DMW One Repatriation Command Center (ORCC)

The One Repatriation Command Center (ORCC), a groundbreaking initiative by the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), offers a streamlined and compassionate approach to assisting Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in distress. Launched in July 2022, the ORCC serves as a single point of contact for OFWs and their families needing immediate support, covering a wide range of services from repatriation assistance to legal and medical aid. This program is designed to address the challenges faced by OFWs globally, ensuring they have access to prompt and efficient help whenever needed. With the this facility, the DMW aims to simplify the process for OFWs and their families, making it easier for them to navigate through their troubles with the backing of a supportive and centralized system.

Targeting distressed OFWs and their immediate families or next of kin, the facility is a testament to the Philippine government’s commitment to its citizens abroad. Eligibility extends to those experiencing abuse, unfair working conditions, or any emergencies necessitating repatriation. To avail of the its services, OFWs or their representatives need to provide necessary details to facilitate assistance, which could include identification and employment information. The center not only promises streamlined assistance and comprehensive support services but also enhanced coordination with various government agencies for faster resolution of cases. With its 24/7 hotline, walk-in option, and commitment to offering a holistic approach to OFW welfare, the ORCC stands as a significant support system for Filipinos worldwide, ensuring no one is left behind in times of crisis.

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What is the One Repatriation Command Center?

The ORCC is a unified response mechanism designed to streamline the process of assisting distressed OFWs. Launched in July 2022, it operates as a single point of contact for OFWs and their families needing immediate support, ranging from repatriation assistance to legal and medical services. The center embodies a more efficient and compassionate approach to handling the complexities faced by OFWs globally.

Significance of the Program

The One Repatriation Command Center, launched in July 2022 by the Philippine Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), is a major initiative for the well-being of the over 10 million Filipinos working abroad, known as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). It tackles the challenge of assisting distressed OFWs by functioning as a central hub, offering a 24/7 hotline and streamlining communication between various government agencies. This centralized approach aims to address the previously fragmented system, which often left OFWs and their families struggling to navigate complex bureaucracies in times of crisis. Its significance is underscored by the sheer number of OFWs it supports – in its first year alone, the DMW reported assisting over 6,000 distressed Filipinos in returning home, upholding the rights and welfare of this significant sector as mandated by Republic Act No. 11222, or the “An Act Strengthening the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Welfare of Filipino Migrant Workers, Amending Republic Act No. 8042, Otherwise Known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995.”

Legal Basis

The facility is backed by the Philippine government’s legislative and administrative framework, aiming to protect and promote the rights and welfare of its migrant workers. It aligns with existing laws and policies, reinforcing the government’s obligation to assist its citizens abroad.


The ORCC provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Streamlined Assistance: A one-stop-shop for all repatriation and welfare needs.
  • Comprehensive Support Services: Legal, medical, and psychological support, among others.
  • Enhanced Coordination: Collaboration with various government agencies for faster resolution of cases.

Eligibility / Qualifications

Any distressed OFW or their immediate families or next of kin can seek help from the facility. This includes, but is not limited to, situations of abuse, unfair working conditions, and emergencies requiring repatriation.


The primary requirement is for the OFW or their representative to provide sufficient details to facilitate assistance. This may include identification documents, employment information, and a description of the assistance needed.

How to Benefit from the ORCC: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Reach Out: Contact them through hotline 1348, email, or walk-in.
  2. Provide Necessary Information: Share details about the distressed OFW’s situation.
  3. Assessment: The ORCC team will assess the case and coordinate the required services.
  4. Receive Assistance: Benefit from the range of services offered, tailored to the OFW’s needs.
  5. Follow-up: Stay in touch with the ORCC for further support and updates.

Recent Updates

Assistance for Families of OFWs in Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon

In an official statement by the DMW, the department addressed the families of our fellow Filipinos working overseas in Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon, offering to provide quick information and necessary action and assistance in their situation. They can contact the hotline at 1348 or reach out via email at They can also visit the Turkey Help Desk at the DMW Office in Mandaluyong City from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Migrant Workers Officer-in-Charge and Representative Discuss Employment Opportunities for Filipino Skilled Workers in Ibaraki Prefecture

Migrant Workers Officer-in-Charge Hans Leo J. Cacdac meets with Representative Yamato Aoyama to discuss employment opportunities for Filipino skilled workers in Ibaraki Prefecture. The meeting also addressed the working conditions and concerns of OFWs in Japan, highlighting the need for the creation of the DMW Japan Desk to streamline the deployment process.

Department of Migrant Workers Officer-in-Charge (DMW-OIC) Assumes Leadership Role

Hans Leo J. Cacdac humbly accepts the responsibility as the Department of Migrant Workers Officer-in-Charge (DMW-OIC) following the passing of Secretary Susan “Toots” Ople. With a commitment to honoring Sec Toots’ legacy, the DMW team strives to fulfill the President’s mandate and enhance programs for the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). The focus remains on securing budget approval, strengthening support systems, and expanding services to safeguard the rights and well-being of our modern-day heroes.


Video: Walkthrough of new repatriation center for OFWs

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) unveiled its One Repatriation Command Center on Wednesday, July 20, 2023. Rappler’s Michelle Abad provides an exclusive tour of the facility, situated at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration building along EDSA. 



The ORCC is more than just a service center; it’s a cornerstone of OFW safety and welfare, and that of their families. It signifies the Philippine government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that its citizens, wherever they may be in the world, are not alone in their time of need. The facility is not just about facilitating repatriation; it’s about providing a holistic approach to the welfare and dignity of every Filipino worker abroad. With this control center at the helm, the promise of a safer, more responsive, and compassionate support system for OFWs is not just an aspiration but is now a reality.

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