Guide to Renewing Your PRC License in the Philippines

Are you approaching the expiration of your PRC license? It’s important to stay ahead in your career by ensuring your license is up-to-date. With this in mind, we detail what the PRC License Renewal involves, who benefits from it, and what you need to do to keep your professional credentials current. Whether you’re a nurse, engineer, teacher, or any other professional regulated by the Commission, renewing your license allows you to continue practicing legally, avoid penalties, and stay compliant with the latest standards and regulations.

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What is PRC License Renewal?

PRC License Renewal is the process by which Filipino professionals extend the validity of their Professional Regulation Commission licenses. This is essential for maintaining professional standing and practicing legally within their respective fields. The significance of renewing one’s license to its beneficiaries lies in the fact that it allows professionals to continue practicing their chosen professions and ensures that they stay updated with the latest standards and regulations. By renewing their licenses, beneficiaries can demonstrate their commitment to professional development and uphold the integrity and reputation of their professions. It also provides them with the opportunity to engage in continuous learning and stay abreast of advancements in their fields. Additionally, PRC License Renewal allows beneficiaries to access various benefits and privileges associated with their professional licenses.

PRC License or PRC ID?

The Professional Regulation Commission issues a PRC license in the form of an ID to individuals who have passed a board examination and are authorized to practice their chosen profession in the Philippines. The PRC ID serves as proof of registration and certification of good standing in their respective professions. So, the PRC License and PRC ID are essentially the same document, representing the individual’s professional credentials.

Legal Basis and the Importance of Renewal

As of this writing, the PRC license is valid for three years, expiring on the birthdate of the license holder. It is legally required to renew this license to continue practicing your profession in the Philippines without interruptions.

Benefits of Timely License Renewal

  • Avoidance of penalties: Late renewal can lead to fines and additional charges.
  • Continuous professional practice: Uninterrupted ability to work and offer professional services.
  • Compliance with legal requirements: Ensures you are practicing under the protection of the law.

Eligibility / Qualifications

All professionals who possess a PRC license and are approaching the expiration date are eligible to renew their license. This includes a wide range of professions from accountants to medical practitioners.

Requirements for Renewal

  • Duly-accomplished Application for Professional Identification Card (PIC).
  • Recent 2×2 photo in formal attire.
  • Payment of the prescribed renewal fee.
  • CPD units as required by your profession (though there are currently some relaxations).

Step-by-Step Guide to Renewing Your PRC License Online

1. Prepare Your Requirements

Gather all necessary documents and information required for the process to renew your license.

2. Visit the PRC Official Website

Go to the PRC’s Online Services portal (LERIS) and start your renewal process.

3. Create or Log Into Your Account

If you’re a first-time user, register and create your account. Otherwise, simply log in.

4. Complete Your Profile

Fill in all required details accurately to avoid any delays in your application.

5. Upload Your Photo

Ensure your photo meets all the specifications mentioned in the requirements.

6. Select Transaction Type

Choose “Renewal” from the available transaction options and specify your profession.

7. Choose Your Appointment Location

Select where you would like to pick up your renewed license.

8. Pay the Renewal Fee

Select your preferred payment method and complete the transaction.

9. Confirm Payment and Print Documents

Verify that your payment was successful and print out the necessary documents.

10. Claim Your Professional Identification Card

Visit the PRC office as per your appointment to collect your renewed ID.

Warnings, Reminders, and Additional Tips

Important Reminders:

  • Check Expiration Date: Don’t wait until the last minute! Renew your PRC license at least a month before it expires to avoid penalties or complications.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): This year (2024), the Commission is still accepting an undertaking to complete CPD units instead of actual proof of completion. However, this is not a waiver of the requirement. You will need to fulfill the CPD units by the next renewal cycle. Double-check the PRC website or your professional regulation board for the specific number of CPD units required for your profession.
  • Online Renewal: The Commission encourages online application and renewal through their Online Professional License Registration and Information System (OPLRIS). Familiarize yourself with the online system beforehand to avoid delays.
  • Complete Requirements: Ensure you have all the necessary documents, including valid IDs, passport-sized photos, and payment receipts. Refer to the PRC website or your professional regulation board for the complete list of requirements specific to your profession.


  • Incomplete Applications: Incomplete applications will be returned, causing delays in processing your renewal. Make sure you have double-checked all requirements before submitting.
  • Incorrect Fees: Pay the exact renewal fee as indicated by the Commission. The fee may vary depending on your profession and chosen processing time (regular or expedited). Incorrect payment will cause delays.
  • Fake Documents: The PRC has a strict policy against falsified documents. Submitting fake documents can lead to penalties, revocation of your license, and even legal repercussions.

Additional Tips:

  • Early Renewal: Take advantage of the one-year window for renewal. Renewing early allows you to avoid the last-minute rush and potential delays.
  • CPD Updates: Stay informed about the latest CPD requirements for your profession. The PRC website and your professional regulation board may update guidelines or announce new acceptable CPD activities.
  • Online Help: The PRC website offers a comprehensive FAQ section and online tutorials for the renewal process. Additionally, their customer service hotline is available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may encounter during the application.
  • PRC Regional Offices: Aside from online channels, you can also visit your nearest PRC regional office for assistance with renewal procedures.

Recent Updates

House of Representatives Approves Extension of PRC ID Validity

The House of Representatives has passed a bill extending the validity of Professional Regulation Commission professional identification cards to five years. This extension aims to improve the appointment system and alleviate the burden on professionals by allowing them more time between renewals. It also provides benefits such as reduced expenses and increased efficiency for Filipino professionals in practicing their respective fields. (PNA)

House Committee Approves Bill to Strengthen Midwifery Profession

The House Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation has approved a bill aimed at strengthening the midwifery profession in the Philippines. The bill seeks to expand the midwifery curriculum to a four-year Bachelor of Science degree, provide diploma graduates with a four-year degree equivalence, and promote the rights and welfare of midwives. This move demonstrates a commitment to improving maternal health and recognizing the important role played by midwives in the healthcare system. (PNA)

Video: PRC License Renewal this 2024

Since 2018, the Professional Regulation Commission has introduced an online renewal system for professionals. This system streamlines the renewal process by allowing professionals to secure appointments, make online payments, and submit required documents electronically. The implementation of this online system has made renewing one’s license more convenient and efficient for professionals in various fields.



Renewing your license is a must for continuing your professional practice in the Philippines. By following the outlined steps and preparing adequately, you can ensure a smooth renewal process. Remember, keeping your professional credentials up to date is not just a legal requirement but also a professional responsibility.

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