PCSO Medicine Donation Program (MDP)

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Medicine Donation Program (MDP) serves as a cornerstone initiative, aiming to provide short-term aid by distributing basic medications and vitamins to those in need. This program, which operates under two main categories—Medicine Assistance through Main Office (MATMO) and Medicine Assistance through Branch Office (MATBO)—partners with a broad spectrum of organizations, including socio-civic and religious groups, non-government health institutions, and charitable entities. By focusing on the most vulnerable sectors of society, the MDP ensures that essential healthcare reaches every corner of the Philippines, emphasizing the importance of no one being left behind in the pursuit of a healthier nation.

The significance of the MDP lies not just in its provision of essential medicines but also in its role in bridging the healthcare accessibility gap. With a substantial portion of the Filipino population lacking health insurance, the MDP steps in to support qualified organizations in extending their reach to underserved communities. This initiative is particularly important in areas plagued by poverty or limited access to healthcare facilities. Through the distribution of medications and the support of partner organizations, the MDP embodies the spirit of the National Health Insurance Act of 1995, striving towards universal healthcare coverage and demonstrating the PCSO’s commitment to the well-being of the Filipino people.

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Understanding the Medicine Donation Program (MDP)

At its core, the MDP is about short-term assistance, providing basic medicines through partnerships with various organizations. It targets those most vulnerable, ensuring that no one is left behind in the quest for a healthier Philippines. The program operates under two main categories: Medicine Assistance through Main Office (MATMO) and Medicine Assistance through Branch Office (MATBO), catering to a wide range of beneficiaries with essential medications and vitamins.

Significance of the Program

The Medicine Donation Program (MDP) helps alleviate the burden of healthcare accessibility in the Philippines. With 23.6% of Filipinos lacking health insurance according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (2021), the MDP bridges the gap by donating essential medications to qualified organizations. This empowers these institutions to reach underserved communities, particularly those in areas struggling with poverty or limited access to healthcare. The program aligns with the spirit of Republic Act No. 7875, also known as the “National Health Insurance Act of 1995”, which aims to ensure universal healthcare coverage, by providing a supporting mechanism for those who fall outside the current system.

Legal Framework

The agency’s mission to extend medical assistance is well-grounded in Philippine law, aligning with the government’s commitment to accessible healthcare for all. This legal backing ensures that the MDP operates transparently and efficiently, reaching out to those in need with the full support of the law.


  • Medicine Assistance: Both MATMO and MATBO provide essential drugs and vitamins, directly impacting the health and well-being of beneficiaries.
  • Frequency: Assistance is given once every six months, offering sustained support to partner organizations.

Who Can Avail?

The MDP casts a wide net, including:

  • Socio-civic and Religious Organizations
  • Non-Government Health Institutions
  • Non-Stock, Non-profit organizations or associations
  • Charitable institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Local Government Units (LGUs)

Eligibility and Requirements

  • To tap into the MDP, organizations must showcase their commitment to health and welfare.
  • A formal letter of request to the PCSO Chairman/General Manager is the first step, accompanied by a detailed project proposal. 
  • This proposal should outline the organizational profile, project specifics, and the anticipated impact, including the number of recipients and contact details. 
  • For NGOs, a SEC registration is a must.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit from the MDP

  1. Prepare Your Documents: Gather all necessary documentation, including your letter of request and comprehensive project proposal.
  2. Write a Letter of Request: Address this to the PCSO Chairman/General Manager, indicating your organization’s intent and need for medication donation.
  3. Draft a Project Proposal: This should include your organizational profile, project name, activities scheduled, and a detailed explanation of the community’s healthcare needs. Don’t forget the target beneficiaries and contact information.
  4. Prepare Financial Planning: For those requesting financial assistance, include a quotation of medicines from a trusted supplier.
  5. Acquire SEC Registration: NGOs must attach a copy of their registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Recent Updates

PCSO Mountain Province Branch Donates Medicines to Bauko Municipal Health Office and DOH-HRH

PCSO Mountain Province Branch donates medicines to Bauko Municipal Health Office and DOH-HRH. Mr. Evelio Andy S. Timario, Branch Head, and Mr. Philip M. Patcheco, Branch Social Worker, handed over the medications as part of the Medicine Donation Program. The donation was received with gratitude on February 27, 2024.

PCSO-Camarines Sur Branch Office Conducts Medicine Donation Drive for Local Governments Units in Camarines Sur

PCSO-Camarines Sur Branch Office, in collaboration with Evenchance Gaming Corporation, recently conducted a medicine donation drive to various Local Governments Units in Camarines Sur. The City Government of Naga, Municipality of Pili, and Provincial Government of Camarines Sur were among the recipients of assorted medications  and multivitamins. This initiative, which aims to benefit 9,500 individuals, is part of the LAB for All-Lingap at Alagang Bayanihan nationwide community activity and coincides with the birthday celebration of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

Successful Medicine Donation/Medical Mission Program Benefits 4,500 Beneficiaries in Cavite

PCSO Cavite Branch Office, Gen. Trias LGU, and Provincial Government collaborate for a successful medicine donation/medical mission program on September 13, 2023. The program provided free medical check-ups and medications to 4,500 beneficiaries at Gen. Trias Medicare Hospital, as a part of the bayanihan efforts in celebration of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s birthday.

Turnover of Medicines and Promotion of PCSO Programs at LGU Tadian SB Meeting

LGU Tadian SB Members, RHU, and other Municipal Personnel discuss the turnover of drug supply as part of the Medicine Donation Program during the SB meeting. They also promote PCSO Lotto games and provide information on Medical and Charity Programs.”

PCSO Romblon Branch Office Facilitates Medicine Distribution to LGU San Fernando, Romblon

PCSO Romblon Branch Office, led by Branch Head Kristy B. Fetalver, recently coordinated the distribution of medications to LGU San Fernando, Romblon. This initiative was carried out as part of the Medicine Donation Program, with MSWDO Ms. Emma R. Garcia representing the local government unit. We extend our gratitude to PCSO Romblon for their valuable support.



The PCSO Medicine Donation Program stands as a testament to the power of collective effort in addressing healthcare needs. It not only provides immediate relief but also fosters a spirit of collaboration among government and non-profit sectors. As we navigate through challenges, programs like the MDP remind us that together, we can make a healthier Philippines a reality for all.

By participating in the MDP, organizations not only gain access to essential drugs but also become part of a larger movement towards accessible healthcare. It’s a call to action for all stakeholders to contribute to a healthier future, one donation at a time. Let’s join hands and support the MDP, a beacon of hope in our collective pursuit of wellness and health equity.


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