OWWA CPDEP: Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program for Household Service Workers (HSWs)

The Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) offered by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) serves as a foundational pillar for Household Service Workers (HSWs) planning to work abroad. Unlike the shorter Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS), the course is an extensive two to six-day live-in orientation that delves into basic language instruction, cultural familiarization, and stress management techniques. This program is meticulously designed to cushion the transition of HSWs into foreign cultures and work environments, ensuring they are well-prepared for the new challenges and opportunities that await them overseas.

Targeted specifically at HSWs, this course aims to address and mitigate the unique vulnerabilities these workers face when stationed abroad. Through a combination of language and cultural awareness training, stress management skills, and a comprehensive overview of their rights and responsibilities, the program seeks to empower HSWs, safeguarding them against exploitation and ensuring their well-being. Participants can expect to emerge from the program not only with a deeper understanding of their host country’s culture and language but also with enhanced resilience and adaptability, ready to navigate their new life with confidence and competence.

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The journey of a Household Service Worker (HSW) going abroad is filled with excitement and challenges. The OWWA has developed the Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program specifically for these fearless individuals to ensure they are well-prepared for their journey. Unlike the shorter Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS), this course spans two to six days of live-in orientation, covering language basics, cultural familiarization, and stress management, aiming to ease the transition into foreign lands.

Significance of the Program

Due to the unique vulnerabilities faced by Household Service Workers (HSWs) abroad, the Philippines’ mandatory Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program is essential for their well-being. This program provides HSWs with language and cultural awareness, stress management skills, and important knowledge about their rights and responsibilities, aiming to empower them and prevent exploitation. While research on its full impact continues, it demonstrates the government’s commitment to protecting its vulnerable citizens as outlined in Republic Act 10022, though there is room for further development in specific skill training and international collaboration for better enforcement.

Legal Basis

CPDEP stands on solid legal ground, mandated by OWWA as a critical step for HSWs before they can spread their wings internationally. This requirement ensures that workers are not just leaving; they are stepping into their new world equipped with essential skills and knowledge.


Participating in CPDEP isn’t just about fulfilling a requirement; it’s about embarking on your overseas journey with confidence. The program’s benefits are vast, including focused training on orientation needs, country-specific insights, and coping strategies for the work environment. It’s a holistic approach to ensure HSWs are ready to face their new life abroad with resilience and adaptability.

Eligibility / Qualifications

To dive into CPDEP’s ocean of benefits, HSWs need to meet certain qualifications, such as being of legal age and holding a valid passport. It’s a program designed for those about to leave the Philippines, aiming to arm them with the necessary preparation for their upcoming adventure.


Embarking on this educational voyage requires a set of documents, like a valid passport, visa, employment contract, and more. These requirements are your ticket to participate in the course, ensuring you’re fully prepared for what lies ahead.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Join the OWWA CPDEP

  1. Choose Your Mode: Decide between in-person or online CPDEP sessions based on your convenience and preference.
  2. Gather Your Documents: Collect all necessary documents, including your passport, visa, and employment contract.
  3. Registration: Register for the program via OWWA’s official channels, be it their website or mobile app.
  4. Attend the Training: Dive into the comprehensive training, absorbing every piece of knowledge on language, culture, and stress management.
  5. Certificate of Completion: Upon finishing, you’ll receive a certificate, your passport to a smooth departure and entry into your host country.

Success Stories / Recent Updates

OWWA-Regional Welfare Office XI Equips Workers for Successful Overseas Transition

28 Singapore and Hongkong-bound workers completed the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) and Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program conducted by OWWA-Regional Welfare Office XI on January 25, 2024. The program covered topics such as financial literacy, self-defense tips, disease outbreaks, workplace safety, and cultural insights on the host country. This training aims to prepare departing workers for a successful transition to their destination country.

1st Batch of Trainees for CY 2024: Cantonese Language Training for Hongkong-bound Workers

OWWA XI recently conducted a four-day Cantonese Language Training as part of the Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program. Thirty-four trainees attended the training from January 09-12, 2024, where they learned about pre-departure orientation, the Rights and Standard Employment Contract of Household Service Workers, and received language and culture familiarization. Marissa Magno, the Cantonese Language Instructor, provided valuable insights on the language, culture, and stress management. For more information, contact the hotline number 0946-1344903 or visit the Regional Office in Davao City.

Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) Empowers Departing Workers with Financial Literacy

In September 2023, the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) took place in Davao City, Philippines. BDO representative, Jake Patrik Cambel, delivered valuable insights on financial literacy to the departing workers, equipping them with essential knowledge for their future endeavors abroad.

OWWA RWO 9 Joins World Cafe of Opportunities in Zamboanga City to Support Displaced Workers and Returning OFWs

OWWA RWO 9 – OIC Rosalito Sultan and other key officials from various agencies and sectors participated in the World Cafe of Opportunities (WCO) event held at KCC Mall de Zamboanga. The event aimed to provide employment opportunities, skills demonstration, and other services to displaced workers, returning OFWs, and their dependents, contributing to the economic recovery of the region. TESDA’s partnership with OWWA has facilitated the implementation of the Skills for Employment Scholarship Program (SESP) to support returning OFWs in enhancing their skills and accessing better job opportunities.

Takamol Company Officials from Musaned Platform Visit OWWA Central Office

Takamol Company Officials from Musaned Platform in Saudi Arabia visited the OWWA Central Office in Pasay City this morning. They were warmly welcomed by OWWA Administrator Arnell Ignacio, along with Deputy Administrators Emma V. Sinclair and Mary Melanie Quiño, and other directors. The purpose of their visit was to share the process of using the Musaned Platform, which facilitates the recruitment of OFWs interested in working in Saudi Arabia. The OWWA also provided background information on their Pre-Departure Education Programs, such as the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) and Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program.


Video: My Online OWWA CPDEP Experience|HomeBased Caregiver in Israel|Bless Vlog

Join Bless Vlog as she shares her inspiring journey as a home-based caregiver in Israel and her experience with the Online OWWA CPDEP program. Discover the challenges she faced, the skills she acquired, and the impact it had on her career and personal growth. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to pursue your dreams in the caregiving industry.



OWWA’s CPDEP is more than a program; it’s a lifeline for HSWs stepping into the vast world abroad. It equips them with not just the skills to communicate and adapt but also the confidence to thrive in their new environment. By participating in this course, HSWs are not just preparing for a job; they are gearing up for a life-changing experience, armed with knowledge, understanding, and resilience to face the challenges and opportunities that await in their new home away from home.

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