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The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) Help Desk provides timely and ample support to Filipino migrant workers worldwide. As an online hub, it provides much-needed assistance across various areas such as employment, legal aid, education, health care, and welfare rights. This platform goes beyond being a mere resource center; it fosters a sense of community, allowing users to exchange stories, advice, and insights on navigating challenges abroad. Designed to cater to the needs of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and recruitment agencies, the DMW Help Desk is accessible to those currently overseas or planning to work abroad, ensuring that support is just a few clicks away.

The significance of the Help Desk stems from its role in supporting OFWs, who are instrumental in the Philippine economy through their remittances. Anchored by Republic Act No. 11641, or the “Department of Migrant Workers Act,” the Help Desk is part of the government’s streamlined efforts to enhance service delivery to these valuable population. With features like eRegistration, the platform ensures efficient and secure assistance, highlighting the government’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens abroad. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, from creating tickets for specific issues to engaging in a community forum for peer advice, the online service stands as a testament to the government’s dedication to safeguarding and supporting its migrant workforce, wherever they may be.

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What is the DMW Help Desk?

The Department of Migrant Workers Help Desk is a lifeline for Filipino migrant population across the globe. Created to provide essential support, this online platform offers information, advice, and assistance on a vast range of topics. These include employment, legal aid, education, health care, and welfare rights. It’s more than just a resource; it’s a community where users can share stories, experiences, and advice about their rights and issues they face abroad.

Significance of the Program

The DMW Helpdesk supports OFWs, who significantly contribute to the Philippine economy with remittances exceeding $35 billion annually, through Republic Act No. 11641, or the “Department of Migrant Workers Act.” Established to streamline government functions for better service delivery, the Helpdesk and department’s online services offer an accessible platform for addressing documentation, processing, and rights violation issues. With services like eRegistration, it ensures efficiency and security for OFWs, underlining the government’s commitment to their welfare and acknowledging their substantial economic contribution.

Legal Basis

The establishment of the DMW Help Desk is part of the Philippine government’s commitment to protecting its citizens working overseas. It operates under the legal framework provided by the Department of Migrant Workers, ensuring that the rights and welfare of Filipino migrant population is prioritized and safeguarded.


  • Comprehensive Support: From employment concerns to health care inquiries, the Help Desk offers a wide array of assistance.
  • Community Forum: A platform to share experiences and receive peer advice.
  • Accessible Resources: Information on legal rights, employment opportunities, and more.
  • Online Services: Users can create tickets for specific issues, making problem-solving efficient and straightforward.

Eligibility / Qualifications

All Filipino migrant workers and recruitment agencies can benefit from the services offered by the DMW Help Desk. Whether you are currently working abroad or planning to, the Help Desk is designed to assist you.


Accessing the DMW Help Desk services requires:

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from the DMW Help Desk

  1. Create an Account: Register at the DMW eRegistration service to access the Help Desk.
  2. Log In: Use your credentials to access the portal and explore its features.
  3. Create a Ticket: If you have a concern, select “Create Ticket” and provide detailed information about your issue.
  4. Select Processing Site: Choose a DMW office near you to handle your ticket for a localized solution.
  5. Note Your Ticket Number: This number is necessary for tracking your concern’s progress.
  6. Follow-Up: Use the online portal to check the status of your ticket and provide additional information if necessary.

Recent Updates

Department of Migrant Workers Strengthens Collaboration with Local Governments to Protect Migrant Workers

The Department of Migrant Workers has partnered with local government units (LGUs) in Palawan Province to combat illegal recruitment and human trafficking. Through comprehensive pre-employment orientation seminars (PEOS), the department aims to empower and protect OFWs from unscrupulous recruiters and syndicates. This collaboration ensures the immediate provision of repatriation and legal assistance to OFWs and their families, demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding their rights and welfare.

Partnership between DMW and CICC: Enhancing Cybersafe Security for OFWs

  • The Department of Migrant Workers has partnered with the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) to provide cybersafe security for OFWs.
  • The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) aims to counter the use of information and communication technologies for criminal purposes and foster coordination and resource-sharing between the two agencies.
  • With over 2.5 million OFWs across the globe, the MOA signing serves as a deterrent to cybercriminals who target OFWs, protecting them from vulnerabilities such as human trafficking, consumer fraud, and online scams.

Learn more about this recent update here.

A Simple Guide to Using the DMW Helpdesk for e-Registration and OEC Issues

The Department of Migrant Workers has provided informative infographics to assist individuals facing challenges with e-Registration and OEC. This concise guide offers step-by-step instructions on utilizing the DMW Helpdesk, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for users.


In this informative video, viewers will be guided through the process of creating and inquiring a ticket in the POEA Online Helpdesk. Designed for those who are unfamiliar with the ticket creation process, this tutorial aims to equip viewers with the necessary knowledge to navigate the POEA Online Helpdesk effectively. By the end of the video, viewers will have gained valuable insights on how to create tickets in the POEA Online Helpdesk.



The DMW Help Desk stands as a testament to the Philippine government’s dedication to its migrant workforce. By offering a comprehensive array of services, from legal assistance to community support, it ensures that Filipino population abroad are never alone. Whether you’re facing employment issues or need health advice, the Help Desk is your go-to resource, ensuring that you’re informed, protected, and connected, no matter where you are in the world.

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