LAND BANK Mobile Banking App (MBA)

Discover the all-inclusive features and benefits of the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App designed to revolutionize your banking experience.

Targeting individuals seeking convenient, secure, and accessible banking services at their convenience.

Expect seamless account management with quick balance checks, fund transfers, account inquiries, and enhanced security features for worry-free transactions.

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What is the LAND BANK Mobile Banking App (MBA)?

Experience personal banking like never before with the innovative LANDBANK Mobile Banking App. Say goodbye to long queues and limited banking hours – now Filipinos can access a wide range of the bank’s services right from your smartphone, wherever you are.

Benefits of Using the App

Convenient Access Anytime, Anywhere

The LANDBANK Mobile Banking App (MBA) is your gateway to efficient and hassle-free banking. This free application grants you access to a plethora of services offered by the bank, ensuring that managing your finances is just a tap away.

Enroll and Download with Ease

To unlock the full potential of the MBA, start by enrolling in LANDBANK iAccess. Once enrolled, head over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the MBA seamlessly.

Comprehensive Services at Your Fingertips

Explore a myriad of services at your disposal once you have the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App at your fingertips. 

From account opening through DOBS Mobile to quick balance checks and fund transfers via PESONet and InstaPay, this app has it all.

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Key Features at a Glance

Discover the key features that make the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App a must-have for all your banking needs:

  1. Account Opening through DOBS Mobile: Seamlessly open an account on the go.
  2. Quick Balance: Get instant updates on your account balance with just a tap.
  3. Fund Transfer through PESONet and InstaPay: Transfer funds securely and swiftly.
  4. Electronic Payment Portal: Conveniently pay bills and manage payments electronically.
  5. View Rates: Stay informed with up-to-date rates and financial information.
  6. Cardless Withdrawal: Access cash without your debit card in case of emergencies.
  7. One-time Pin (OTP): Ensure secure transactions with one-time PIN verification.
  8. Find Us: Locate LANDBANK branches and ATMs near you effortlessly.
  9. Contact Us: Reach out to LANDBANK customer support with ease.
  10. UITF: Explore investment opportunities through Unit Investment Trust Funds.
  11. What’s New: Stay updated on the latest features and offerings from LANDBANK.

Additional Features of LANDBANK Mobile Banking App

Delve into the array of additional features offered by the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App, enhancing your banking experience with convenience and security:

  • Quick Balance:
      • Description: Instantly check your account balance without the need for lengthy log-in procedures.
      • How to Use: Simply log in using your User ID and password, or utilize Face ID or biometrics if supported by your device.
  • Cash Card Inquiry:
      • Description: Access your Cash Card account details, including Available Balance and Transaction History.
      • Convenience: Stay informed about your Cash Card status effortlessly within the app.
  • Find Us:
      • Description: Locate LANDBANK Branches and ATMs nationwide with ease using the app’s interactive map feature.
      • Accessibility: Plan your banking visits efficiently by finding the nearest LANDBANK service points.
  • Information:
      • Contact Us: Stay connected with LANDBANK’s online banking services through updated contact information.
      • Details: Access the bank’s Customer Care Center hotline, email address, and relevant links for assistance and inquiries.
  • What’s New?:
      • Description: Stay informed about the latest updates, features, and functionalities introduced on the MBA.
      • Updates: Explore new offerings and enhancements to optimize your banking tasks.
  • One-time PIN (OTP) Generator:
      • Security Feature: Enhance transaction security by generating One-time PINs for each transaction.
      • Secure Transactions: Ensure secure and protected banking transactions with the OTP functionality.
  • Mobilock:
    • Account Protection: Safeguard your account with the Mobilock feature, adding an extra layer of security.
    • Peace of Mind: Protect your financial information and transactions with advanced security measures.

Unlock the full potential of the MBA by exploring these value-added features designed to streamline your banking activities while prioritizing your security and convenience. 

Experience a seamless banking experience with advanced functionalities at your fingertips.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started

Ready to revolutionize your banking experience with the LandBank MBA? Follow these simple steps to enroll and download the app:

  1. Search and Install: Look up “LANDBANK” on your preferred app store – Google Play or Apple App Store.
  2. Download the App: Install the Mobile Banking App on your smartphone for free.
  3. Launch the App: Once the app is installed, find the LANDBANK MBA icon on your device and tap to open.
  4. Agree to Terms: Review and accept the Terms and Conditions to start exploring the app’s features.

Tips to Keep Your Transactions Secure with the Land Bank MBA

  1. Log-on to the Official App: Always access your accounts through LANDBANK’s verified Mobile Banking App to guarantee a secure connection and reliable service.
  2. Protect Your Confidential Details: Keep your User ID, password, and One-Time PIN (OTP) confidential at all times. Remember, LANDBANK will never request your Debit or Credit Card Number during the log-in process.
  3. Verify Security Policies: Take a proactive approach to your online security by reviewing the security policy link within the Mobile Banking App. Understanding the security measures in place can help you navigate the app with confidence.
  4. Monitor Account Activities: Stay vigilant by regularly monitoring your account transactions and activities. Be sure to review any email confirmations related to financial transactions for added security.
  5. Responding to Compromised Accounts: In the unfortunate event that your account is compromised, act swiftly to protect your information. Immediately change your password and update your mobile number and email address to secure future transactions.
  • Change Password: Initiate a password change to prevent unauthorized access to your account.
  • Update Contact Information: Ensure your mobile number is up to date by accessing the iAccess View Client Profile menu. For email address updates, contact the Customer Care Center or visit any LANDBANK Branch for assistance.

Recent Updates

Introduction of the new LANDBANK Mobile Banking App

LANDBANK has unveiled its new Mobile Banking App, featuring a modern design and an innovative straight-through account opening process. With this app, users can easily open an account using just a smartphone, mobile number, valid ID, email, and internet connection, revolutionizing banking accessibility.


Video: Paano mag-check ng LANDBANK Cash Card Balance sa Smartphone?

LANDBANK now offers a convenient way to check your Cash Card balance using your smartphone. With this new feature, users can easily monitor their funds anytime, anywhere, enhancing accessibility and convenience for Cash Card holders.



With the LANDBANK MBA, managing your finances has never been easier. 

Embrace the future of banking with secure, efficient, and user-friendly services right at your fingertips. 

Experience banking convenience like never before – download the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App today!

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