Financial Assistance for Solo Parents

Being a solo parent in the Philippines isn’t an easy feat. Juggling the weight of raising a child alone, securing their basic needs, and carving out a path for a brighter future presents a constant and uphill battle for any Filipino parent, let alone a solo one. Fortunately, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) recognizes these challenges and offers a helping hand through the DSWD Financial Assistance for Solo Parents program.

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Solo Parenthood in the Philippines

The image of a solo parent in the Philippines often paints a picture of relentless struggle. Juggling work, household chores, and the emotional rollercoaster of raising a child alone, while battling societal stigma and limited resources, leaves many feeling invisible and overwhelmed. It’s a reality faced by 15 million, staggering 95% of whom are women, according to the World Health Organization.

These numbers aren’t mere statistics; they represent the countless stories of mothers and fathers navigating a complex landscape of challenges. Solo parents often experience discrimination, limited access to healthcare and education, and immense financial pressure. A 2021 study by the Philippine Statistics Authority revealed that 44.8% of solo parent households fall below the poverty line, compared to 20.7% of two-parent households. It’s a stark reality that highlights the crucial role of programs like this DSWD program.


The DSWD Financial Assistance program extends a lifeline to this population group by offering:

  • Monthly cash assistance of PHP 1,000: This regular stipend bolsters this community segment in meeting their children’s basic needs for food, shelter, and education.
  • Access to other government programs and services: The program unlocks doors to various government initiatives, including healthcare assistance, livelihood training, and legal aid, providing a safety net for these parents and their children.
  • Discounts on basic necessities and transportation: The program partners with private establishments to offer these parents discounts on essential items like groceries, transportation, and medicine, easing their financial burden.
  • Educational assistance for children: Recognizing the importance of education, the program provides scholarship opportunities and educational grants, nurturing the children’s dreams for a brighter future.

These benefits collectively empower this community segment to navigate the challenges of single parenthood with greater dignity and hope.


  • Solo parent status: You must be a single parent with sole responsibility for raising a child, either through biological ties, legal adoption, or de facto caregiving.
  • Philippine residency: You must be a resident of the Philippines for at least six consecutive months.
  • Income level: Your income must fall within the government-defined poverty line, ensuring the program targets those truly in need.
  • Non-receipt of other cash aid: You cannot be a recipient of other cash assistance programs offered by the Philippine government to avoid duplication of benefits.

Meeting these criteria unlocks the door to applying for the program and potentially transforming your life.

Application Process

Ready to apply? Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process:

  • Locate your local DSWD office: Visit the nearest DSWD office in your area. Contact details and office hours are readily available online.
  • Gather the required documents: Prepare the necessary documents as listed on the DSWD website, typically including valid IDs, proof of income, solo parent status documentation, and child’s birth certificate.
  • Attend an interview: Schedule and attend an interview with a DSWD social worker, who will assess your eligibility and answer any questions you may have.
  • Await processing: After submitting your application, patiently wait for the processing and verification of your documents. The DSWD will keep you informed about the progress.

Remember, patience and accuracy are key throughout the application process.

Video: Dagdag-benepisyo para sa solo parents, naisabatas na

In a significant development, the Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act has been enacted, aiming to provide this population group with various benefits. These benefits include educational scholarships for both parents and children, a monthly cash subsidy of P1,000, a 10% discount on medicines, food supplements, and more. This law aims to support and uplift them by easing their financial burden and ensuring their well-being and that of their children.



The DSWD Financial Assistance program is designed to provide support and hope to its beneficiaries, helping them overcome challenges and create a better future for their children. Through financial empowerment and access to valuable resources, this program promotes resilience and dignity.

If you are a solo parent facing financial difficulties, don’t hesitate to explore this program. Remember, you are not alone in this journey. The DSWD is here to support you, offering a helping hand to navigate the challenges and nurture the dreams you have for yourself and your child.

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