SSS Maternity Benefits for Filipino Mothers

The SSS Maternity Benefit is a lifeline for Filipino women navigating the beautiful yet challenging journey of motherhood. Designed as a daily cash allowance, it supports female SSS members who are temporarily unable to work due to childbirth or miscarriage/emergency termination of pregnancy. This ensures that women can focus on their recovery and caring for their newborns without the added stress of financial instability. It stands out for its inclusivity, offering financial assistance irrespective of one’s employment status, thereby covering a broad spectrum of women from various sectors.

Targeted primarily at female members of the Social Security System, this program is a reflection of the Philippine government’s commitment to promoting women’s rights and welfare, especially during significant times like pregnancy and childbirth. Beneficiaries can expect to receive support for a period of 60 days for miscarriage/emergency termination and up to 105 days for live childbirth, with an additional 15 days for solo parents, as stipulated under R.A. 8972. The program includes straightforward eligibility criteria, such as having paid a minimum of three months’ contributions within a specific timeframe and ensuring timely notification of pregnancy to either the employer or the SSS directly. With a focus on easing the process, the SSS also provides a step-by-step guide from notification to reimbursement, ensuring every eligible woman can avail of this significant assistance.

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What is SSS Maternity Benefit?

SSS Maternity Benefit is a daily cash allowance given to female SSS members who can’t work due to childbirth or miscarriage/emergency termination of pregnancy. This aims to support women during their period of recovery and baby care, ensuring financial assistance irrespective of their employment status.

Significance of this Benefit

The SSS Maternity Benefit holds immense significance for Filipino women, ensuring financial support during pregnancy and childbirth. Enshrined in the Social Security Act of 1997 (Republic Act No. 8282), this provides a daily cash allowance to eligible members, covering a period of either 105 days for live childbirth or 60 days for miscarriage/emergency termination of pregnancy. According to SSS data, in 2023, over 1.5 million maternity claims were processed, benefiting both working mothers and the economy. By easing the financial burden during a major life event, the SSS Maternity Benefit contributes to maternal health, family stability, and workforce resilience.

Legal Basis

This assistance is rooted in the Expanded Maternity Leave Law or Republic Act No. 11210. It reflects the government’s commitment to uphold women’s rights and welfare, providing a comprehensive support system during maternity.

Benefits Highlight

  • For Miscarriage/Emergency Termination of Pregnancy: 60 days of daily allowance.
  • For Live Childbirth (Normal or Cesarean Section Delivery): 105 days.
  • For Solo Parents (Under R.A. 8972): An additional 15 days, totaling 120 days.

Sample Computation

Here’s a sample computation for an SSS member with a consistent Average Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) of PHP 20,000 for the 12-month period before the semester of childbirth or miscarriage.

1. Computing the Average Daily Salary Credit (ADSC)

Calculating the Average Daily Salary Contribution (ADSC):

The formula for ADSC is:

ADSC = Average MSC / 180


  • ADSC is the Average Daily Salary Contribution
  • Average MSC is the Average Monthly Salary Contribution

For example, if the Average MSC is PHP 20,000, the computation would be:

ADSC = 20,000 / 180 ≈ PHP 111.11

Therefore, the member’s daily maternity allowance is approximately PHP 111.11.

2. Benefits Computation

Now, let’s compute the maternity benefits for different scenarios:

a. For Miscarriage/Emergency Termination of Pregnancy (60 days)

Total Benefit=ADSC×Benefit Duration

Total Benefit=111.11×60=6,666.60

So, the member would receive a total of PHP 6,666.60 for a miscarriage/emergency termination of pregnancy.

b. For Live Childbirth (Normal or Cesarean Section Delivery) (105 days)

Total Benefit=111.11×105=11,666.55

Total Benefit=111.11×105=11,666.55

Therefore, the member would receive PHP 11,666.55 for live childbirth, whether it’s a normal or cesarean section delivery.

c. For Solo Parents (Under R.A. 8972) (120 days)

Total Benefit=111.11×120=13,333.20

Total Benefit=111.11×120=13,333.20

Thus, a solo parent would receive PHP 13,333.20.

Eligibility / Qualifications

To qualify, members must:

  • Have paid at least three months of contributions within the 12-month period before their semester of childbirth or miscarriage.
  • Notify their employer about the pregnancy if employed, or SSS directly if self-employed, an OFW, or separated from employment.


  • Maternity Notification Form.
  • UMID or SSS biometrics ID card, or two other valid IDs.
  • Proof of pregnancy (e.g., ultrasound report).

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Benefit

  1. Notify SSS or Your Employer: Immediately upon learning of your pregnancy, notify your employer or SSS directly if you’re self-employed, an OFW, or unemployed.
  2. Submission of Requirements: For employed women, submit your Maternity Notification Form and proof of pregnancy to your employer. Self-employed or unemployed women should submit these directly to SSS.
  3. Online Notification for Self-Employed/Voluntary Members: Visit the SSS website, log in, and submit your Maternity Notification under the “e-services” tab.
  4. Filing for Maternity Benefit Claims: After childbirth or miscarriage, file your maternity benefit claim at any SSS branch with the required documents.
  5. Reimbursement: Employed members will receive the assistance through their employer, who is then reimbursed by SSS. Self-employed or voluntary members get the assistance directly from SSS.

Recent Updates

Bill Filed to Grant Maternity Cash Benefits for Informal Sector Workers

Bicol Saro Party-list Rep. Brian Raymund Yamsuan has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that aims to provide maternity cash assistance to working mothers in the informal sector. The bill, known as HB No.10070, seeks to address the gap in eligibility for maternity leave and benefits for non-members of the Social Security System (SSS). If passed, over 6.6 million women workers in the informal sector could gain significant help from this measure, promoting workforce equality and economic growth. (Manila Bulletin)

Updated Maternity Benefit Requirements: What Mommies Need to Know

Attention, mommies and expectant mothers! Familiarize yourselves with the revised documentary requirements for claiming Maternity Benefit. Whether you’re planning ahead or currently pregnant, understanding these changes ensures a smooth process when availing of this important perk. 

SSS Assures Protection: Navigating Maternity Benefits

The Social Security System (SSS) ensures peace of mind for expectant mothers with its comprehensive maternity benefit. From home confinement to hospital care, this provides financial support during pregnancy and childbirth. Visit the USSSap Tayo Portal for assistance and explore the #SSSProtektadoKa campaign.

Maternity Benefit: Providing Support for Women During Childbirth

Female members who are unable to work due to childbirth or miscarriage are eligible to receive a daily cash allowance for a period of 105 days. This aims to provide financial assistance and ensure the well-being of mothers during this important time of their lives.


Video: #SSSApproved | What you need to know about the SSS Maternity Benefit

Discover the intricacies of the Social Security System (SSS) Maternity Benefit in this concise video. Whether you’re an expectant mother or seeking information, this video sheds light on the eligibility criteria, application process, and financial support provided during this crucial phase.


Expanded Maternity Leave Law or R.A. No. 11210

The Expanded Maternity Leave Law, also known as Republic Act No. 11210, represents a significant milestone for working women in the Philippines. Enacted in 2019, this law extends the standard maternity leave period from 60 days to 105 days for all eligible female workers, regardless of their marital status or mode of delivery. Additionally, solo mothers receive an extra 15 days of paid maternity leave. The law recognizes the importance of maternal health and family well-being, aligning with both local and international legal instruments that protect women’s rights. By providing ample time for recovery and bonding, the Expanded Maternity Leave Law supports working mothers and contributes to a more inclusive workforce.



The SSS Maternity Benefit is a testament to the Philippine government’s dedication to supporting women, especially during the magical moments of motherhood. By ensuring financial support, it allows women to fully embrace the joys and challenges of motherhood without the added stress of financial concerns. Let’s empower ourselves with this knowledge and ensure a healthier, happier start for our families.

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