CSC Unveils New Grant for Non-Plantilla Workers to Enhance Civil Service Exam Prospects

In a major advancement for non-plantilla government workers in the Philippines, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has launched a pioneering grant designed to enhance their chances of passing the Civil Service Exam (CSE) and securing coveted plantilla positions. The grant, known as the Career Service Eligibility – Preference Rating (CSE-PR), offers up to 10 additional points for those scoring between 70 and 79.99 percent on the CSE.

This scheme, under the leadership of CSC Chair Karlo Nograles and following a directive from President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., targets experienced workers who lack formal eligibility but have demonstrated commitment and competence in their roles, providing them with a major boost towards achieving permanent roles within the government.


What is the CSC’s New Grant?

In a significant announcement from the CSC, non-plantilla government workers in the Philippines now have a groundbreaking opportunity to advance their careers in civil service. The CSC has unveiled a new grant aimed at assisting these workers in obtaining a much-needed boost to pass the Civil Service Exam (CSE), an essential stepping stone towards securing permanent plantilla positions.

Understanding the Civil Service Exam (CSE)

The CSE is a mandatory examination for anyone aspiring to fill plantilla roles within the government. It assesses a candidate’s aptitude and readiness for roles in the government, ensuring that only qualified individuals take on these significant responsibilities.

Eligibility and Benefits of the CSE-Preference Rating (CSE-PR)

Under the leadership of CSC chair Karlo Nograles, the support aims to support dedicated government workers who have yet to earn their civil service eligibility. Known as the Career Service Eligibility – Preference Rating (CSE-PR), this program allows eligible workers to gain up to a maximum of 10 additional points on their exam score, should they fall within the 70 to 79.99 percent failed rating range.

To be eligible for the CSE-PR, applicants must meet several criteria:

  • They should be non-plantilla workers under the JOCOSC6 category (which includes Job Order, Contract of Service, Casual, Contractual, and Coterminous employees).
  • They must have accumulated at least 10 years with the government in these roles.
  • They should have achieved a performance rating of ‘Very Satisfactory’ or its equivalent during the two most recent evaluation periods.

Application Process for the CSE-PR

Interested candidates must have taken the scheduled CSE from March 3, 2024, whether at the Professional or Subprofessional levels and obtained a general rating not lower than 70.00. This process ensures that the grant benefits those who are close to passing and need just a slight boost to succeed.

Impact of the Presidential Directive

This scheme follows a directive from President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., aiming to enhance the skills and capabilities of contract of service and job order workers across various government sectors. It represents a strategic move to stabilize employment in the public sector and ensure that experienced workers are retained and recognized within the system.

Tips for Non-Plantilla Government Workers Before Taking the CSE

1. Prepare Thoroughly for the CSE

  • Study Smart: Focus on the core areas of the CSE, which include language proficiency, analytical skills, numerical ability, and general information. Utilize available CSE review materials and past exam papers to understand the format and typical questions.
  • Review Centers: Consider enrolling in review centers or online courses that offer structured learning approaches and mock exams to enhance your preparation.

2. Document Your Service and Performance

  • Maintain Records: Keep detailed records of your employment history, including tenure, roles, and responsibilities. This documentation will be important when applying for the CSE-PR grant.
  • Performance Evaluations: Ensure you have copies of your performance evaluations, particularly the ones showing a ‘Very Satisfactory’ rating or its equivalent, as these are necessary for the application process.

3. Stay Informed About Application Deadlines and Requirements

  • CSC Updates: Regularly check the CSC’s official website or their official social media channels for updates on deadlines, required documents, and any changes in the application process for the CSE-PR.
  • Seek Guidance: Contact the CSC directly or visit local CSC offices to get accurate and up-to-date information.

4. Network with Other Government Workers

  • Community Support: Engage with other non-plantilla workers who are also preparing for the exam. Joining study groups can provide moral support and share strategies.
  • Mentorship: Seek advice from plantilla workers who have successfully passed the CSE. They can offer valuable insights and tips from their own experiences.

5. Focus on Personal and Professional Development

  • Skill Enhancement: Beyond preparing for the exam, continue to enhance your professional skills through workshops, seminars, and training relevant to your field. This not only helps in passing the exam but also prepares you for the responsibilities of a plantilla position.
  • Health and Wellness: Prepare mentally and physically for the exam by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper diet, exercise, and sufficient rest.

6. Understand the Role of Plantilla Positions

  • Research Roles: Understand the responsibilities and benefits of plantilla positions. This knowledge can motivate you through the preparation process and help you decide on specific roles you might aim for within the government.

By following these tips, non-plantilla government workers can increase their chances of successfully transitioning to plantilla positions, ensuring stability and career growth within the public sector.

Recent Updates

CSC Offers Special Eligibility to Honor Graduates, Exempting Them from Career Service Exam

The CSC in the Philippines is providing honor graduates with special eligibility, exempting them from the career service exam. This policy, based on Presidential Decree No. 907, aims to enhance the quality of public service by encouraging top graduates to join the government without the need for entry exams. (Inquirer)

Understanding the Career Service Eligibility – Preference Rating (CSE-PR)

The CSC has introduced the Career Service Eligibility – Preference Rating (CSE-PR) to support specific government workers in attaining eligibility for plantilla positions. This move grants up to 10 additional points to applicants who score between 70 to 79.99 on the Civil Service Exam, aiding them in reaching the passing score of 80. The program is designed for non-plantilla employees with at least 10 years of tenure and very satisfactory recent performance evaluations, emphasizing meritocracy and enhancing the quality of work in the government.

CSC Conducts Successful Career Service Exam with High Examinee Attendance

The CSC successfully administered the Career Service Exam – Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) in 16 regions of the Philippines. With an impressive attendance rate of 92.72%, out of the 361,674 registered examinees, CSC Chairperson Karlo Nograles expressed his gratitude and congratulated the participants for their dedication and commitment.

LunChat with CSC: FAQs on Career Service Examination-Preference Rating and Recognition for Outstanding Government Workers

In this episode of LunChat with the CSC, Chief Personnel Specialist Mylene F. Muyano from the CSC Examination, Recruitment, and Placement Office will be answering frequently asked questions about the Career Service Examination-Preference Rating (CSE-PR). Additionally, they will be featuring the Food Processing Innovation Center (FPIC)-Davao, one of the group awardees in the 2023 Search for Outstanding Government Workers.



This CSC policy opens a new pathway for non-plantilla workers who have dedicated years working for the government without the security of plantilla positions. By providing them with an opportunity to gain additional points on the CSE, the CSC is not only acknowledging their contributions but also enhancing their career prospects within the government. This is a positive step towards recognizing and formalizing the roles of countless dedicated individuals serving the Philippine government.

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