Getting a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines

A barangay clearance is an important document that confirms your good moral character and residency within your barangay. 

It remains essential for various formal processes, such as employment in corporate or governmental institutions, business partnerships, and financial applications. 

Join us as we take a comprehensive overview of the purposes, costs, validity, requirements, and steps involved in obtaining a this document. 

We’ll also explain the differences between barangay, police, and NBI clearances. 

Beneficiaries include job seekers, business owners, and anyone needing official validation of their good standing in the community.

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What is a Barangay Clearance?

A barangay clearance is a document from your barangay captain that confirms your good moral character and residency.

While it’s less needed for informal or blue-collar jobs these days, it remains essential for corporate, governmental, or formal employment.

Barangay Clearance Uses / Purposes

This document is important for several reasons:

Certification of Good Character: This document shows that you are a good and law-abiding citizen, reassuring employers, business partners, and institutions of your positive community standing.

Employment Application Requirement: Many employers ask for this when you apply for a job to verify your background and character.

Business Partnership Validation: When starting a business partnership, this document assures your partners that you have a clean record.

Financial Institution Support: Banks and financial institutions might request this document when you apply for loans or other financial services to confirm your trustworthiness.

Complementary Certificates for Specific Applications: Sometimes, you might need additional certificates from the barangay captain for specific applications, such as business permits or gun licenses. This clearance confirms you have no pending cases.

How Much is Barangay Clearance?

Usually, getting this clearance is free, but some barangays might charge a small fee, typically around 20 pesos.

You should ask about any fees when you visit your barangay office.

You will also need a Cedula (Community Tax Certificate) to get this document. You can obtain this at the Municipal Hall, and the cost depends on your income from the previous year.

Be honest about your income when you apply for your Cedula, as giving false information is illegal and unethical.

Barangay Clearance Validity

A barangay clearance is valid for one year from the date it is issued.

It’s important to renew it before it expires to keep your clearance valid.

Barangay Clearance Requirements

When applying for this document, you will need:

  • Cedula
  • Completed application form
  • Proof of payment for the clearance

Sometimes, barangay captains might ask for additional documents, such as proof of billing, but this is rare.

You may be asked a few questions to verify your residency and confirm your connection to the barangay.

Steps in Securing Barangay Clearance

Step 1: Go to the municipal hall and pay for your Cedula.

Step 2: Visit your Barangay Captain at the Barangay Hall. If the captain is not available, speak to the officer on duty.

Step 3: Fill out the application form.

Step 4: Pay the fee, if there is any.

Step 5: Get your document and sign the logbook.

Only get your barangay clearance from your local Barangay Hall. Avoid dealing with fixers who illegally offer to process your documents for a fee.

Is this document available online?

Currently, there is no online method to get a barangay clearance.

Unlike the NBI clearance, which can be scheduled online, this document still requires you to apply in person at your Barangay Hall.

Differences in Barangay, Police, and NBI Clearances

  • Barangay Clearance: This shows that you have no pending cases in your barangay and confirms your good moral character. You only need to get it from your local barangay, not where you will work.
  • Police Clearance: This proves you have no cases filed against you in a specific city or municipality. If you’re applying for a job in another city, your current police clearance might be enough, but some employers might ask for a new one.
  • NBI Clearance: This shows you have no criminal cases at the national level. It does not cover civil cases, only criminal ones.
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Tips for Obtaining a Barangay Clearance

1. Prepare Required Documents Ahead of Time

Ensure you have all necessary documents before heading to the barangay hall. These typically include your Cedula, a completed application form, and proof of payment for the clearance fee.

2. Be Honest About Your Income

When obtaining your Cedula, accurately declare your income from the previous year. Providing false information is both unethical and illegal, and honesty is important for a smooth process.

3. Ask About Fees

While many barangays offer the clearance for free, some may charge a minimal fee. Inquire about any fees during your visit to avoid surprises.

4. Bring Extra Identification

Although not always required, having extra identification like a valid ID or proof of billing can be helpful, especially if the barangay captain requests additional documents.

5. Avoid Fixers

Only deal with official barangay personnel. Avoid fixers who offer to expedite the process for a fee, as this practice is illegal and can result in penalties.

6. Visit During Off-Peak Hours

To avoid long lines and wait times, try visiting the barangay hall during off-peak hours, such as mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

7. Be Polite and Patient

Government offices can be busy. Approach the process with patience and courtesy to ensure a smoother experience.

8. Verify Your Residency

Be prepared to answer questions about your residency and community involvement, as this helps confirm your connection to the barangay.

Video: Dapat bang may bayad ang barangay clearance? | DZMM

In many government-based transactions, a barangay clearance is often requested. However, whether or not there is a fee associated with obtaining this document may vary depending on the specific requirements and policies of the local government unit. It is advisable to inquire with the barangay office or local government authorities to determine if there is a fee for obtaining a barangay clearance.



Getting a barangay clearance is a simple yet important process for various personal and official purposes, like job applications and business partnerships.

It confirms your good character and residency in your barangay.

While it’s generally free, some barangays might charge a small fee. Make sure you have your Cedula and other required documents ready.

Keep your clearance document updated, as it is valid for only one year.

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