DSWD Angels in Red Vests: Who Are They?

The “Angels in Red Vests” (ARV) campaign, launched during the 73rd founding anniversary of the Philippines’ Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), is a heartfelt move that shines a spotlight on the unyielding commitment and compassion of DSWD personnel. Originally coined during the COVID-19 pandemic by a former DSWD Secretary, the term celebrates the agency’s frontline workers who are steadfast in their support of the nation’s most vulnerable populations.

The ARV campaign serves to not only recognize these dedicated individuals but also to promote social work as a noble profession, fostering public awareness and encouraging community engagement. Participants and beneficiaries of the campaign include DSWD employees and the wider community, who can expect to see a variety of activities and efforts designed to boost morale and enhance service delivery across the country.

Angels in Red Vests
Credits: DSWD / Facebook

Understanding the ARV Campaign

The “Angels in Red Vests” (ARV) campaign was introduced during the 73rd founding anniversary of the DSWD, under the leadership of Secretary Rex Gatchalian. The term itself has historical significance, first coined by former DSWD Secretary Bautista during the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting the heroic efforts of social workers and development workers in challenging times. These individuals, clad in their red vests, symbolize hope and relentless dedication, standing out as beacons of support in times of need.

Legal Basis and Historical Context

While the ARV campaign is a relatively new initiative, it is grounded in the DSWD’s long-standing mission to empower and assist the vulnerable sectors of Philippine society. This not only commemorates the agency’s anniversary but also aligns with various national laws and policies promoting social welfare, community service, and public assistance.

Benefits of the ARV Campaign

The benefits of the ARV campaign extend beyond mere recognition of DSWD personnel. It serves multiple purposes:

  • Promoting Social Work: By highlighting the dedication of these workers, the campaign encourages more Filipinos to consider careers in social and community development.
  • Public Awareness: It increases public awareness and appreciation of the roles these workers play in society, especially in times of crisis.
  • Community Engagement: It fosters a stronger connection between DSWD workers and the communities they serve, encouraging collaboration and support.

Who is Eligible?

The primary beneficiaries of the ARV campaign are the employees of the DSWD, particularly those involved in direct service delivery or what we can say are the frontliners of the agency. However, the broader impact of the campaign benefits all sectors of society by ensuring more efficient and empathetic service delivery.

Requirements to Participate

For DSWD employees, participation in the ARV campaign may involve engaging in community outreach programs, representing the department in various capacities, and embodying the values of the campaign in their daily work.

How to Benefit from the ARV Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Understand the Mission: Familiarize yourself with the goals and values of the ARV campaign.
  2. Engage with Activities: Participate in or attend events and activities organized under the ARV banner.
  3. Spread the Word: Use social media or community gatherings to promote the ideals of the ARV campaign.
  4. Support ARV Merchandise: Purchase and use ARV merchandise like vests, caps, tumblers, and pens to support the campaign and spread awareness.
  5. Feedback and Involvement: Provide feedback on your experiences and suggest improvements to make the campaign more effective.

Recent Updates

DSWD Recognizes Angels in Red Vests for their Commitment to Serve the Vulnerable

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) recently honored the dedicated Angels in Red Vests (ARV) during a Pinning Ceremony at the DSWD Central Office. The button pin, a symbol of their unwavering commitment, signifies their dedication to serving the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized sectors of society. This recognition highlights the invaluable contributions of the ARVs in making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Angels in Red Vests Extend Assistance to Elderly Residents of St. Joseph’s Golden Home

Angels in Red Vests from DSWD X – Northern Mindanao generously provided much-needed support to eight elderly individuals residing in St. Joseph’s Golden Home Foundation, Inc. through the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) program. With a donation of Php5,000 each, these compassionate heroes aimed to address the medical and essential needs of the elderly residents, showcasing their unwavering care and concern for fellow citizens.

Angels in Red Vests Embrace Passionate Service with Love and Care

The Angels in Red Vests exemplify the power of passion in their service, finding joy and meaning in their work. With a commitment to serving with love and care, these dedicated individuals ignite the flame of compassion in their hearts, making a positive impact on the lives of those they assist.

Angels in Red Vests Mitigate El Niño Effects through LAWA and BINHI Projects

The Angels in Red Vests from DSWD Field Office IX–Zamboanga Peninsula are dedicated to combating the impact of El Niño through the implementation of the LAWA and BINHI projects. These initiatives aim to provide livelihood opportunities and essential resources such as water and food to communities affected by drought. Through their proactive efforts, these brave individuals are making a difference in the lives of those facing the challenges of El Niño.

Angels in Red Vests Provide Psychosocial Support to Displaced Individuals in Albay

In an effort to assist those affected by displacement in Albay, the Angels in Red Vests from DSWD Field Office 5 – Bicol offered psychosocial support services through recreational and educational activities. This initiative aims to help evacuees cope with the crisis and foster a sense of unity among those affected. DSWD FO V has already provided substantial relief assistance to the affected individuals, demonstrating their commitment to aiding those in need.


Video: Angels in Red Vests – Official Music Video

The official music video of the Angels in Red Vests showcases their dedication and compassion as unsung heroes who bring “extra love and care” to those in need. Through their simple acts of kindness, these everyday individuals demonstrate the importance of valuing every life.



The DSWD’s Angels in Red Vests campaign is more than just a tribute to the hardworking individuals within the department; it is a call to action for all Filipinos to recognize and value the essential services provided by these dedicated workers. By supporting this campaign, we acknowledge their contributions and inspire a new generation to carry forward the mantle of service and compassion. Join in supporting the Angels in Red Vests and help make a difference in the lives of many.

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