New DOLE Partnership Boosts Skills for Senior High Students

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has forged an alliance with various government agencies to enhance technical and vocational education and training (TVET) for senior high school (SHS) students. 

This partnership aims to ensure that graduates are employable even before they enter college, as shared in a post on the DOLE official FB Page

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A Collaborative Effort

Agencies Involved

DOLE Secretary Bienvenido E. Laguesma highlighted the importance of interagency collaboration in achieving inclusive and equitable quality education.

The joint memorandum circulars (JMCs) involve several key government agencies, including:

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Credits: DOLE / Facebook

Goals of the JMCs

These JMCs are designed to maximize productive, remunerative, freely chosen, and sustainable work and employment opportunities for SHS graduates.

By working together, these agencies aim to integrate TVET into the senior high school curriculum and ensure that students are well-prepared for the workforce.


Enhancing Employability

Enrollment in Employment Systems

One of the key points under the JMCs is the enrollment of SHS and TVET graduates in employment systems such as:

  • PhilJobnet
  • PESO Employment Information System

These systems will help connect graduates with potential job openings, making the transition from school to work smoother.

Broadening Cooperation

The cooperation between CHED and DOLE goes beyond just TVET tracks.

The joint circular also aims to incorporate TVET principles into non-TVET senior high school tracks, enhancing the overall employability of students regardless of their chosen path.

Senior High School Tracks

Academic Track

Senior high school students have the option to choose from three distinct tracks.

The academic track is further divided into three strands:

  • Business, Accountancy, Management (BAM)
  • Humanities, Education, Social Sciences (HESS)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

Other Tracks

In addition to the academic track, students can also choose from:

  • Sports
  • Arts

These options provide a well-rounded education and cater to diverse interests and career aspirations.

Philippine Labor and Employment Plan (PLEP) 2023-2028

Addressing Employment and Skill Mismatches

Improving the employability of SHS graduates is a key strategy under the Philippine Labor and Employment Plan (PLEP) 2023-2028.

This plan aims to address employment and skill mismatches, ensuring that graduates have the skills needed in the job market.

Increasing Earning Potential

By equipping students with the necessary skills and training, the partnership between DOLE and other agencies aims to increase the earning potential of Filipinos.

This partnership will help create a more skilled and competitive workforce, contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of the New DOLE Partnership

1. Understand the Available Tracks

Explore Your Options

Senior high school students have various tracks to choose from, including academic, sports, and arts.

  • Academic Track: Includes Business, Accountancy, Management (BAM), Humanities, Education, Social Sciences (HESS), and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM).
  • Sports and Arts Tracks: Cater to students with interests in these areas.

Choose Wisely

Select a track that aligns with your interests and career goals.

This will help you stay motivated and engaged in your studies.

2. Leverage TVET Programs

Enroll in TVET Courses

Take advantage of the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programs integrated into the senior high school curriculum.

These courses provide practical skills that are in demand in the job market.

Participate Actively

Engage fully in TVET activities and hands-on training.

Practical experience is invaluable and can make you more attractive to potential employers.

3. Use Employment Systems

Register on PhilJobnet and PESO

Upon graduation, make sure to register on employment systems like PhilJobnet and the PESO Employment Information System.

These platforms connect job seekers with potential employers and job openings.

Keep Your Profile Updated

Regularly update your profile with new skills, certifications, and experiences to increase your chances of being noticed by employers.

4. Seek Guidance from Teachers and Career Counselors

Utilize School Resources

Take advantage of the guidance and support offered by your teachers and career counselors.

They can provide valuable advice on choosing the right track and preparing for your future career.

Attend Career Workshops

Participate in any career workshops or job fairs organized by your school.

These events offer networking opportunities and insights into various career paths.

5. Focus on Skill Development

Build Soft Skills

In addition to technical skills, focus on developing soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

These skills are highly valued by employers.

Pursue Certifications

Consider obtaining certifications related to your chosen track.

Certifications can enhance your resume and demonstrate your commitment to your field.

6. Stay Informed About Labor Market Trends

Research Job Market Needs

Stay updated on current labor market trends and in-demand skills.

This knowledge can help you tailor your education and training to meet the needs of employers.

Be Adaptable

Be open to learning new skills and adapting to changes in the job market.

Flexibility and a willingness to learn can increase your employability.

7. Network and Build Connections

Connect with Industry Professionals

Build connections with professionals in your chosen field.

Networking can lead to job opportunities and valuable industry insights.

Join Relevant Groups and Associations

Participate in groups and associations related to your career interests.

These organizations often provide resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

8. Take Advantage of Internships and Apprenticeships

Gain Work Experience

Look for internship and apprenticeship opportunities related to your field of study.

These positions provide practical experience and can lead to full-time job offers.

Learn on the Job

Use internships and apprenticeships as learning experiences.

Ask questions, seek feedback, and be proactive to learn as much as possible.

9. Plan for the Future

Set Career Goals

Set clear, achievable career goals for yourself.

Having a plan can help you stay focused and motivated throughout your studies and job search.

Seek Continuous Improvement

Always look for ways to improve your skills and knowledge.

Continuous learning and self-improvement are key to long-term career success.

10. Stay Positive and Persistent

Stay Motivated

Stay positive and persistent in your job search and career development.

Finding the right job can take time, but persistence pays off.

Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small.

Recognizing your progress can boost your confidence and keep you motivated.

By following these tips, senior high school students can maximize the benefits of the new DOLE partnership and pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career.


The new partnership between DOLE and various government agencies marks a significant step towards enhancing the skills and employability of senior high school students.

Through collaborative efforts and strategic efforts, the alliance aims to ensure that graduates are well-prepared for the workforce and can achieve sustainable and remunerative employment opportunities.

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