DSWD Food Assistance under AICS

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is a lifeline for many Filipinos, providing various forms of assistance to uplift those in dire situations. Among its many initiatives, the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations (AICS) stands out, particularly its component on Food Assistance. Let’s take a look at its importance, benefits, eligibility, requirements, and application process. Read on. 

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What is this DSWD Program All About?

This DSWD initiative is part of the AICS, designed to provide immediate aid to individuals and families facing crisis situations. These may include natural disasters, extreme poverty, or any circumstances that put Filipinos in a vulnerable position, requiring urgent support to meet their basic needs, particularly nutrition.

Significance of the Initiative

Recent statistics from the Philippine Statistics Authority indicate that poverty remains a significant challenge in the country, with millions still living below the poverty line. Natural calamities, such as typhoons and volcanic eruptions, exacerbate these conditions, often leading to food shortages and hunger.

The significance of the initiative cannot be overstated in this context. It not only addresses immediate hunger needs but also helps prevent long-term consequences of malnutrition and food insecurity. By providing food packs or meal allowances, the scheme supports those in crisis until they can regain stability.


The initiative under AICS provides tangible support to those in need. Assistance is provided for up to ten (10) days or an amount equivalent to at least P80.00 per meal per individual

This aid can come in various forms: hot meals, food/meal allowances, or cash equivalent to the required hot meals and/or food packs. This flexible approach ensures that individuals receive help in the most suitable form, tailored to their specific circumstances.

Eligibility / Qualifications

Eligibility for this scheme is determined by a set of criteria aimed at identifying those genuinely in need due to a crisis or challenging circumstances. This includes:

  • Individuals or families directly affected by disasters or calamities.
  • People experiencing extreme poverty or those without the means to support their basic food requirements.
  • Those who are financially incapacitated, as outlined under Republic Act 11463.



To avail of this government assistance, the following documents are typically required:

  • A valid ID of the person applying for assistance.
  • Documentation or records proving that the beneficiary is in need of support.
  • A referral letter from local government units.
  • A certificate of indigency or proof of being stranded and unable to travel.


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply for DSWD Food Assistance Program

Applying for the DSWD initiative involves a systematic process that ensures fair and orderly distribution of aid:

  • Screening of Documents: Applicants must first have their documents checked at the DSWD Central Office or designated regional branches.
  • Interview and Assessment: A social worker conducts an interview to assess the needs of the applicant and provides recommendations for assistance.
  • Review and Approval: The application is reviewed and, upon meeting the criteria, is recommended for approval by the social worker to the Approving Officer.
  • Releasing: Once approved, the assistance is distributed to the beneficiaries in the form of food packs, meal allowances, or cash equivalents.

how to apply

Success Stories / Recent Updates

DSWD XI Sends 9,000 Family Food Packs to Davao Oriental

In a swift response to the urgent needs of the community, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office XI has dispatched 9,000 Family Food Packs (FFPs) to Lupon Sea Port, Poblacion, Lupon, Davao Oriental. These relief goods are intended for distribution to families affected by the trough of the Low Pressure Area (LPA) in the region.

The aid was transported via the BRP Tagbanua (LC 296) ship of the Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao, showcasing the collaborative efforts of government agencies to promptly address the challenges posed by the LPA’s trough.

DSWD FO XI is closely monitoring the increasing number of affected families in the region through its Disaster Response Management Division (DRMD) Quick Response Team and Municipal Action Team. Immediate assistance will be provided to those in need.

During his visit to Davao Oriental on February 3, 2024, DSWD Secretary Rex Gatchalian emphasized that all requests for assistance, not only from Davao Oriental but from the entire region, will be fulfilled, including financial aid.

DSWD Provides Cash, Livelihood, and Food Aid to Bukidnon Residents in Serbisyo Caravan

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) actively participated in the Bagong Pilipinas Serbisyo Fair held at the Bukidnon State University in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. During the event, the DSWD extended its support to the residents of the province by providing cash, livelihood, and food aid. A total of Php12.859 million was released to aid 6,531 beneficiaries of the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) scheme. The cash assistance was allocated to cover various needs such as hospitalization, medical expenses, burial costs, and medicine support. The DSWD remains committed to helping individuals and families in crisis situations, ensuring their well-being and providing necessary support.

DSWD Field Office 1 Provides Relief Assistance to Family Affected by Typhoon Betty

The DSWD Field Office 1 recently extended relief assistance to a family in Brgy. Bucao, San Gabriel, La Union, whose house was partially damaged by a fallen tree during the strong winds brought by Typhoon Betty. The family received essential aid, including 2 Family Food Packs, 1 Hygiene Kit, 1 Family Kit, 1 Sleeping Kit, and financial assistance amounting to PhP5,000.00 through the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation scheme. This support aims to alleviate the immediate needs of the affected family and help them recover from the impact of the typhoon.

Video: Mga benepisyaryo ng Food Stamp Program ng DSWD, obligadong mag-seminar bago kunin ang ayuda

The Department of Social Welfare and Development has implemented a new requirement for beneficiaries of the Food Stamp Program under the Marcos administration. As part of the project, beneficiaries are now required to attend a pre-aid seminar. This seminar aims to provide beneficiaries with essential information and guidance on how to effectively utilize the food stamps and make informed choices when purchasing food items. By attending the seminar, beneficiaries will gain valuable knowledge on nutrition, budgeting, and making healthy food choices for themselves and their families. The DSWD believes that this pre-aid seminar will empower beneficiaries to maximize the benefits of the Food Stamp Program and improve their overall well-being.



The initiative under the DSWD’s AICS is not just an initiative, but a symbol of hope for Filipinos during difficult times. It represents the Bayanihan spirit, ensuring that no one is left behind in times of crisis. By understanding the project’s benefits, eligibility, and application process, those in need can receive timely assistance, highlighting the government’s dedication to serving its people. By consistently supporting initiatives like this, we strengthen our commitment to creating a resilient and compassionate society.

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