DOLE Reminds Filipinos on FREE Access to Public Programs

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: Be advised that DOLE programs are accessible and available to all citizens without any charge. There should be NO Fees for processing requests from DOLE programs. The Department of Labor and Employment reminds Filipinos that there should be no solicitation or payment of fees for availing their services and programs.

In a recent public notice, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has reaffirmed its commitment to delivering free, fair, and equitable services to the public.

Filipinos are free to avail DOLE programs

DOLE’s Vision and Mission

Residing at the heart of DOLE’s mission is the commitment to uplift the lives of Filipino citizens, particularly those in need. To achieve this, DOLE has developed a plethora of assistance programs aimed at providing financial support to various beneficiaries. Alongside this, the Department’s vision remains anchored in its duty to protect the rights and promote the welfare of workers in the country.

The Department has reminded the general public that all DOLE programs and services involving the release of funds to beneficiaries through Accredited Co-Partner (ACP) are absolutely free of charge. This serves as a vital reminder that these programs are intended to ease the hardship of beneficiaries, not add to their financial burdens.

Zero-Tolerance Policy Against Exploitation

DOLE has also expressed its zero-tolerance policy against any ACPs or individuals who have exploited the Department’s programs for personal gain. Abuses such as the collection of facilitation fees and kickbacks, misrepresentation, and activities that undermine beneficiary interests violate the spirit of DOLE’s programs.

Repercussions for Violations

Any ACP or individual found to be violating the Department’s guidelines will face immediate consequences. The Department will revoke their accreditation and place them on a watch-list, rendering them ineligible to participate or have access to DOLE programs in the future.

DOLE has called on the public to remain vigilant and report any observed abuses, misuses, or violations related to its programs. The public can report through DOLE Hotline 1349 or through the nearest DOLE Office. The contact numbers can be found on the Department’s official website.


The Department’s recent announcement is a testament to its dedication in fulfilling its mandate of promoting gainful employment opportunities, protecting workers and promoting their welfare, developing human resources, maintaining industrial peace, and enhancing competitiveness in a global market. It is a reminder to the nation that DOLE programs are there to act as a safety net for those in need. No one should face unnecessary barriers or misconduct when accessing these critical services, and DOLE is committed to ensuring this.

For any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to the DOLE Hotline 1349 or visit the nearest DOLE Office in your area. You can find the contact numbers published on the Department’s website

Please see the below PR from DOLE posted on their site:

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