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The PhilHealth Z Benefit Package stands as an essential support system for Filipinos, designed to alleviate the financial burden of treatments for severe medical conditions. Characterized by its focus on diseases that result in long hospital stays and entail hefty treatment costs, this insurance scheme is symbolized by the letter “Z” to represent the pinnacle of medical severity and financial demand it aims to address. From covering acute illnesses like lymphocytic leukemia to providing for day surgeries, radiotherapy, and hemodialysis, the package offers significant financial relief and support during some of life’s most challenging moments.

Targeted at members who find themselves or their dependents grappling with catastrophic illnesses, the Z Benefit Package is underscored by its goal to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all. Eligibility hinges on meeting specific criteria related to age, medical condition, and other health indicators, ensuring that support is directed where it is most needed. Recent updates, such as the expanded coverage for breast cancer and inclusion of benefits for premature and small babies, further demonstrate the agency’s commitment to evolving healthcare needs. By providing a clear path towards availing these benefits through a structured application process, PhilHealth underscores its role in bolstering the nation’s health, ensuring that financial constraints do not stand in the way of recovery and well-being.

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What is the PhilHealth Z Benefit Package?

The Z Benefit Package is a health insurance scheme aimed at providing coverage for conditions that result in prolonged hospital stays and require costly treatments. The “Z” in its name stands for the zenith of medical conditions in terms of severity and expense, offering hope and support to those facing daunting health challenges.

Significance of the Program

The Z Benefits are significant because they address a significant gap in healthcare access for Filipinos. PhilHealth data shows a substantial number of Filipinos face financial hardship due to medical bills, with catastrophic illnesses being particularly devastating. To address this, Z Benefits, mandated by PhilHealth Board Resolution No. 1629 s. 2012, provide financial support for illnesses like cancer and heart disease. This financial safety net allows Filipinos to focus on recovery rather than finances, potentially improving treatment outcomes and reducing the overall burden on families and the healthcare system.

Legal Basis

The Z Benefits Package is aligned with the Philippines’ push for universal healthcare. Established by PhilHealth, an organization created under Republic Act No. 7875 and further expanded by Republic Act No. 10606, the Z Benefits program specifically targets catastrophic illnesses, offering Filipinos financial assistance when faced with high medical costs. This program complements the broader goal of universal healthcare by providing a safety net for those battling critical conditions.


The Z Benefit Package covers various treatments, each with specific coverage amounts. Here are some highlights:

  • Acute Lymphocytic / Lymphoblastic Leukemia (standard risk): Up to P500,000 coverage.
  • Day Surgeries (Ambulatory or Outpatient Surgeries): Costs deducted from the total bill, available in accredited Ambulatory Surgical Clinics.
  • Radiotherapy: P2,000 per session for cobalt; P3,000 per session for linear accelerator treatments.
  • Hemodialysis: P2,600 per session, covering both inpatient and outpatient procedures.

Eligibility / Qualifications

To qualify for the Z Benefit Package, members must meet specific criteria depending on the treatment or condition, such as age limits, medical conditions at diagnosis, and necessary medical forms.


Key requirements include a signed Member Empowerment (ME) Form and compliance with specific medical criteria related to the covered condition, such as white blood cell count for leukemia patients.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from the Z Benefit Package

  1. Check eligibility: Ensure you or your dependent meets the criteria for the Z Benefit Package you’re applying for.
  2. Gather required documents: This includes medical records, the Member Empowerment (ME) Form, and other necessary paperwork.
  3. Consult with a healthcare professional: Get an assessment from a PhilHealth-accredited doctor or healthcare provider.
  4. Submit your application: Present all required documents to the PhilHealth office or accredited healthcare institution.
  5. Wait for approval: PhilHealth will review your application to determine eligibility for coverage.
  6. Receive treatment: Once approved, you can undergo the necessary treatments with financial support from PhilHealth.

Recent Updates

PhilHealth Supports Establishment of Philippine Cancer Center and Expands Breast Cancer Coverage

PhilHealth, led by President and CEO Emmanuel R. Ledesma Jr., has expressed its support for the establishment of the Philippine Cancer Center in Quezon City. Ledesma announced during the groundbreaking ceremony on March 8, 2024, that once the center is operational, PhilHealth will work on including it in their list of contracted partners, allowing Filipinos to avail of their Z Benefit Packages. These packages provide comprehensive support for catastrophic illnesses, including prostate, cervical, colon or rectum cancer, and acute lymphocytic/lymphoblastic leukemia. Additionally, PhilHealth recently expanded its breast cancer coverage from P100,000 to P1.4 million.

PhilHealth Increases “Z-Benefit” Package for Breast Cancer Patients

The House of Representatives, led by Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, commends PhilHealth for raising the “Z-benefit” package for breast cancer patients to Php1.4M from Php100,000. Speaker Romualdez advocates for continuous expansion of the program benefits to enhance the nation’s healthcare system, as announced by PhilHealth President and CEO Emmanuel Ledesma. Under Speaker Romualdez’s leadership, the House is dedicated to advancing programs that enhance accessibility and responsiveness in the country’s healthcare system for all Filipino citizens.

PhilHealth Z Benefits for Selected Orthopedic Implants

PhilHealth offers financial aid for certain orthopedic implant surgeries through their Z Benefits Package. To avail of the program, hospitals must submit a pre-authorization request along with a completed checklist and Member Empowerment (ME) Form within the designated timeframe.

PhilHealth CEO Highlights Expanded Benefits at Z Benefits Summit

PhilHealth CEO Emmanuel R. Ledesma, Jr. is addressing participants at the 5th Annual Z Benefits Summit, emphasizing the agency’s improved benefit packages under the “Pinalawak na mga Bagong Benepisyo para sa Mamamayang Filipino” campaign. The summit, focused on advancements in cardiovascular care under PhilHealth’s Universal Health Care program, aligns with this year’s theme of “Health Innovation towards more Responsive CV Care.”

PhilHealth Provides Heart Surgery Benefits for Members

PhilHealth ensures that its members receive comprehensive benefits for heart surgery, catering to both children and adults. If you’re experiencing any heart-related concerns, rest assured that PhilHealth has you covered, providing the necessary support for your cardiac operation.

PhilHealth Expands Coverage: Z-Benefits Now for Premature and Small Babies

PhilHealth members can now avail of wider benefits with the inclusion of premature and small babies in the Z-Benefit program. This expands the agency’s commitment to providing Filipinos with financial assistance for critical medical conditions.

GNN TV 44 at FB Live Episode 6: PhilHealth Z Benefits 

Discover the “PhilHealth Para sa Lahat” program which aired on September 29, 2023 (Friday), from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Join Dr. Maria Lourdes Lagunilla, Medical Director of Angeles University Foundation Medical Center (AUFMC), and Dr. Analee Y. Reyes, Acting Head of the Accreditation Section of PhilHealth Region III, along with health advocates Monifer S. Bansil and Dynes G. Tolentino from the Public Affairs Unit.



Under the PhilHealth Z Benefits Package, PhilHealth members can avail themselves of extensive medical coverage for serious conditions such as Acute Lymphocytic/Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Php 500,000), Breast Cancer (Php 100,000), Prostate Cancer (Php 100,000), Chemoradiation for Cervical Cancer (Php 120,000 – 175,000), and more. This package also includes coverage for procedures like Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (Php 550,000), Kidney Transplantation (Php 600,000), and Peritoneal Dialysis (Php 270,000).



The Z Benefit Package is more than just a healthcare benefit; it’s in support of Filipinos facing the most challenging health battles. By offering financial support for expensive and extensive treatments, it embodies the spirit of Bayanihan, ensuring that no one is left behind in times of medical crisis. If you or someone you know could benefit from this package, take the first step today by reaching out to PhilHealth or a healthcare professional for guidance.

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