MARINA to Rollout Digital Advancements for Maritime Services

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) is set to launch comprehensive online services designed to enhance efficiency for seafarers and other maritime stakeholders. 

This digital transformation includes a blockchain-enabled automatic certification system (BEST), which will streamline processes, guarantee authenticity through QR codes, and allow for real-time application updates. 

Target beneficiaries include seafarers, boat owners, and other maritime professionals who will benefit from the ease of online transactions, remote training, and mobile registration services. 

Expect faster, more transparent, and reliable services that minimize the risk of fraudulent documents and reduce the need for physical visits to MARINA offices.

MARINA digitalization
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Enhancing Efficiency for Seafarers

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) is set to launch comprehensive online services for seafarers and other maritime stakeholders.

This development aims to simplify processes and applications, reflecting the Marcos administration’s commitment to digitalizing government transactions.

The Digital Transformation

During the Kapihan sa Bagong Pilipinas media briefing, MARINA National Capital Region Director Marc Anthony Pascua announced the upcoming rollout of a blockchain-enabled automatic certification system (BEST).

This system is designed to facilitate seamless, contactless transactions from start to finish.

Pascua emphasized, “All processes will become online. We’ll use a quick response code from start to finish.”

QR Codes for Authentication

Using QR codes, partner agencies like the Philippine Coast Guard can easily verify the authenticity of documents.

This system aims to eliminate fraudulent and spurious documents, safeguarding the integrity of maritime certifications.

BEST: A Closer Look

BEST, a blockchain-enabled web application, aims to enhance MARINA’s online services.

It allows for real-time processing and updating of applications, accessible via both mobile and computer platforms.

Clients can pay online, track and update their transactions, and receive notifications for certificate expiration.

Training and Implementation

From January to May this year, MARINA conducted BEST training for each regional office.

This training sees to it that all regional offices are equipped to handle the new system, providing consistent service across the country.

Current Online Systems

MARINA currently uses the MARINA Integrated Seafarer’s Management Online system.

This system handles the issuance, revalidation, and replacement of Certificates of Competency for seafarers, serving as a precursor to the comprehensive BEST system.

Regional Rollout: Focus on Accessibility

In the Ilocos Region, MARINA Director Engineer Jedini Nur Sibal highlighted similar plans during a forum in San Fernando City, La Union.

Sibal noted that boat owners need not travel to Manila for processes as they can now be completed online.

Requests for inspections can also be made through the online application, with MARINA officials providing on-site services once fees and documents are submitted.

Mobile Registration and Licensing

MARINA is extending its reach to far-flung areas through mobile registration documentation and licensing for recreational, fishing, and cargo vessels.

This update ascertains that even remote areas receive the necessary services without the need for long-distance travel.

Training for Seafarers

MARINA will offer training for seafarers’ certification and licensing requirements.

This training will be provided directly by MARINA, eliminating the need for seafarers to attend accredited training centers for small vessel certifications.

Recent Updates

MARINA’s Digital Transformation Event Highlights

MARINA’s orientation and training session for blockchain-based online services marks a milestone in digital transformation efforts. Key stakeholders discuss the innovative potential of blockchain technology to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in the maritime industry. The event underscores MARINA’s commitment to embracing technological advancements for a more competitive future.

MARINA’s Digital Advancements in Maritime Services

MARINA recently conducted an orientation on the Blockchain-Enabled Automated Certification System (BEST) in Surigao City, showcasing digital transformation in the maritime industry. The session highlighted the potential of blockchain technology to streamline processes and enhance efficiency for stakeholders. This reflects MARINA’s commitment to embracing digital innovations and establishing a competitive future for the maritime sector.

Strengthening Maritime Professionals’ Skills through Digital Upskilling

Marina collaborated with the Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) to enhance the capabilities of Filipino maritime professionals. Through innovative technology services, OTG aims to provide accessible online training and certifications, empowering seafarers with anytime, anywhere learning opportunities. This partnership signifies a commitment to digital upskilling and advancing the skills of maritime professionals.

MARINA’s Collaboration with OTG for Digital Learning Solutions

MARINA partnered with the Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) to enhance Filipino maritime professionals’ capabilities through digital learning and assessment services. OTG’s innovative technology offers online training and certifications for seafarers, aiming to optimize workforce performance and elevate compliance standards. This collaboration signifies a strategic move towards strengthening the skills and proficiency of Filipino seafarers and maritime administration personnel, positioning the maritime industry competitively on a global scale.

MARINA’s Advancements in Digitalizing the Shipping Industry

MARINA is gearing up to launch three new digital approaches to modernize the shipping sector, enhancing operational efficiency and reporting processes. The upcoming systems include Maris, BEST, and Medians, aiming to streamline data input for shipping companies and enable comprehensive reporting for authorized vessels. This strategic move signifies MARINA’s commitment to digital transformation and efficiency in maritime operations.


Video: MARINA to roll online services for seafarers

MARINA is launching online services for seafarers and stakeholders from July 1 to streamline maritime processes and applications. The move aligns with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s directive to digitize government transactions, with all processes transitioning online with QR codes for verification. The rollout includes the MARINA Blockchain-Enabled Automatic Certification System (BEST) and aims to enhance document authenticity checks for improved efficiency and fraud prevention in the maritime sector.



MARINA’s move towards full online processing represents a significant step in modernizing the maritime industry.

This not only simplifies processes but also enhances transparency and reduces the risk of fraudulent activities.

By embracing digitalization, MARINA is committed that seafarers and maritime stakeholders receive efficient, reliable, and accessible services.

The future of maritime services is digital, and MARINA is leading the way with innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s maritime community.

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