Landbank, MLhuillier, Unionbank, and GSIS branch offices, members can conveniently settle their service loans, underpaid accounts, delayed payments, and more. Explore the various payment modes available and enjoy the ease and convenience of managing payments. (GSIS)

Explore the Benefits of GFAL Active Program for Active Members

The GFAL Active program offers a comprehensive bundle of benefits, loans, and Ginhawa services for active members. For more details on the GFAL Active bundle, click on the provided link to discover the range of benefits and services available to active members. Take advantage of this program to enhance your financial well-being and enjoy the perks of being an active member.



The GSIS Ginhawa for All campaign is a transformative initiative that reinforces GSIS’s role in providing significant financial and security benefits to its members. With improved accessibility and enhanced service delivery, the campaign promises a new level of convenience and support for the Filipino public servants and their families, aligning with the broader goals of social security and welfare enhancement in the Philippines.

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